Monday, January 24, 2011

My Hero

After this hectic weekend you can't not even begin to imagine the piles, and piles of sawdust I keep finding in our bathroom, room, closets, kitchen, kitchen sink, wardrobes, kerosene lamps, etc....Ok so maybe that was an exaggeration.  We don't even have a wardrobe.  What is a wardrobe?

But anyways, I was beginning to think that our house would never be the same again, and I would have to spend all the money that would have gone to a college tuition on a nice new house (sawdust free) for my mom instead.

Not surprisingly however, I come home today to a spotless, immaculately clean house (sawdust free.)  And no the Merry Maids didn't do it.  It was all my Mother, who is a very merry person, but she is not, I repeat, IS NOT ANYONE'S MAID!  Or so I've been told...

She even rearranged our bathroom in a way that really makes our adorable, beloved, I can't live without them, flying pigs stand if they needed any help.

So anyways this got me to thinking just how much my mother does for us:

Cooks very well.
Plays Doctor almost everyday (some of us are whiners *ahem*Daddy*cough*Autumn*cough*cough*)
Secrataries(Is that a commonly used term? Oh well, it is now....)
Cooks Awesomely.

And keep in mind all of the things listed above are all done before lunch.

Yes my mother is awesome to say the least.

Peace, Love, & Move over Julia Child, and Superwoman!
Sweet T

Proof of her awesomeness?

Yes, she made this, with love, before noon, all while cleaning house, and juggling three nerdy children.

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