Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keeping My Promise

Last night I bid you farewell with the promise of painting pictures to come...and I intend to keep that promise, but let me warn you...these pictures are not pretty.
They're not even beautiful.
They're not at all wonderful.
And to tell you the honest truth, they might may make you cry a little.

This is how we left the house.
Beautiful, young ladies.
Beautiful, young ladies that saran wrapped their hair, and wore clothes that made us look like we work in a meat packing plant....

Remember us as we were...because what you are about to see is ugly.
And that's just Autumn's half of the picture.....
Now that I made the mistake of saying that, I'm going to have to flee for Europe.
You would think by as many beatings as I've endured from her fist, and her glare, I would learn by now?
But obviously I'm a slow learner, because I'm not erasing the above statement.

Pray for me.
Anyways....guard yourself on these next horrific photos.

Aren't they awful?
I'm in tears right now just looking at them.

I'm probably talking to myself right now too, because everyone else has decided to flee the country, because of these pictures.

Don't blame me America.

Your welcome Mexico.

And this is what the parking lot had to endure for 2 and 1/2 hours.
It will never be the same.
Neither will my hair.
I think I'll buy a wig.....
Yes, I think that's what I shall do.

Pray for me.

Peace, Love, & Don't ever get orange paint in your eye

Sweet T

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poem...Full of Paint

Lately, I've failed to blog you see?
Don't worry I don't blame you, I blame me.

Why? Well because I've been occupied.
With days of so much fun I've nearly cried.

Tonight it will just get better.
Lord willing bad doesn't go the weather.

Painting the lot is what we shall do.
Wish you could be there?  Oh, me too.

Let not a tear roll from your eye.
For I shall go to bed without a sigh.

No sigh because first I will upload,
pictures worth their weight in gold.

For we know what happens when girls get paint....
They end up a sight that would make you faint.

Peace, Love, & Oil based paint doesn't come off....ever

Sweet T

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Four Steps to A Healthier You

The sick season is creepin' up on us, it's comin' closer everyday.  Even Autumn who is healthy as a horse (she drinks a Dr. Pepper everyday!) woke up feeling puny today.  Being the loving, affectionate sister that I am I told her what she MUST do to feel better....

1.  Watch Steel Magnolias.  It's a sure fire way to make you feel better.  It's Doctor proven that watching a movie (especially one of the best in the World) in times of sickness, does something for your health. 
Or is it Doctor proven? 
Yes, I think it is...
Well, If it's not it should be.

2.  Eat something good for your soul. Preferably, chicken soup...If chicken soup can't cure you then what can? Can chocolate?  Can Meatloaf?  What about Strawberry-Lemonade?
These are questions that plague me....

3.  Put on something pretty.  Dressin' yourself up makes you feel like a new person, especially for Autumn, it makes her giddy....more than giddy, it makes her absolutely chipper. This is also Doctor proven fact.
Or is it?
Yes, I think it is...
Well, If it's not it should be.

4.  Laugh A Little.  This remedy can cure anyone, even if you have whooping you all know I diagnosed myself with, earlier this summer...Yes, it was a trying time, but I got through it one Dr. Pepper at a time.  So Autumn needs to laugh...can anyone come make her laugh?
Because if I try, she might hit me.

Follow these steps, and you'll never have a sick day in your life again.
It's Doctor Proven.
Or is it?
Yes, I think it is...
Well, If it isn't it should be.

Peace, Love, & You should listen to me

Sweet T

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dear Deer...

Cimmarron, New Mexico.
Population:  Not very many
Major Export:  I have no Idea
Industry:  Don't ask me

As you can see, I know next to nothing about the small town of Cimmarron, New Mexico. 
But that's not the point of this post.
If it were you would be very bored.
If it weren't, like it isn't, you may still be bored.
Or if it is isn't, like it's not, you may enjoy yourself.

Confused?  Me too...I was up late last night making cheese, and calculating the distance from Mars.  But nevermind about my hobbies...

Anyways...Do babbling people annoy you?  Me too...

Cimmarron may not be home to much, but it is home to my new best friend...

 Here he is from a distance...He is a very shy guy.

Aha!  Finally he let me take his picture at a close distance.

You see we while we were in Cimmarron, we decided to stop and eat...Like we do often...
And then without any notice, this guy decided to come join us at the restaurant...
I think he is Cimmarron's main attraction actually, and he was wonderful...I thinks he's booked for the next Super Bowl half-time show.

You would think something as common as a dear wouldn't excite us so much, but it did...
It doesn't take much to excite us...
Have you noticed?
Is it obvious?
Am I babbling?
I'm sorry.
Goodbye forever.

Peace, Love, & I'll never make cheese again.  Wait, I've never made cheese in the first place?
Sweet T

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Problem of All Problems

I have a problem.
A major problem.
A gigantic problem.
A problem so enormous, I might not live through it...

My problem is I am not photogenic. (*Shameful sigh*)

Dreadful isn't it?

How will I make it through my school pictures?
My senior pictures?
My wedding Portraits?!

The world is coming to an end!

You think I'm being dramatic?

No friends...I am sad to say, I am not being the least bit dramatic...there has never been a more un-photogenic person in all of time. As you are about to see....

I have no words to explain this photo.....

All I know is that now I am going to sell all my things, change my name to M'Lynn, and move to Louisiana.

It's been nice knowing you.

Remember me, as I was before this photo.


Peace, Love, & Darn these Lazy eyes of Mine.

Sweet T

Monday, September 20, 2010

My great-grandma, better known around here as Gran, is a wonderful great-grandma.
That's why we call her Gran, because it's short for Grand.

Anyways...Gran makes the best pies in the county.

OK lets be honest, she only makes the best pies in the WORLD.

Not kidding folks, one bite into Grans chocolate pie, or her coconut meringue, will send you straight into pure pie bliss.

Combining the essential perfect pie elements, she makes a flaky, tasty crust with the slightest taste of butter, and a hint of something sweet, and completely homemade. She then proceeds to fill the pie crust, with the PERFECT filling....coconut, or chocolate, they are both perfect....then topping it with the "cherry" so to speak, except this cherry comes in the form of a pure, white whipping cream....the perfect texture, the perfect taste....the perfect pie.

So as you can imagine when Gran showed up at our door today with two pies, I was one happy girl. I was so happy I think I cried a little.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie...I did cry...

And then I did a back-hand spring in our kitchen...just kidding I can't do a back-hand spring! I'd break my back, or my hand....

Anyways, now that my back, and hand are aching....this is the coconut pie....

Are you drooling yet?

Are you crying because this isn't at your house? Don't be ashamed, this pie is worth crying over...

And this being said, this pie cannot stand up to my personal favorite, Grans chocolate pie...

As messy as it looks (that's my fault, I just couldn't help should see my face) don't be fooled because this pie saved my soul...

It brought me out of a food slump.

It made me youthful again...even though I'm only 17.

It gave me a reason to get up in the morning!

It gave me reason to live!

Ok, so maybe I'm getting a little dramatic, but this pie is worth being a drama Queen over.

Choosing between these two pies is the toughest decision I've made all....well all year.

So in the end, I just had a slice of both.

Hey, don't look at me like that, I run cross-country...that justifies my eating habits.

I think....

I hope....

Yes, I think.

I think?

I don't know...I'm going to eat more pie.

Peace, Love, & I'll find more peace at the bottom of Grans pie dish.

Sweet T

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm a Horrible Person

One time I threw my cat in the water tank.

One time I threw Trail in the water tank.

One time I made mud pies, and told people they were fudge.

One time I broke a brand new jar of jelly, and had it all cleaned up before my Mama got home, and I neglected to tell her about it. Then the next day when she got a shard of glass in her foot, I had to break down and tell her the whole story.

One time I glued my fingers together.

One time I spilt blue nail polish on my carpet, and covered it up for a week with my clothes, and then Mama made me clean my room....

One time when I didn't really understand the whole money concept, I threw 50 cents in the trash, and then told Mama about it....that was dumb.

Out of all these horrible things I've done though, nothing can compare to this....

This horrible thing that I just let happen, and didn't do anything so stop it.
This horrible thing that changed someones life forever.
This horrible thing that I am reminded of every time I set foot in the backyard.

Oh Black Betty...can you ever forgive me?
Will your life ever be the same?
Will you ever smile again?
Can you ever feel the same way about me? Before....this happened?

Please don't cry Black Betty...wipe the frown off your face...the paint will all wash off...eventually.
I hope.
I think.

But if it doesn't I'm sure we can find you a job as circus cat, or an ad for L.A. Ink?

Peace, Love, & I'm a horrible person

Sweet T

Friday, September 17, 2010

This Child

This child.

The precious child, that doesn't always like to listen to me.

This child, who looks up to me....literally.

This child, who is already an eager helper.

This child, who can put a smile on anyones face.

This child who told me I had a fat leg....You've gotta love this child.

Peace, Love, & I just remembered I blogged about my "fat leg" yesterday....

So nevermind.

But you can read this post anyway.

But I guess you already have?

Peace, Love, & I'm not crazy

Sweet T

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alas, an Empty House

An empty house with no food.
That is what I arrive home to, and comes with it a sour mood.

Where is my mother?
Where is the other?

The other would be Trail.
He is my favorite brother, can you tell?

Homework, or play.
I'll choose the latter, and leave the other for another day.

But what to eat? Don't laugh at my hunger.
It's what I get for running 2 miles asunder.

(What does asunder mean?
I really hope it is nothing mean...)

Ahh, how bout a peach?
No, it's juice sticks to me like a leach.

Then again, I'll eat no food at all.
Because of the comment Scout made, the little doll.

"You have a fat weg." She remarks to me.
I just laughed and then cried, because I considered it skinny.

So to the treadmill I go!
After I eat a scoop(or two) of cookie dough.

Peace, Love, & Thoughts that plague my mind

Sweet T

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Handsome Fellow

There is someone I would like to introduce to you to.

He's charming.
He's handsome.
He looks great in swim trunks.
He can boogie like no one I have ever seen before.
He will without a doubt steal your heart. Kuper Templeton.

Kuper is my 8 months old cousin, and already the life of the party.

He is very talented too...he can swim better than any other 8 month old I've ever seen, with the assistance of his floaty chair, of course.

He's also basically a genius....I'm pretty sure I heard him say "Giraffe" when he saw the tall, lanky creature.

And already he has the ability to control a room, and Aunt Hope...She was wrapped around his finger, and Kuper knew it too.

He is Kuper Templeton, and someday not all that far away, he will be your President.

Oh yea, and his parents are Matt & Erica...I guess they should get the credit for raising such a grand kid. Kudos Matt & Erica!

Peace, Love, & If Kuper goes missing, check our house because my Mom did it.

Sweet T

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Secrets to a Wonderful Slumber Party

So this school thing is getting in the way of my blogging.

I would eagerly ditch the whole school thing and just become a full time blogger, but that might affect my future...

So maybe I won't do that, but it's definitely a thought.

Anyways to the point of this post!

I though I'd let y'all all in on a little secret of mine: The secret to "The Slumber Party of the Century!"

Now if your over the age of 25 this probably is not at the top of your priority list, but have you ever stopped to think that maybe it should be?? Slumber parties make us youthful again...

They make you laugh.
They make you cry.
They make you dance in a way you usually wouldn't be caught dead dancing.
They make you scream.
They cause broken bones...Of maybe just mine do?

Anyways, Since I am only 17, slumber parties rank right up there with food, and I just happen to know the keys to a perfect one...

1. Make SURE you have plenty of assorted junk food available.
Ex. Dr. Pepper, CandyCorn&Peanuts, Twinkies, M&M's, chocolate, Pizza, chocolate, and Soapapilla Cheesecake.

2. Make SURE you have plenty of acrylic paint handy. (This allows your "slumberers" to paint to their hearts content, even when the painting is being done on a fellow "slumberer.")

3. Make SURE you have plenty of sand nearby. (This enables your "slumberers" to bury their innocent fellow "slumberer"...even if it is against her will.)

4. A chick flick is ESSENTIAL. More accurately...Steel Magnolias is ESSENTIAL. If you have never seen this movie, then I will send for help immediately.

5. Make sure your attitudes are all of the following: Silly, carefree, crazy, fun...of course, and considerate, because when one of your fellow "slumberers" says she doesn't want to be covered with sand then you need to consider for a brief moment whether if it is harmful to her health or not. If the answer is no, then you may proceed with the burying.

Peace, Love, & Slumber parties you'll never forget

Sweet T

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am a Softy

I am not really an animal person.

If it's not called a horse, or of the Equine species, or if you can't saddle it, then I'm not very fond of it.

But today I saw a sight that changed me forever.
I am not the same person I was 12 hours ago...all because of a baby Hereford.

Autumn, Trail, and I were driving home from another day of learning, each of us in our own little worlds...Trail dreaming of horny toads, Autumn dreaming of Ice-cream, and me calculating the speed of light, when I saw it....the baby hereford (AKA: The animal that changed my life.)

He/she (I'm not sure) was just standing there on the side of the road, gazing into the abiss.

The sight touched my heart.
It brought a tear to my eye.
It brought a grin to my face.

It was the cutest baby Hereford I can recall ever seeing....

Except for this one...

And this one...

Oh yea, and these...

Who am I kidding?

I am a softy.

And I am not afraid to admit it.

Peace, Love, & Im going to steal a baby Hereford and keep it in my backyard

Sweet T

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reaching the Top

Oh how I love the early morning.

It brings peace to my day.
It lightens my mood.
It fills my soul with joy!
(And it scares all who see me in the early morning...My spirit may be joyous, but I am not a joyous site.)

But alas dear friends, early mornings these days means runnin'. No not running....runnin'.

Four days out of the week, me and all the other Track Stars (that is a jab at myself, the other girls really are track stars) go a runnin'.
And when I say runnin' I do mean runnin'

We run.

And then we run again.

Finally, we run some more.

And we relax by runnin'.

I think I've been runnin' in my dreams. No foolin'.

But tomorrow we're switching it up a bit....Instead of running level ground, we are going to be runnin' up. Yes...UP.

By runnin' up I mean to say we are runnin' hills.

Now as much as this thought should scare me, it doesn't.
Or maybe it does.
Maybe it shouldn't?
It does?
Yes, ok it does.

But earlier in the summer I was conquered this fear (though it seems to have resurfaced) by climbing a mountain.

Not a hill.
Not a crag.
Not a mesa.
A mountain.

The thought of climbing a mountain seemed frightening, terrifying, and yes even scary. But I chose to be optimistic (after I cried for a minute or two), and with the help of my dad, my sister, and my brother, we climbed that mountain. And we were rewarded for our climb.

This is the sight that was awaiting us when we reached the top of the mountain.

Daddy sat and watched in disbelief.

Trail retold the story of the climb over, and over, and over again. Not letting us forget that he was only 8 and he climbed the mountain all the way to the top. He's a very confident 8 year old.

And me and Autumn just continued to stare at this view. Well Autumn stared, it made me dizzy so I sat down and tied my shoes.

Am I nerd?

Peace, Love, & I'm not a nerd...Right?

Sweet T

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I love you Fall

I love you fall.

I love you the fall.

I love you the fall.

I love you the fall.

I love you crazy lady whom I refer to as the fall.

I love you the fall.

I love you humming the fall.

I love you the fall.

I love you the fall.
Peace, Love, & Yes I am ready to quite working out in extreme heat
Sweet T

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Thoughts

1) As I mentioned earlier, today was western day at school....So naturally, Me, Autumn, & Trail did our best to look the part...

Did we succeed? Autumn and Trail did I know....but do I look like a wannabe Dolly Parton?
I thought so...

2) Nebraska was calling my name earlier this week, so I've answered the call & I'm heading there this weekend.

Don't you like how I say "I" like "I'm" going by myself...well that's a misinterpretation on your part, because if you knew me well, you'd know that I can't stay at the house by myself much past nightfall, because I just know theres a psychotic intruder just waiting to come in the house and still our VCR. Yes, I'm dealing with my problems.

Anyways OUR whole family is going to Nebraska to a horse sale.

And yes thank you, I'm rather excited about it because...

1. I've never been there.
2. Its a weekend away from home.
3. I've never been there.
4. We have no food in our house & I'm hungry...Just kidding we have food, I'd just have to cook it before I could eat it, and I just don't feel like doing that at the moment...Yes, I'm dealing with my problems.

3) I have a newly discovered love...Elementary aiding!

It was a job that fit me perfectly....I got to tell people what to do, and then go outside and swing.

I think I'll major in that when I go to college.

Peace, Love, & I wanna be a Millionaire

Sweet T

Candy Is My Weapon

In about 30 minutes I will be going to a new class, in a different part of the school.

It's a job that requires grit.

A job that requires skill.

A job that requires craftiness, and slyness.

A job that requires, in the most desperate times, candy.

Thats right...I am going to be an elementary aide.

I have never held such a prestigious position before, and I'm planning to go at it full force. Whatever it takes.
No crying...that goes for the kids too.
No quiting...Just perseverance!

These kids won't know whats hit them.

Its also western day at school, so thats one thing in my favor, because it seems anytime the kids see a "cowgirl" or "cowboy" they are frozen in awe...rightly so of course.

Because we Cowgirls are go-getters.
We're never quiters! (Quiters? Is that a word?)
And we're Candy-givers! (Ok so maybe thats not the usual description that comes with being a cowgirl, but today it describes this cowgirl to a T!)

Peace, Love, & I hope they don't make me play ring-around-the-rosie.

Sweet T

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I need your Money

I need your help.

I need your love.

I need your money.

Yes dear friends, its that time again....The Save FFA Kids Organization time again.

For many its a very joyous time of year, because you get to share the love & fellowship that comes with being in FFA, and there is no better way to show this love and be a part of this fellowship than by sharing your money, and buying some cookies.

Some people view it the other way:
They choose to look down on fundraising.
They claim its a waist a time.
A waist of resources.
A waist of cookie dough....Let me tell ya friends the only way that cookie dough can be waisted is when it is not eaten.

Don't lie to yourself...You know you need these cookies.

No? Ok well then how about these?

Don't deny your cravings!

Ok so, I can tell what your thinking....and yes cookies are sweet and high in calories, but there is something I must point out to you...You only live once, so eat a cookie! Or two...Or three....

But for those of you that are stubborn and calorie conscious (The word calorie didn't enter my vocabulary until I used it as a measurement in physics.) I have the solution...

Oatmeal Raisin cookies!

They have fruit in them!

That is if raisins are really considered fruits...

Are they fruit?

Are potatoes vegetables?

Is there really a man on the moon?

And who let the dogs out?

Peace, Love, & The Battle of being a cookie-saleswoman

Sweet T

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Preparing for My Future

College classes...Ya gotta love 'em.

Or at least I do...
Why? You ask...well let me tell you there are many, many reasons...

1)They are online.
2)I can do them whenever I want.
3)They help me with my future...Thats what my Mom says.
4)I can do them whenever I want.
5)I can do them in my pajammas.

And I believe the absolute best thing about them is that I don't have to do them at school. Which explains why I am blogging during school...Yes I am at school right now, and Yes I am bloggin while I am at school.

But don't shake your head in disapproval before you know the facts.

You see I am taking a English Composition (II) class, and what better way to study for an English class then to write!

I knew you would understand, and I knew you would agree with me.

Thanks for justifying what others might call laziness. But I don't call it laziness, I call it preparing for my future!

Peace, Love, & The CLever Excuses that come once you have a blog

Sweet T