Wednesday, January 5, 2011

INTENSE...very Intense

As you may know, and as you may not care, me and Autumn (otherwise known as my sister, unless she's had too many Christmas cookies, and then she's just some girl that I have never seen in my life...Christmas cookies make her physco. Plain and Simple.) play basketball almost 24/7. 

And yes!  We are in shape, despite all the Christmas cookies.

Anyways, yesterday we had a game, and our new object in the game is to be INTENSE.

Shoot the ball...intensely.



Throw elbows...intensely...ahem, Autumn.

So i guess you could say are games are sort of um....what's the word I'm looking for??

Harsh. No...

Deadly.  Maybe...

Um....INTENSE, yes that's it.

And yesterdays game was no exception...especially the warm ups.

You see before every game (after praying, and singing in the lockerroom) we run out to loud, blaring music, (that the elderly frown upon), and slap hands in the middle of the court chanting repeatedly "LADY HORNS!"  Then we break out, and start doing knees highs, lunges, and that sort of thing, that makes me hurt every single morning.

After we're done with the stretching, we proceed to do shooting drills.

These drills are usually my favorite part of the warm, for simple reasons:

They're fast paced, and make me look like a "balla'"

Ya dig homie?

Anyway this game however, these warmups were not fun. At all.

You see as we were shooting my ball bounced off the rim, as it ahem, ahem rarely does, and came flying back at Autumn, who happened to be right under the goal.

Autumn then proceeded to turn and throw the ball right, smack into my face.

Directly at my nose.

I saw flames in her eyes.

My lip is fat.

My pride was hurt.

Autumn laughed.

I threw the ball at her.

She was mean to me.


Pray for me.

Peace, Love, & Sister are da bomb...ya dig?!

Sweet T

P.S. Our computer is still down....I'm blogging from school.

P.S.S. Some please Explain to me why I have a C in Pre-Cal.....

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