Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Site!

Sweet T has moved ya'll!

To keep reading more of my rants, raves, hopes, and dreams you can follow me on

I hope to see all of ya'll there...because I love ya mor'n my luggage. Amen.

Peace, Love, & Keep It Real.

Sweet T

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My sweet Mama has wanted to have a hen house in our backyard for some time now.  We all laughed at her for wanting to become like Ma on Little House on the Prairie (classic show that everyone should watch for the betterment of their life. Amen.) But secretly we all backed this decision whole heartily, because we love eggs...and we love chicks...and we love fried chicken.  

I probably shouldn't have said that.

I probably shouldn't say a lot of things.

Forgive me.

Finally after several years of wishing and wanting, and begging and pleading, and crying and wailing My sweet Mama finally got her chicks.

My Brahman Breedin' brother did his fair share of wishing, wanting, begging, pleading, crying, and wailing as well. But that's normal.

Aren't they precious?

Don't you just want to swoop one up in your arms, swaddle it in a blanket, and rock it to sleep?


Ok, maybe that's just me.

The Brahman Breeder loves the chicks.

He feeds them and waters them very diligently.

And then he holds them while I take his picture.

And then he yells at me for leaving the door open too long.

And then I run away crying.

And then I eat a spoonful of peanut butter and all is right in the world.

The End.

I can't wait until these baby chicks are full grown, and egg makin' machines.  Then all will be right in the world...again.

Peace, Love, & Who's craving a fried egg right now?

That would be me...Sweet T

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ranch Horse Sister

Me and My Lovely Sister have a bond that none can compare with.

She glares at me in the morning...I tell her to "Cheer up Dude, It's almost Christmas."

We make food together. Lots of food.

I tell her about my dreams of being a woman of the prairie...she raps Niki Minaj to me.

We laugh at ourselves together, and secretly believe we should have our own talk show.

She wears heels to church...I cower below her like the stump I am.

We make fun of our Brahman Breedin' brother together, and then watch Animal Planet with him.

We quote Steel Magnolias, Gone With the Wind, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and any Will Ferrel movie together. Non Stop. Much to our Mothers dismay. Amen.

We do most everything together.

Me and her we're like chocolate and sauce, biscuits and Cherry Preserves, fried eggs and honey, steak and ketchup (forgive me) and pancakes and peanut butter.  Did I mention we love food?

This weekend though, my little, lovely sister is going to spread her wings and do her own thing.  She is going to show at the Ranch Horse Finals.  She is going to look punchy, and pretty.  She is going to beat all the boys.  She is going to share her winnings with me.  (Just kidding...but really, Autumn if you wanted to share some of your glory with me I would be very grateful. I would even let you borrow my moccasins. Maybe.)

This is Autumn and her baby "Hoorey" the horse she will be showing.

Autumn and Hoorey have a bond too.

Here's where Hoorey fits into our family:

Hoorey & Autumn (They are a pair)
Max (the dog)
Abba(the cat)
The chickens
Ethel (Our new house)
Consuela (My purty pickup)

I have no shame in this ranking...we have some really awesome pets...and Consuela is an angel. Amen.

Autumn is a go-getter.  She is beautiful, talented, witty, polite, and has a heart of gold.  I am proud of my little sister, and I'm not just saying that because she can beat me up.

Peace, Love, & Go get 'em Lovely Sister!

Sweet T

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

College Cupcakes

Last summer I had an infatuation with cupcakes that resulted in me making them at least once a week, sometimes twice.

Sometimes thrice.

Sometimes....sometimes frice?



 Sometimes four times.

When I came to college the infatuation was stalled because lets face it: Making cupcakes in a dorm room is not feasible.

1)It cost too much.

2)It's messy.

3)My clothes would all become entirely too tight. Amen.

I made an exception last night though.

My friend Shandi has a cupcake book that was begging to be nurtured and loved, so we did that just.  We took it, we browsed it, we told it how delicious it looked, and then we made a beautiful creation out of it.

A beautiful creation called Cookie Dough Cupcakes.

Here are the two baking beauties: Shandi and Brittney.

They did most of the work when it came to the cupcakes.  I did most of the work when it came to eating the frozen cookie dough and making tacky comments.  It's what I do best.

At this point the cupcakes were hot out of the oven.

Great restraint was being practised by my taste buds.

And at this point, all restraint was lost.

They were nothing short of delicious.

They were nothing short of beautiful.

They were nothing short of being eaten in less than 2.5 seconds.

My cupcake infatuation has been ignited once again.

Pray for me.

Peace, Love, & I think I'll do this everyday for the rest of my life. Amen.

Sweet T

Monday, April 30, 2012

Pictures & Sweat Bee's

Yesterday I took pictures,got stung by a sweat bee, rode horses, and ate lemon bars. Amen.

That's all you really need to know.

Well, that and I am currently listening too (and singing) "Dream On" by Aerosmith.

Goodbye Forever.

Just kidding...You can't get rid of me that easily.

Lemme 'splain...

You see, this sweet family pictured above, was brave enough to allow me to take their family pictures yesterday, and they were brave enough to put up with me all afternoon, and brave enough to feed me dinner.  I think a round of applause in their honor is necessary right now.

Thank You.

The pictures turned out pretty good, but it's easy for pictures to turn out good when everyone in the family is photogenic...

People like that make me sick.

Because I am not photogenic.

At all.

Example A:

(NOTICE: I had to put my equally un-photogenic seester in here, so I'm not the only one that freaks people out. Amen.)

Example B:

Ok, I better stop before someone gets sick.

Moving on...

Yesterday, while I was taking the pictures, the forces of nature decided to chew me up and spit me out.

Translation: I got bit by a sweat bee...twice.  The poison released into my neck decided to ignite and make me break out into a cold sweat, get light headed, need to throw up, and have heart palpitations.

I survived though, in case anyone was wondering.

Sweat bee's have had it out for me since the 3rd grade when one of the little devils decided to get caught in my shirt and just go to town on my sweet flesh.  (That was a little descriptive...sorry.)  And I have been scarred (literally) ever since.

I think I'll just stay inside for the rest of my life.

Just kidding, I couldn't do that.  Especially after the horse ride I took last night.

My friend, Shandi, was kind enough to let me ride one of her horses last night on a neighboring ranch...Not just any neighboring ranch.  It was the most beautiful place I have ever laid eyes upon. Amen.

There were canyons, and ponds, and mesquite trees, and Bear Grass. (Or Yucca...we had different names for these plants, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that I just want to eat the flowers off of them.  They look succulent. Is that weird?) 

It was tranquil.

It was lovely.

It made me want to become a Nomad, and live off it's land, eating the succulent flowers, and bathing in the pond, and howling at the moon with all the coyotes.

I need help.

I changed my mind about becoming a Nomad though when Shandi's mom fed me her lemon bars.  They are reason enough to stay civilized...for now.

Peace, Love, & Speaking of becoming a Nomad, I should probably learn how to hunt with a spear before I do that.

Sweet T

Thursday, April 26, 2012

1400 Pictures

I plugged my IPhone into my computer today for the first time in, well...ever.

The results were shocking.

I did not know that you could download ALL your pictures and ALL your videos to your computer from your IPhone.  All this time I have been lost, emailing myself pictures so that I could blog with them, fighting the horrid conditions that come along with emails, and cursing the day that technology came to be...Simply because we (technology and I) don't get along so well.  Never fear though, I now feel that my soul is complete, because I never have to send another email again. Amen.

Unless, of course, the President or Dolly Parton emails me. (Fingers Crossed.)

Now here is where things get embarrassing.

I had 1,349 pictures and, 52 videos on my phone.

How in the world does that happen?

This is the first picture I ever took with Iris the IPhone. (Oh by the way, I name everything...I'm weird like that.)

It's of my sweet cousin, whom I love dearly because he is precious, precious, and precious.

This is the most recent picture I took with Iris.

It was during class, and my attention was devoted fully to my teacher as you can tell.

This is a picture of a crazy lady trying to dance.  Which she can't and never will be able to do. Amen.

This is a picture resembling something you would see on Animal Planet.

This is one of my favorite pictures on Iris.  My Brahman Breedin' brother is one cool cat...but don't tell him I said that.

I take alot of pictures like this one...

They make my soul sing.

I take alot of pictures like this too.  That's because I eat a lot of things like this, and I eat alot of things like this because my new favorite saying is YOLO. (You Only Live Once...this is a very good saying when it comes to food. Amen.)

This picture is of my Daddy at Oklahoma City.  He's a cool cat too.

I took this picture because it is of my baby, Consuela.  'Nuff said.

You know...I'm not quite sure why this picture was taken...


Moving on...

And we will end with this picture.

Because it's cute.

Because it's recent.

And because If I post another picture of delicious food we will all regret it.

Goodbye forever.

Peace, Love, & Now I have to go and delete approximately 1400 pictures.

Sweet T

Monday, April 23, 2012

'Stache of Dreams

It's late.

It's much too late to be blogging.

It's much to late to be studying for horticulture.

It's much to late to be planning my wedding...I do that sometimes, plan my wedding, because I'm weird like that. Pray for my FH (future husband.)

It's much to late to be trying to kill spiders with hairspray. (That would be my crazy roommate not me.  Even though I'm crazy too.)

It's much to be late to be thinking about how late it is, and that how when I live on my future (funny) farm staying up this late will not be in the question because I will have to get up in the morning to gather eggs, milk the cow, and make breakfast for my cute, country family. Amen.

Speaking of "cute" and "country" lets get to the point...

This is Pop again...the star of my Instagram.

I just think he is stinkin' cute.

He's stinkin' country too.

I feel that Pop should be the poster child of something very manly, or maybe he should be the new Marlboro Man, or maybe he should just be a male model?

Don't let this debonair man fool you.  He is a hard worker, a skilled farmer, and ok, lets just face it: Anyone that can grow a 'stache like this man is what dreams are made of.

Especially my grandma's dreams.

Did I really just say that?

I better go to bed now.

Goodbye forever.

Peace, Love, & I'm in a state of sleep deprivation right now, and it's rocking my world...In a good way.

Sweet T