Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've Made a Decision

I like pretty things.

I always have.

It's a disease really.

A disease with no cure.

Because there are many, many, MANY pretty things in the world, and most of them would cost me an arm, and a leg.  (Sometimes it would be worth it.)

This is one reason I love Bonnie Concho so much because we sell many, many, MANY pretty things.

Ahem...For example:

Aren't they...uh, whats the word I'm looking for?

Oh Yea!  PRETTY!

I look at all these fine pieces of jewelry and could cry.  (Sad but true.)

After many months of longing for them (I'm pretty sure I was coveting them, and that's a sin. Forgive me!) I came to a conclusion: I must learn to make them!

That's right, that's the latest decision I've made, I will learn to weld, engrave, and all the other traits I need to know in order to make pretty jewelry.  (And pray I don't catch on fire doing so...because it's happened before.)

Then I will sin no longer, and only suffer a little bit from my disease. Amen.

Peace, Love, & I blame Bonnie Concho.

Sweet T

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Western Way of Life

We're a Western Family.

We always have been, and Lord Willingly always will be.

Our summers consist of us going to lots and lots (and lots and lots) of rodeos.  Oh, and that's the way we like it.

We have our Daddy to think for this love of the Western way of life.

Because he loves it himself.

He loves that it gets the whole family outside, together, working side by side.

He loves that he can raise his kids in a small town, away from all the filth of a big city.

He loves that he can give them the opportunity to see how fulfilling it is to work hard all day long, and come home to a house full of love, and family.

He loves that he can have land that is his own. (Though his "love of the land!" is not as extreme as Scarlett O'Haras...Did I mention I've been watching Gone with the Wind ALOT? I thought so...)

He loves that he can have fun with it, and go to rodeos, and Ranch Horse Competitions year round.

And we all love that in this Western way of life our Daddy is a light.

He is humble, quick to be complementary, and works with all his might at whatever he is doing.  This all shows when my Daddy leaves whatever competition he has competed in with another 1st place under his name.  Don't get me wrong he doesn't win them all, but whether he comes home with a 1st place, or a last he is always pleased because he knows, as well as everyone else, that he did his best, and he did it for the right reasons.

Peace, Love, & I'll just leave it at that...

Sweet T

Monday, November 28, 2011

Vitamin C & Sutton

This is Sutton.

He is a sweet boy.

He's also a really funny boy.

And he has big muscles, that are ready to break anything in his path! Yes, even me...

I think he has lots of muscles because he likes to eat "bitamins" alot.

He could even smell them the moment he walked in our house. (By the way, he should be set on vitamin C, the rest of his life.)

Sutton is my cousin, and he and his family came to spend Thanksgiving with us this year, and that made us all very thankful because there was never a dull moment.  No one was ever short on laughter...but we were short on vitamin C.  I guess that's OK though...because we kind of love them.  Just kind of...

Peace, Love, & Is there such a thing as too much Vitamin C intake? I hope not...

Sweet T

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Legs

Let me just start by saying....


That is pretty much the only word in my vocabulary on Thanksgiving day.  Well that and, "Please Pass the Gravy."

This Thanksgiving was much like all the others, full of family and lots of food.

It was a very happy day, and at the end of it I was stuffed, content, and completely, utterly, Thankful. Also much like all the others...

My sister, my Mama, and I had a blast putting the feast together.

We all put a little effort into every dish, and they all came out delicious.  Not to toot my own horn or anything...

My Mama did the turkey all by herself (isn't she a big girl?) and it came out Marvelous! Just Marvelous Darling! (Did I mention I watched Gone with the Wind all weekend too?)

We had help from Mom, and Gran on all our side dishes and they were Marvelous! too.

Look at that assembly line of food! Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine is...How much longer till Thanksgiving? Oh yea, that's right. I have to wait 12 more months before I can consume my weight in sweet potatoes again...maybe that's a good thing?

When I saw our assembly line I got so excited that I did my "country girl" version of the "stanky leg."

NOTE: I really don't know what the stanky leg is.  All I know is that I asked my roommate, Brittney, how to do it, and she told me just to act like I was squishing a cockroach.  When I put a little arm action into the "dance." She laughed and called me a redneck, and I ran away crying into my overalls...Just kidding.

I also got excited when my Mama gave me, and my Lovely Sister the turkey leg...

Forgive me.  I know not what I do.

And apparently my Lovely Sister thinks I'm disgusting.

But! I'll forgive her because it is still the Thanksgiving Season, as it always should be, and I am thankful I have her to rebuke me in public before I dive head first into a Turkey leg. Amen.

Peace, Love, & I am thankful year round for my Family...and Rhett Butler.

Sweet T

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A 'Nother Rodeo Post

Ok, Ok...after this post I promise I will stop blogging about The Rodeo, get on with my life and start thinking about other things.

Cross my heart.

Ok maybe that's a lie...

Ok that is most definitely a lie.  Forgive me!

I can't help it though, The Rodeo is what I look forward to every year, what I dream about at night, etc., etc.  So one or two more post and we shall call it quits...until next week.

Speaking of things I dream about at night...

I love cupcakes, and I cannot lie.

Which is exactly why at the rodeo, I had 3.5 of them.

You would've eaten 3.5 of them too if you were a self-proclaimed Cowgirl Cupcake Queen.

They even had little boots in them!  It was a sign that I needed to buy one, eat it slowy, and enjoy every single crumb! (Which is exactly what I did.)

 By the way...the boots weren't edible.  Just ask my Grandpa....and the Brahman Breeder.

It's was a marvelous thing to finally see a cupcake at a rodeo.  They're a match made in heaven...kind of like John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.

Speaking of marvelous things....

This weekend I saw my Blogging idol.

The lady who's blog I idolize.

The blog that this lady writes that is my idol.

That's right.  I saw The Pioneer Woman.

I had heard tale that she was going to be at the Ranch Rodeo last weekend, but I didn't believe it because you know how rumors get started...I just silently hoped the rumors would be true. 

And guess what they weren't jackin' with me! (Word to your mother.)

She was really there!

When I saw her I laughed, I cried, I ran around in circles until my Mama slapped me and told me to get ahold of myself...and then I cried some more.

I so wanted to run over there hug her, and tell her that she is the reason I started blogging in the first place. She's also the reason I cook day and night when I am at home, and why I have an unnatural love for yelling "Pray for me!" in strange places.

But sadly, My Mama told me that that sort of behavior could be considered "stalking" and "obsessive."  Dreamkiller.

So I just watched from a distance (Without binoculars...because I didn't have any.) and waited for the day that I might be a famous, wonderful blogger, married to a wrangler wearin' cowboy just like The Pioneer Woman. Amen.

Peace, Love, & If you haven't read her blog, you haven't been living my friend.

Sweet T

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ranch Horse Shows

One of my favorite parts of the rodeos this weekend besides uh, all of it, was the Ranch Horse Show.

It's always great to watch everyone who comes out to compete, and believe me there are lots of 'em!

NOTE: Here's a quick definition of a Ranch Horse Show: They do their reining pattern. They work a cow. They rope. They ride out of the arena in glory. The End.

I also could be considered a little biast since my Lovely Sister, my Brahman Breedin' Brother, and my Top Hand Daddy all compete in it.

My Lovely sister competed against about forty men, and came out on top in 2nd place.  I don't think I need to say anything else about that right there.  Well, except for: YOU GO GIRL!

My Brahman Breedin' Brother showed for his very first time, and he acted as if he was an 'ole pro.  He trotted in the arena on his trusty companion, Pink Panther, gave the crowd a confident nod, and then blew us all away with how well he handled everything!  He was the youngest boy in his class and he got a notable 3rd place.  And then the girls went wild...

My Top Hand Daddy received a 1st place, a 2nd place, and then won the final show.  And I really hope he doesn't read this because he is so humble he wouldn't want anyone to think he was bragging, and I'm not bragging...I'm just telling you all how talented my Daddy is.

It's a daughters right! Right?

I also hope he doesn't read this because I am about to tell you what Daddy did.

My parents are pretty reserved people, especially in public.  They have this ongoing joke that someday when Daddy wins something he is going to look up into the crowd at my Mama, and she is going to yell "THAT'S MY BABY!"  (and the day they do that I will disappear from the face of the earth.) 

Well Mama didn't yell...but my Dad did, after receiving 1st place, look up into the crowd and make the famous Taylor Swift Heart Symbol.

You know this symbol?

My Mama laughed like a school girl, old folks sighed, and I excused myself while I threw up into a paper bag.

I know now that there is no hope for me...I will grow up to be a nerd just like my parents.  (Thank goodness!)

Peace, Love, & Nobody tell them about least 'till college is paid for.

Sweet T

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sandhill Fans

The weekend was filled with family, cowboys, cattle, horses, and one entertaining monkey (seriously.)

Our team, Sandhill Cattle Company, didn't have the greatest rodeo, which can happen to anyone at some time or another for no particular reason.  We consider ourselves blessed to even get to participate in these rodeos so you'll  hear nothing but thankfulness from us! The boys (and the girl) did their absolute best competing, and had a good time doing it.

Sandhills fans had a good time cheering them on too...

We had Sandhill shirts made, and the WHOLE family wore them...and Sandhill has a lot of family folks...even more then the Brady Bunch.

The "Hot Mamas!" wore them.  Aren't they cute?
(NOTE: "Hot Mamas!" is what these two mothers refer to themselves as...Just kidding, I totally made that up because I like to heckle these two ladies.  Forgive me.)

All the chilren' wore them...and they were even cuter than the Hot Mamas, but don't tell them I said that.

And here's an example of one fellow that didn't wear a Sandhill t-shirt...he was ostracized from our group and was not allowed to cheer with us.  Just kidding, but we definitely considered kicking him out of town.

As you can see, we are very festive when it comes to cheering our "team" on.  Even to the point of embarrassment, but hey, what are families for?

Peace, Love, & Wassup? Sandhill Cattle Company...that's wassup.  (Excuse my slang, I'm feeling rebellious today.)

Sweet T

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Sweet Boy

This sweet boy with many, MANY faces.

This sweet boy that can quote Dr. Seuss's The Grinch Who Stole Christmas like nobodies bizness.  Yes, you saw that right.  I said bizness, because he is just that good.

This sweet boy that gets to show pigs in the FFA for the first time this year, and is so excited that he feeds his pig peanut butter crackers.  (Is that part of a pigs usual diet? Eh, probably...)

This sweet boy that also gets to show his horse, Pink Panther, for the first time in a ranch horse show this Friday.  You wanna talk about excited...this sweet boy can hardly stand himself!

And I think everyone in Texas is excited for him least that's what he likes to think. 

And we are going to humor him.

Peace, Love, & His sweet sister, (AKA: my lovely sister) is showing too! But she's already an ole' pro...Go Sandhill Kids!

Sweet T

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Start of a Rodeo Weekend

All year long we (when I say "we" I actually mean Sandhill Cattle Company which is my Daddy's Ranch Rodeo Team....I'm their biggest fan.) travel all over the country (when I say "country" I mean Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, occasionally Kansas. Traveling: I'm not always it's biggest fan.) competing in Ranch Rodeos in order to qualify for the big one: The WRCA World (Working Ranch Cowboys Association) Ranch Rodeo Finals that is held every year in November.

At our house this weekend in November ranks right up there with Christmas because we get to see family, eat alot, and shop.  The only thing that is different is that we get to watch a Rodeo at the same maybe it's better than Christmas?

This is something I will ponder later on tonight right before I exercise...pshhht! Your right, I don't exercise. Now that we've established yet once again that I have no athletic ability lets move on...

Tonight was the first night of this glorious Rodeo Weekend. 

It was the Kick Off Party that they hold every year where all the different teams can come and mingle before they go neck to neck in a fierce competition where ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!!! 

Do you think you can handle this? PUNK? Well do ya?!

Sorry I can get carried away sometimes....

I always look forward to this night, and I was really looking forward to it this year because all my family was going to come down, and pick me up and we were all going to ride together just like in the good ole' days! (Ahem, last year...)  Little did I know that they would stand me up!

I was all dressed up ready to go, when I get a phone call from my Mother saying that weren't going to make it tonight....

I was distraught.

I was devastated.

I ran around campus crying like a lunatic...not really, but I've seen it done before.

But right when I thought all hope was lost Tori Smith came to my rescue, and saved me from the thought of not going to the Kick Off Party.

And she brought her future movie star children with her.

Aren't they beautiful?

Winning a Rodeo is beautiful too...BUT even if you don't win, the fact that you got to spend many days doing something you love, with people you love is even more beautiful

Peace, Love, & GO SANDHILL!

Sweet T

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Laundry. The Southern Way.

I've learned so many things in college.


How to eat on a budget.

What time to go to the cafeteria so that you don't have to wait in line (No later than 10:45!)

How to cook meals in your microwave.

(Am I seeing a trend here?)

How to be very tidy in tiny spaces...Ok. I'm still working on that one.

How to do laundry....and more importantly how to dry laundry.

You see, I have this phobia of all my clothes shrinking or ripping in the dryer. So I usually just air dry my clothes.  Well today I did laundry for the first time in uh, FOREVER.  So I had lots of clothes to air dry, and very little space to do it in.  So I improvised...

I laid out all my jeans on the balcony...on the 6th floor.

Jeans. Outside. Balcony. 6th Floor....maybe not my brightest moment...or maybe it's ingenious? I don't know I haven't decided yet.

I've always wanted to be a southern belle, where I rocked in my rockin' chair on my big wrap around porch overlooking the southern sunset drinking sweet tea, where I would later get up tell my children to hush, and go hang the clothes up on the line...this isn't quite the same. BUT if you use your imagination it pretty much is...You all can now refer to me as Scarlett by the way.

Peace, Love, & I hope there aren't six pairs of jeans flying around all over the campus....

Sweet T

Monday, November 7, 2011

When you give a girl an Iphone...

Me and my sister are one-of-a-kind folk...and that's putting it nicely.

We like to quote movies, preferably movies that are called "Steel Magnolias" and "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas." But just preferably.

We like to sing loud songs that make other people cringe.  Preferably songs by the one and only Taylor Swift.

And we like to video message each other with our Iphones because it is fun and causes us to be merry.

WARNING: Please don't judge us by what you are about to see, and be prepared to laugh so hard that you throw up...and yes, I'm speaking from experience.

Itty Bitty Cowboy Hat Girl

Taylor Swift Wannabe Girl

Peace, Love, & Do we need lives or what?

Sweet T

Friday, November 4, 2011

I Mustache You a Question.

Yesterday I told you that that day was going to be filled with thankfulness, giving, and food...and it most definitely was.

What I didn't know though, was that the day was also going to be filled with...mustaches.

Yes, you read that correct.  I said mustaches.

Have you noticed that lately everyone is obsessed with mustaches? 

Maybe it's because it's "No Shave November?"

Maybe it's because mustaches are all over pintrest, and Pintrest consumes peoples lives? Including mine.

Maybe it's because we've all been watching too much of Sam Elliot in Tombstone?

I don't know the answer, but I do know that it has taken over my family as well. Yesterday me and my lovely sister had a Mustache war.  I don't know how it got started, but I do know it was an all out brawl.

I was walking into target minding my own business when I received this text message:

I was appalled!

So I grabbed my grandma's head and furiously texted this back:

Clever. I know.

Pathetic. Yes I know that too.

We thought we were so witty, and ingenious with our mustaches! Until we saw this picture...

Alright Brahman Breeder. You win again.

Peace, Love, & Don't judge us by our fake facial hair.

Sweet T

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day of Thanksgiving

It's November.

The month of thankfulness, giving, and food...lots, and lots of food.  There is nothing NOT to like about this month.

Today I get to enjoy all of the above because my grandma (Mom), my Aunt Erica, her baby boy Kuper (actually he's not a baby anymore, but I can still think of him as that right? Sorry...I'm in denial), and my Mama are coming to visit me here in college town.  We are going to be thankful to see each other, I am going to give my Mama a present, and we are going to eat food...lots, and lots of food.

It shall be a day of it should be.

Peace, Love, & What are you thankful for?

Sweet T

P.S. This is a scene from last thanksgiving...Be still oh my soul!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pony Boy & Clark Gable

When I'm  not drinking coffee, or making cupcakes.  (Yes, I do make occasional trips home so I can make cupcakes...What can I say? I'm obsessed.)

I fill my time with painting.  Lots, and lots of painting.

It's a good thing I enjoy having paint on my knees, fingers, face, etc. because I tend to get a little messy when I paint.

Which is why my mother usually bans me from the house when I paint.  She sends me out into exile in our barn, where I am forced to talk/sing to myself to stay entertained.  I've come to find out that I'm great company.

This weekend, Mama found some compassion for me since it was -32 degrees outside (exaggeration? Yes. Unreasonable? No.) and let me paint inside the house. (I know! I was shocked myself.) But not without making sure I covered our kitchen table with trash bags.  Which was a brilliant idea.

I was painting a curtain for a friend of ours, and took the liberty of taking a picture of the progression.

In order to get a "worthy" picture I had to stand up on the table since I'm 4 foot nothin' and banged my head on our light quite a few times, but don't worry, the doctor said I would be fine in a few weeks...

Step 1: Paint everything in white, and then start filling the colors in...

Step 2: Detail, Detail, DETAIL!

Step 3: Add cowboy.  After all, Cowboys make everything better.

I named the horse "Pony Boy." I'm not sure why, it just seemed fitting.

I named the cowboy "Clark Gable." Once again, I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's because he is tall, dark, and handsome, and contains everything a girl could ever want in her man? Maybe I'm weird and should take a nap now?

Yes.  I agree.

Peace, Love, & Maybe our light did more damage than the doctors thought?

Sweet T

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ode to Blogging






You might think these are words describing Kim Kardashian and her recent decision but, I assure you they are not...(Sorry, I usually try not to make pop culture references because "movies are just trash with naked people in 'em" but I couldn't help myself...)

These are actually words I am using to describe me, myself, and I's lack of blogging.

There is no excuse for my absence...well actually I have a very valid excuse: I'm in college...and college takes up alot my extra time.  This is not a fact I was aware of when I enrolled.  Why didn't someone warn me??

It's ok.  I guess I forgive you, but I'm open to bribes if you really want to get on my good side again...

Anyways, In between classes I ususally...

a) sleep

b) do homework

c) do homework

d) avoid homework

or e) for eat.  (This is my personal favorite.)

So as you can see all of this "necessary" stuff leaves little room for blogging, which is most definatley the greatest shame I know, because without blogging I am not me...

In order to ask for Bloggings forgiveness I took the time to write a little "ode" to it, and pray that it hears my plea.

Please sit back, grab yourself a cup of joe and a scone, and enjoy this "masterpiece."

Sweet T's Ode to Blogging
First Addition
*Insert other stuff real authors would usually put here*

Oh Blogging, dear blogging
You are much easier than logging.

You don't come even close to resembling timber,
yet I fall for you still, and this hurts because we all know I'm not limber.

You are handsome and strong and will never do me wrong.
But some people will cry if I write in you too long.

You let me talk about cupcakes, and cowboys,
and you listen to me complain, and rejoice.

You are my true love. You are my best friend.
And now I will say "The End."

The End.

I told you it was a masterpiece!

But now, in all seriousness, I do apologize for not blogging in at least a month. It is very shameful, especially considering that I am majoring in Ag Communications so I can someday be a journalist, which will require me writing on a regular basis.

Please pray for my future employer,

Peace, Love, & It feels good to finally sign out saying "Peace & Love" again!

Sweet T