Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm a Horrible Person

One time I threw my cat in the water tank.

One time I threw Trail in the water tank.

One time I made mud pies, and told people they were fudge.

One time I broke a brand new jar of jelly, and had it all cleaned up before my Mama got home, and I neglected to tell her about it. Then the next day when she got a shard of glass in her foot, I had to break down and tell her the whole story.

One time I glued my fingers together.

One time I spilt blue nail polish on my carpet, and covered it up for a week with my clothes, and then Mama made me clean my room....

One time when I didn't really understand the whole money concept, I threw 50 cents in the trash, and then told Mama about it....that was dumb.

Out of all these horrible things I've done though, nothing can compare to this....

This horrible thing that I just let happen, and didn't do anything so stop it.
This horrible thing that changed someones life forever.
This horrible thing that I am reminded of every time I set foot in the backyard.

Oh Black Betty...can you ever forgive me?
Will your life ever be the same?
Will you ever smile again?
Can you ever feel the same way about me? Before....this happened?

Please don't cry Black Betty...wipe the frown off your face...the paint will all wash off...eventually.
I hope.
I think.

But if it doesn't I'm sure we can find you a job as circus cat, or an ad for L.A. Ink?

Peace, Love, & I'm a horrible person

Sweet T

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