Monday, May 7, 2012

Ranch Horse Sister

Me and My Lovely Sister have a bond that none can compare with.

She glares at me in the morning...I tell her to "Cheer up Dude, It's almost Christmas."

We make food together. Lots of food.

I tell her about my dreams of being a woman of the prairie...she raps Niki Minaj to me.

We laugh at ourselves together, and secretly believe we should have our own talk show.

She wears heels to church...I cower below her like the stump I am.

We make fun of our Brahman Breedin' brother together, and then watch Animal Planet with him.

We quote Steel Magnolias, Gone With the Wind, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and any Will Ferrel movie together. Non Stop. Much to our Mothers dismay. Amen.

We do most everything together.

Me and her we're like chocolate and sauce, biscuits and Cherry Preserves, fried eggs and honey, steak and ketchup (forgive me) and pancakes and peanut butter.  Did I mention we love food?

This weekend though, my little, lovely sister is going to spread her wings and do her own thing.  She is going to show at the Ranch Horse Finals.  She is going to look punchy, and pretty.  She is going to beat all the boys.  She is going to share her winnings with me.  (Just kidding...but really, Autumn if you wanted to share some of your glory with me I would be very grateful. I would even let you borrow my moccasins. Maybe.)

This is Autumn and her baby "Hoorey" the horse she will be showing.

Autumn and Hoorey have a bond too.

Here's where Hoorey fits into our family:

Hoorey & Autumn (They are a pair)
Max (the dog)
Abba(the cat)
The chickens
Ethel (Our new house)
Consuela (My purty pickup)

I have no shame in this ranking...we have some really awesome pets...and Consuela is an angel. Amen.

Autumn is a go-getter.  She is beautiful, talented, witty, polite, and has a heart of gold.  I am proud of my little sister, and I'm not just saying that because she can beat me up.

Peace, Love, & Go get 'em Lovely Sister!

Sweet T

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