Monday, January 31, 2011

Autumn-A-Palooza! (Part 1)

As I mentioned last week, Saturday was Autumns birthday, and since you only turn fifteen once, we made a whole day out of the celebracion....and me (always thinking ahead....(yeah right)) chronicled the whole day in pictures.

The day started much earlier than Autumn would have liked, but she willingly let this happen so she could open up her presents faster.
She got a card with an Apple, an eye, and a phone on it.
I still don't know what she got, but she was very excited about it.

And so was Trail....

Then we proceeded to drive to town, and eat at Olive Garden.

These too lovely ladies were busy eating, and wouldn't look up at me...(I'm still training them.)
And after about 30 pictures they started to act like they didn't know me, so then I asked the waiting staff if I could photograph them, and get a free meal....Just kidding, that didn't happen, but it crossed my mind.

Possibly the best part of my day was eating these deliciously chocolate mints at Olive Garden.

They consist of two of my favorite things: Chocolate, and fresh, minty breath (two ways to a girls heart.)

They were a perfect end to any I had five of them...just kidding, that didn't happen, but only because I couldn't find the little basket the restaurant usually leaves out...I think they're getting a little too stingy with their aftermints if you ask me.

Then we went to get our (toe) nails done!  And probably the most stressful part of Autumns day (besides choosing the restaurant) was what color to paint her toes; blush or bashful?  (NAME THAT MOVIE!!)

She chose blush....

 And this is the only picture I allowed to be taken of me during the day....Maybe now you see why.

Autumn was really happy about getting her toes done, but everytime I told her to say cheese in a very public place she acted embarrassed?  And then she would walk away like she didn't know me....AGAIN.
I don't know what was with her?
Maybe it's a fifteen thing?
I don't know.

But all in all, PART 1 of Autumn-A-Palooza was a success.

I'll let you in on Autumn-A-Palooza part two tomorrow, but right now I've got to go take a picture of the sales clerk in the grocery store, maybe they'll cooperate with me....

Peace, Love, & I hope taking pictures in grocery stores and/or restaurants isn't illegal.

Sweet T

P.S.  Who's feet are these??

c)King Kong

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soul Sista

Dear Autumn,

Your my sister.

Your my Sista.

Your my soul sista.

Your my best friend.

Your the drummer in my band....fingers crossed.

Your the apple to my sauce...Jk, we both know nobody likes apple sauce....
(Revised:)Your the chocolate to my syrup.

Your my favorite movie quotin' partner.

And fifteen years ago today, you were the only person in the world I would let interrupt my plastic dinosaur playin' time (and let me tell ya' I was havin' a blast,) but as soon as they told me I had a baby sister I was ecstatic, and couldn't wait to see you, and play with you.

Of course, for the first 12 years or so, you thought I was a moron, and interrupted your day, but now....well, but nothing I still am a moron, and still frequently interrupt your day with annoying antics, but we've learned to laugh about it now, and are best friends.

Thanks for putting up with me, and I promise tonight when we go roller blading I won't push you down, or trip you....Well, at least for the first fifteen minutes, and then the war is on.

Peace, Love & Why did my parents buy me plastic toy dinosaurs?

Sweet T

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Dr. Seuss Look-a-Like

Is it a bad thing that my Mother told me that I resembled one of Dr. Seuss's creatures this morning?

(Me, this morning...or so my Mother says.)

I didn't think I was having a bad hair day...until then.  Thanks Mom.

Peace, Love, & Being humbled is good for the soul...and so is chicken noodle soup.

Sweet T

Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Reasons I Love WAFFLE HOUSE

1.  It's beautiful.

Ok, so maybe it's not beautiful to the average person, but to me it's downright lovely.
Everything from the tacky Christmas tinsel they have year round, to the yellow and black neon sign that proudly proclaims "WAFFLE HOUSE" 

Yes in my opinion, it's beautiful, even, dare I say it, gorgeous.

2.  It has character.

Name one other restaurant in the entire world that you can have a tattooed waiting staff that will give you your own personal syrup server?

Some people shriek at the thought of their waitress and/or Waiter having tattoo sleeves (on both arms,) but to me it's just what the WAFFLE HOUSE(s) need to give them that little jump above the rest of the breakfast food industries.  (IHOP is no match.)

You see that is what gives WAFFLE HOUSE character, and another reason why I love it so.

3.  It serves breakfast all day, everyday. 

When I want a waffle I want it now.  And I don't want to have to wait till the next morning to get it. That is why WAFFLE HOUSE is so close to my heart;  it knows my every need, and concern, and it doesn't hesitate to deliver.

WAFFLE HOUSE is number one in my opinion. 

Or maybe it's just that I have an unnatural love for waffles, and pancakes...and breakfast food in general.

For example, when we were in Ft. Worth there was a huge breakfast restaurant right next to our hotel called, Ol' South Pancake House.

 I cried every morning for approximately 30 minutes for my Mother to take me there, but we never went...

Don't worry I'm slowly recovering from my heartache, but my relationship with pancakes has just not been the same since that day....

No I'm not crying? Leave me alone....

Anyways, your probably wondering what we ate at Ft. Worth if we didn't go to Ol' South right?  Well let me tell you food was scarce, and I came close to starving but we did manage to find a few scraps of food laying around at some lame grocery store....

 Ok so maybe "scraps" isn't the right word.  How bout I use uh...FEAST instead?

Needless to say, I thought this food was just perfect!  And don't let the fact that it is a salad fool you, because it didn't even taste anywhere near a salad.  It tasted more like love & peace in food form.

And these babies?

Well just look at them?  That's enough to make you start drooling like a rabid animal.
They were wonderful, and I ate three of them, and then I was content for the rest of my life....or at least until we went back the next day...

This "grocery store" was really no grocery store at all.  It made all normal grocery stores look like Rachel Ray, and it was Julia know what I'm sayin'?  (sorry I've been watching a lot of Julie&Julia...)

They only word I can think of to describe it is "Marvelous" or "Superb" or "What grocery stores look like in Heaven." 

There were blocks of cheese the size of my pickup, and I wanted one. But they were worth more than me so naturally, I didn't even get to touch one.

Long story short, this grocery store is where I want to live where I grow up....well, it or WAFFLE HOUSE. (My first love.)

Peace, Love, & WAFFLE HOUSE, you are perfect.

Sweet T

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Hero

After this hectic weekend you can't not even begin to imagine the piles, and piles of sawdust I keep finding in our bathroom, room, closets, kitchen, kitchen sink, wardrobes, kerosene lamps, etc....Ok so maybe that was an exaggeration.  We don't even have a wardrobe.  What is a wardrobe?

But anyways, I was beginning to think that our house would never be the same again, and I would have to spend all the money that would have gone to a college tuition on a nice new house (sawdust free) for my mom instead.

Not surprisingly however, I come home today to a spotless, immaculately clean house (sawdust free.)  And no the Merry Maids didn't do it.  It was all my Mother, who is a very merry person, but she is not, I repeat, IS NOT ANYONE'S MAID!  Or so I've been told...

She even rearranged our bathroom in a way that really makes our adorable, beloved, I can't live without them, flying pigs stand if they needed any help.

So anyways this got me to thinking just how much my mother does for us:

Cooks very well.
Plays Doctor almost everyday (some of us are whiners *ahem*Daddy*cough*Autumn*cough*cough*)
Secrataries(Is that a commonly used term? Oh well, it is now....)
Cooks Awesomely.

And keep in mind all of the things listed above are all done before lunch.

Yes my mother is awesome to say the least.

Peace, Love, & Move over Julia Child, and Superwoman!
Sweet T

Proof of her awesomeness?

Yes, she made this, with love, before noon, all while cleaning house, and juggling three nerdy children.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simply, Cake & Pigs

Part 1: The Cake.

Today, being the loving, and caring, and affectionate granddaughter (definitely not *ahem* bragging or anything...) that I am, decided to make Pop a cake.

Not just any cake either.
It was a Peanut Butter Cake.

You see, I figured I owed it to him seeing that he came all the way to mine and Autumn's stock shows for THREE DAYS in a row...all while fighting a life threatening illness.

Not to mention he kinda sorta, in a round about way, bought our pigs in the sale...

Yes, I would say the least I could do was make him a cake.

Oh, and the whole life threatening illness thing? That was just Pop being a typical man, and whining alot...(Not that I'm stereotyping anyone or anything....?)

Just kidding Pop, we all know you were very sick...*wink*wink*

Anyways, back to the cake.

I got the recipe out of a cookbook (Duh) that my Mother got for Christmas, and being a peanut butter fanatic, I thought, "Hey Sweet Stuff (My American Idol name when I make it, fingers crossed!) How can you go wrong with a peanut butter cake? That's right can't!"

So naturally, I proceeded to make the potentially delicious Peanut Butter Cake...

As the day progressed, the cake was going fine.

I made the cake...out of a box mix....that's not me being lazy, it's just what the recipe called for!

Set it out to cool.

And made the icing...Peanut Butter Icing.

After the icing was all done, I generously poured it all over the top of the two yellow cakes.

That's when things took a turn for the worst.  I mean come icing really supposed to look like sand??

You see, this icing tasted absolutely delicious, but looked absolutely...well?...Disgusting.
It wouldn't even spread all over the cakes, so I had to let it drip all down the sides, and yes it did look tacky.  It was a very tacky cake. 

But seeing as that Pop took the trouble to lay out some cash for our javelinas, all while battling that "life-threatening illness"  I Figured that it's the thought that counts anyways, and that I must deliver the Tacky Peanut Butter Cake, or at least that's how I now refer to it....

So I did just that.
I delivered the cake to our recovering Grandfather, and he agreed whole-heartily with me....It's the thought that counts.

And I did learn a lesson through this whole cake making thing: That cooking is a learning process.  Possibly a very long process, and that every time you mess up, you can't give up (because it's usually the cookbooks fault...just kidding...kinda) and you don't cook so people can just stare at it, you cook so people can come together, eat, and enjoy.

(He still hasn't let me know how it tasted....That either means it was so good he is waiting to tell me in person, or it made him sick, very sick....Let's hope for the positive.)

Part 2: The Pigs.

Well, if you were wondering, I managed not to kill our precious pigs.  I didn't even have to hit them with a frying pan, though I came close.  We even got along well enough to show them at the county, and local shows...we even got a ribbon.

Autumn, and her little darling "Blue Duck" (The villain on Lonesome Dove, odd name, but very accurate for this pig.) won their class, and then competed for breed.

The pig did awesome, and Blue Duck didn't do so bad either....heh heh.
Just kidding Autumn, you can make me cry later when you score 20 points at the basketball game, and I trip over my own two feet, and the half court line.

We Townsend's our strangers to showing pigs, but she kinda looks like she know what she's doing here. Right?
And Blue Duck sure is struttin' his stuff.

Now Augustus (My pig, hero on Lonesome Dove, once again a fitting name...for the pig) and I, on the other hand, placed 5th in my was Augustus's fault!
But thanks to my expert showmanship *cough*cough* we made the sale, and that is really all the matters.  Good Job Sweet Stuff.  (Someone slap me please.)

Well all I can say is, Augustus sure looks nice.

Trail even got to show at the local show, and sadly, he is the best showman out of us all.

Maybe it's because he feels right at home in the animal barn?

Peace, Love, & For the love tacky peanut butter cakes someone please slap me!

Sweet Stuff...uh...I mean, Sweet T

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Beautiful Kind...An Addiction Story

I have a problem.

Actually, it's more of an addiction...which I guess, is actually a problem.  I guess?

But in my case this "addiction" is something I inherited from my Mother, who inherited it from her Mother, and so on and so naturally, I blame my ancestors.

Our addiction is an addiction to things of beauty, and to be more specific...Beautiful Boots.

This addiction is getting to be a serious problem, especially for me.

This weekend when we went to Fort Worth for the Ranch Horse Sale, there were tons of vendors.  Tons of vendors that could have sold anything in the world they wanted.  But what did they choose to sell?
Yep, you guessed it...Boots.  (The Beautiful kind.)

I think they did it on purpose too.  It was like they knew a sucker for boots like me, would be there, watching, waiting, and even looking for the perfect pair of beautiful boots, to accommodate my ahem, ugly feet.

It began to get ridiculous.

I would innocently be walking down the isles looking for a pair of leather gloves to warm my freezing hands, or a pair of tongs (because I toss salad so much...p-p-p-lease?), or a nice throw, and out of no where a pair of boots would pop up.

BAAAM!  They would be there just like that, right in my face.  They were calling my name.  (More like screaming...or maybe that was me? I can't remember.)

And I knew it was getting out of hand every time I ran out of the barn crying uncontrollably.  People began to stare.

But this addiction is something that is not cured easily.  In fact, I don't think it's cured at all...EVER.  I just think it can be tamed by the purchasing of many, many pairs of boots. (The Beautiful Kind.)

In fact, I think it's doctor proven....I think....I'm pretty sure....Actually, I'm positive.

So I've made the decision, that in order to save the public, and possibly all of mankind from having to deal with the pyshco I would become if I didn't get my boots, that I need to buy as many boots as possible before the day is over.

I was thinking this pair would be a nice start to the day.

Their lovely.


They're screaming my name!!

Oh sorry, that was just me again...

And these?

Yes, I'm pretty sure these boots would complete me.

But these darlings?

Oh yes, these are the ones.

Forget college.

I just want to buy boots for the rest of my life.

You know not for selfish reasons...just for mankind.
So they wouldn't have to deal with me, if I didn't get my boots...Defiantly not for selfish reasons....well maybe a little...only a little

Thanks alot all my ancestors who passed this addiciton down to me...I blame you!

Peace, Love, & Donations to my cause will be greatly accepted

Sweet T

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 Interesting Things You Might Wanna Know...Or Not.

 1. I ate waffles, and a Baked Hash Brown dish for dinner last night.

Breakfast for Dinner.



2.  My Grandma "Mom" brought me and Autumn a set of tin flying pigs.

They were a "Good Luck Stock Showing" present...(Or a "Please Don't kill your pigs before you actually show them" present?)

In any case I find them simply....Beautiful.

They make me happy.

They make me laugh.

And I'm taking him to college with me.

3. I saw Red Stegall this weekend.

He just happened to be watching the Ranch Horse show and sale the same day we were there, and me being the calm, cool, and collected girl that I am, gawked at him the whole time...

Well actually I gawked at him exactly three times that day.

1) When passed him walking down the isles.

2) When I was buying a foot long corn dog with Autumn...I think he actually noticed me then, and he either had a disgusted look on his face, or one of amusement, I couldn't tell.

3) During the Horse Sale.

I considered very seriously belting out a few lyrics when I first noticed him, hoping he would "discover" me, and the talents I've been, ahem, hiding all these years, but my Mom told me that would be a bad idea, because, 1. I can't sing, and 2. I would make his ears bleed. Thanks for believin' in me Mama!

So after my dreams were crushed I was just going to ask if I could take a picture of him, but once again my Mother told me that that would be considered "stalking" and he might call security. 

Stalking?  Seriously stalking?? Come on I am not a stalker in any way.

Oh wait, time for a little shout out to my Homeboy Red.

 I love you Red Stegall! Your my hero!
Call me, and we'll set up an audition...I think I could be the next Reba.
Yes? No? OK, I understand....

Yea, but anyways, stalker?

OK so Maybe my Mother knows what she's talking about after all...just maybe...doubtful, but maybe.

Now if you'll excuse me, I better go clean my room, and the rest of the house, and redecorate while I'm at it, so my Mother won't ground me until I'm 65 and a half.

Peace, Love, & I'm probably the biggest Moron to walk the Earth.

Sweet T

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Call Animal Control, or Anger Management!

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

Do you hit the snooze button?

Take a shower?

Run a mile?  (Definitely what I would do....OK, I lied...someone slap me please.)

Fry some bacon?  ( Um, yes I think this sounds a little more like me.)

The "fry some bacon" has begun to become increasingly more popular with me.  Not for the obvious reason, because it's W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L, but because well....I hate my pigs.

OK, that was harsh, hate is a strong word, I don't hate them, I just wish I could take a frying pan, or a BB Gun, or a Nun chuck, and make bacon (or sausage) out of them RIGHT NOW!
(No I don't need anger management, Leave Me Alone!!!)

You see this "anger" isn't coming because it's something natural for me, I'm usually a very calm, keep your head kind of girl...Excuse me for a minute while I go pummel my brother, he won't quit talking....But these pigs have just pushed me too far.  They are provoking me!

Every time I try to feed them they go for the attack.

The push, they shove, and they bight me with their fangs...

(You think I'm kidding? Well friends, I can only wish I was.)

And then I end up crying all the way home...aren't the pigs the ones that are supposed to cry?  All the way home?

My most recent injury from them is a huge bight, ahem, fang, mark on my index finger. 

It's large.

It's purple.

And I frequently show it to people so they will believe me.

But I don't have any believers yet...

Will you believe me??

Will you call the animal control??

Because I can't take it anymore!  These pigs are driving me crazy, and are a threat to my over-all well being.

Something has to be done.

Peace, Love, & I suddenly have a craving for Pork Chops.

Sweet(?) T

Monday, January 10, 2011

Texas Hold'em...the Right way

Over Christmas break we went to my Mimi's house in Springer, New Mexico.

I always love going to stay at Mimi's because it's peaceful.

It's cozy.

There's lots of food.

Lots of sleeping.

Lots of Me and Autumn brutally beating all the old folks in a game of basketball...Ahh yes, memories.

And lots of gambling, cheating, and stealing...

What? Who said that??

Oh...right...well yes, there was gambling, cheating, and stealing at Mimi's...It just wouldn't be Christmas without it...ahem, Pray for us.

You see at night we all gather round and play games, usually its a game of 42, but seeing as Autumn, Mama, and I aren't particularly fond of that game(not to mention are talent at 42 is level ZERO), we played Texas Hold'em instead....

Now when Texas Hold'em is played in New Mexico, you know the game is gonna be serious, so naturally, the stakes were high.  Winner was to receive breakfast in bed, and anything he/she wanted until exactly 7:30 a.m. (This was the men's addition to the rule seeing as they would be off to work before that time...Gentlemen indeed.)

So all the cards were brought out....literally...and the game commenced...

(Sorry, the computer outsmarted me again, and I can't figure out how to rotate the picture...I apologize for my ignorance, past, present and future.)

This is all of us counting our money before know to make sure everything was fair...
But really, who would ever cheat at Texas Hold'em...right?



Nope, wrong....very, wrong.

Let me explain....

 As the night progressed a certain someone who's name I shall not mention to protect from embarrassment, and shame decided she wasn't doing to hot in the ole' card game...

She even rigged the dealing of the cards...choosing which cards should be dealt to the players...and still luck was just not hers....

So in a desperate attempt she slowly, and deliberately started stealing coins from
her Dad...

Low, I know....

She stold so many coins, that she started stashing them in her hat.

And as you might guess, she was eventually caught.
Proved guilty of the crime, and forced to give all the stolen money back, and sleep outside. (Just Kidding...It crossed their minds though, I'm just sure of it!)

OK Yes! The criminal was me.

Yes,  I stole the money from my own Father.

Yes, I stashed it in my loud, obnoxious, gambling hat.

And yes, I was caught red-handed.

But No I'm not sorry!!  I'd do it again, given the chance!!

And No I didn't *ahem*ahem* win the game....but that's beside the point!  I still went out fighting, and lived to tell the tale... 

And don't worry I'll be back next year, with more cards up my sleeve....(maybe literally...)

Peace, Love, & Cheating never pays least not yet....

Sweet T

P.S. Daddy (the person whom I was "stealing" (or so they called it) from, never even realized it till the game was almost over....Yes, I'm that sneaky...or maybe he's that unobservant? I guess we'll never know...

P.S.S.  Autumn was the winner of the big Texas Hold'em game, but she refused to have breakfast in bed...and seeing as that she didn't get up till 7:25 we were all winners!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cherries Good Enough For John Wayne

Over the Holidays in between Christmas parties, and shoveling the snow covered sidewalks (ahem, yes I'm being sarcastic) I managed to find some time for myself....and with that time I chose to make Cherry Cordials.
Or as I would now like to refer to them....Cherries good enough for John Wayne.
I chose John Wayne because he's a fine upstanding citizen with very high standards, and a role model to all.
Especially to Scout whom affectionately calls him "John Waynen."

John Wayne is a Hero to all, and I'm absolutely positive that his favorite meal was a plate full of cherry cordials....

I didn't say steak.


Anyways, as I was saying over the Holidays I made some of these, it was no easy task either.
Blood, sweat, and tears went into these cherries, and I'm not afraid to say it!
Well, at least I'm not afraid to say it now that everybody has already eaten one....
*ahem* Your Welcome Guys!

Anyways...I started with a single perfect cherry, carefully plucked from the jar nearest me.
Sorry, we currently don't have a cherry tree....

Then I proceeded to cover it in a mixture called fondant (It must be French or something?)  You typically use it to make cakes look pretty, but in this case I used it to make the cherries delicious...because they sure weren't pretty.

Then I dipped the cherries in nothing short of the most delicious "dipping sauce" ever...that's right, these cherries are Chocolate covered.

(Pictures courtesy of budding photographer Hope Townsend.)


After letting the cherries sit for about a day...yes they were covered...they were finished and ready for the King of the Cowboys.

Seeing as he wasn't available though, I let my Dad and Trail eat them instead.

I think they were pretty satisfied with the outcome.

So your welcome Mr. John Wayne Sir, I dedicate these life changing cherries to you.

Peace, Love, & "Life is Hard, but it's harder if you're stupid," and burn yourself on the dipping chocolate.

Sweet T

P.S. I know this might come as a surprise to you but I'm not perfect.

And I did, accidentally, harm some cherries in the making of this blog post.

Forgive me.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tough Guys?

This is Trail, and his partner in crime.

They're starting a band.

They're tough.

They're crazy.

They love pizza after midnight., and colorful toboggans.

I didn't even have to ask them to's just their natural demeanor.
Which may be the reason why the girls in their class run from them, at least that's what they like to think.

Don't let these tough guys fool ya though, because given the chance they like to squeal like little girls when they get to open presents.

Nevermind the squealing though, this toughness runs in the family.

Just take a look at Reno....

 If this isn't tough, what is??

And Kuper....

He tore into that cake with no fear...absolutely NO FEAR.

Because that's just how these guys do it...

Tackling everyday with NO FEAR.

They're mean.

They're nasty.

They're not afraid of dirt, mud, or blood.

They'll still your candy, and take your girlfriend.

They're only weakness?  BATH TIME.

Peace, Love, & The girls are even tougher than the guys

Sweet T

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

INTENSE...very Intense

As you may know, and as you may not care, me and Autumn (otherwise known as my sister, unless she's had too many Christmas cookies, and then she's just some girl that I have never seen in my life...Christmas cookies make her physco. Plain and Simple.) play basketball almost 24/7. 

And yes!  We are in shape, despite all the Christmas cookies.

Anyways, yesterday we had a game, and our new object in the game is to be INTENSE.

Shoot the ball...intensely.



Throw elbows...intensely...ahem, Autumn.

So i guess you could say are games are sort of um....what's the word I'm looking for??

Harsh. No...

Deadly.  Maybe...

Um....INTENSE, yes that's it.

And yesterdays game was no exception...especially the warm ups.

You see before every game (after praying, and singing in the lockerroom) we run out to loud, blaring music, (that the elderly frown upon), and slap hands in the middle of the court chanting repeatedly "LADY HORNS!"  Then we break out, and start doing knees highs, lunges, and that sort of thing, that makes me hurt every single morning.

After we're done with the stretching, we proceed to do shooting drills.

These drills are usually my favorite part of the warm, for simple reasons:

They're fast paced, and make me look like a "balla'"

Ya dig homie?

Anyway this game however, these warmups were not fun. At all.

You see as we were shooting my ball bounced off the rim, as it ahem, ahem rarely does, and came flying back at Autumn, who happened to be right under the goal.

Autumn then proceeded to turn and throw the ball right, smack into my face.

Directly at my nose.

I saw flames in her eyes.

My lip is fat.

My pride was hurt.

Autumn laughed.

I threw the ball at her.

She was mean to me.


Pray for me.

Peace, Love, & Sister are da bomb...ya dig?!

Sweet T

P.S. Our computer is still down....I'm blogging from school.

P.S.S. Some please Explain to me why I have a C in Pre-Cal.....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I regret to Inform You....

If you haven't noticed that I haven't blogged in approximately a week and 3 days (approximately) than you are either VERY unobservant, or have a life....In either case you might be wondering just WHY? I haven't blogged.

Well it could be one of two reasons:

1) I moved to a little island in Greece to marry a fisherman where Internet is still something of the future.


2) Our computer crashed, and Internet is something of our past, and hopefully near future.

If you guessed Number 1 then you are right.

Just kidding! I don't even like fish.

So if you guessed Number 2, you are VERY right.

You see our computer has been very slow for the past month, and about a week ago it decided to just not work at all...So our beloved computer is at the computer shop getting mended from all the years of usage we put on it.

I'm sorry computer...for all the times I got on facebook, and made you tired.

I'm sorry computer...for all the times I blogged, and made cry with tears of pity for the moron that cannot spell...(ahem, me.)

I'm sorry computer...for all the pictures I downloaded on you of weirdos...(ahem, me again.)

And I'm sorry readers...for all the tears you most likely cried for the blogger that cannot spell, and is a flat out nerd, and hasn't written in what seems like forever.


As soon as I get the computer back, and it's in the best shape of it's life, I promise to abuse it again, and write EVERYDAY!

So get those frowns off your face!

Get those tears out of your eyes!

And be glad you have a little more time of peace before you have to read my stories of nerds (ahem, NOT ME) again.

Peace, Love, & Yes I am writing this from school.

Sweet T