Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dear Deer...

Cimmarron, New Mexico.
Population:  Not very many
Major Export:  I have no Idea
Industry:  Don't ask me

As you can see, I know next to nothing about the small town of Cimmarron, New Mexico. 
But that's not the point of this post.
If it were you would be very bored.
If it weren't, like it isn't, you may still be bored.
Or if it is isn't, like it's not, you may enjoy yourself.

Confused?  Me too...I was up late last night making cheese, and calculating the distance from Mars.  But nevermind about my hobbies...

Anyways...Do babbling people annoy you?  Me too...

Cimmarron may not be home to much, but it is home to my new best friend...

 Here he is from a distance...He is a very shy guy.

Aha!  Finally he let me take his picture at a close distance.

You see we while we were in Cimmarron, we decided to stop and eat...Like we do often...
And then without any notice, this guy decided to come join us at the restaurant...
I think he is Cimmarron's main attraction actually, and he was wonderful...I thinks he's booked for the next Super Bowl half-time show.

You would think something as common as a dear wouldn't excite us so much, but it did...
It doesn't take much to excite us...
Have you noticed?
Is it obvious?
Am I babbling?
I'm sorry.
Goodbye forever.

Peace, Love, & I'll never make cheese again.  Wait, I've never made cheese in the first place?
Sweet T

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