Monday, January 30, 2012

16 & Cake


It's my first love. (Especially when it is sandwiched between nutella and raspberry preserves.)

It's what makes children sing.

It's what makes me sing.

It's what makes the world go round.

Which is why this weekend, two cakes were made for my lovely sisters birthday.

Birthday 1:

A Surprise Birthday for my Lovely Sister and her best friend.


An "Owl /Clothesline/Sports Bra/Sock" Cake.

Sock...because the two birthday girls always forget there socks.

Sports Bra...Same reason as the sock.

Clothesline...because any self respecting person know that you hang socks and sports bras on a clothesline when you forget them.

Owl...because they are cute.


I told you they were cute.

Birthday 2: (And my personal favorite)

A family party for my lovely surprise involved.


A "Bathtub in Peanut M&M's" cake.

Bathtub...because way long ago, when my Lovely Sister had just barely hit her teen years, her birthday fell on a "Stock show Day." So instead of getting to celebrate like all the privileged children, she had to sit in the bath tub (Sulking) and eat peanut M&M's as her cake...a pathetic, sob story I know.

M&M'S...refer to explanation above.

(If you have never seen my Lovely Sister, believe me when I say that this fondant creature bares a striking resemblance to her...including the crown, and M&M's.)

As you may can tell, I enjoyed eating/making/taking a bath in cake all weekend.

It was a good weekend.

Peace, Love, & Happy Sweet 16 Lovely Sister!

Sweet T


The whole point of this post was to let you know that it was my Sisters birthday this weekend (obviously) and that I love her, and I'm proud of her, and she is smarter than I ever was at 16 (again, obviously.)


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"It's a Western way of Life"

Over Christmas break we traveled under the bridge and, through the woods and, to Mimi's house we went...

OK, OK, it was more like we traveled through the plains, and over dry-land-dusted-with-snow until we could see mountains, to Mimi's house we went...Whatever way we went, we got there.

And we were welcomed with a beautiful snow!

This sight made driving through all the dry-land-dusted-with-snow well worth it.

As is custom when we go to Mimi and Preston's house we had a picnic.  Well, a picnic by our terms.

(Side note: Have you ever wondered why there is no "K" in "Picnic"? I know I'm no scholar but, it would be an obvious choice to me...There is a "K" in "Pick" and when you have a "Picnic" you are picking up things and taking them to a quilt to then pick up and eat?


OK, Goodbye Forever.)

We stopped on the side of the road, where the boys had been feeding and, ate our sandwiches and pie. (Because after all Pie is a necessity at any picKnicK....)

And the Brahman Breeder ran around in the snow, got it in his boots, and then his feet got cold, and I laughed at him, so he threatened to throw a snowball at me but, my Mother came to my rescue because I'm a wimp and, I stuck my tongue out at him and, ran away.

Oh, your family does that too?

Good I thought we were the only ones.

When we were leaving Mimi's she gave me about the cutest, turquoise stool I have ever seen (Really.  It was so cute, it made me want to relive my childhood just so I could grow up sitting, eating, and sleeping off of that stool.) to paint up for her.  And I gladly excepted because I am but a lowly college student with nothing to do...except college.

I went home and got to work right away on it.

And finished.

And then cried because I didn't grow up in that stool.

I like to tell stories through my paintings...even if I am the only one who gets them.
In this story there is a Buckaroo, and A Buckaroo's Gal (not sure what the correct term is for a Buckaroo's Gal?)

They fall in love with the same Bronco....

And both try to Rope it...for their own personal benefit of course.  They are a selfish couple.

So in conclusion: "It's a Western way of Life" and these Buckaroo's wouldn't have it any other way.

Peace, Love, & neither would I.

Sweet T

P.S. (This is the first time Mimi has ever seen her stool) Surprise! Your total will $10,000.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cotton-Candy Sunset

Am I the only one who has been noticing these beautiful sunsets?

This weekend I especially noticed them.  I would just be minding my own business facing the East and, then out of nowhere I would feel this gentle tug telling me that I should turn towards the West because whatever was in the West would definitely be life changing, so I would then turn towards the South...naturally.  But then! Out of the corner of my eye I would see what awaited me in the West! A beautiful, cotton-candy sunset.

I tried to get my friends to join me in this new revelation that these sunsets resembled cotton-candy,

Me: It's so purty! It looks like cotton-candy...You know, all blue and pink and fluffy?

Friends: Uh, I guess.

Me: Come on, just look! Doesn't it remind you of Gone with the Wind when Scarlett finally realizes that tomorrow is a new day?

Friends: What?

My Sister: Oh yea! "I'll always have Tara!"

Good thing my sister shares my infinity for southern movies...otherwise, whatever would I do?

Peace, Love, & She shares my infinity for cupcakes too. Amen.

Sweet T

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stock Shows

Stock shows.

A time of fun.

A time of whips.

A time of aggravation.

A time of pigs.

A time of family.

A time of family that do not act like pigs despite what the general public might say. Amen.

This is the time my siblings are going through right now and, by my observations I've concluded that they are loving it.  And I'm hardly ever wrong.

They spend hours working with their little piggies. (Say that with a Swiss accent and it's alot more fun. Trust me.)

Something they absolutely did not learn from me...all they learned from me about pigs is how to talk to them in Swiss.

"Ay, leetle pigge! Choo vant some food? Vell come git it yor self!"

I know...I taught them well.

I think they like stock shows because they get to dress up too.

Notice their color coordinating shirts...Red, Black....Black, Red...A stylin' and profilin' pair of chillin' right there.

So now, if you'll excuse me.  I am going to go to a stock show for the 3rd day in a row.  And also for the 3rd day in a row, I am going to practise great restraint on talking in a Swiss accent to the pigs.

Peace, Love, & Dis coult be bery haurd!

Swiss T...Uh, I mean Sweet T!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Back! And I brought a Haiku with me...

You should all take a moment to cry because....I"M BACK!

After literally a month of being to lazy to walk down to the cold, dark, creepy, lonely, cinder-block basement I am back (not in black...well, actually I am wearing black.  But, it's a turtle-neck so it doesn't count.) to blogging!

It feels so good to be back.  And it makes me want to kick myself for not blogging for a whole month!  What kind of person actually takes a month of from something they love?  A sick person.  That's who.

But never mind my sickness, I am back now and, that is all that matters.  Well, that and the fact that I am wearing moccasins with my black turtle neck...that matters too.

I have so much to share with you!

When you live in the country and, when you live in the country for a whole month with not a real job to go to you acquire a lot of blogging material.  And that fact makes me happy.  Well, that and the fact that I have a new coffee pot...that makes me happy too.

Anyways, like I was saying before I have months upon months of stuff to share with you but, before I do that I have to get my thoughts together (because most of the time they are quite scrambled...I blame my mother...and my father) in an orderly fashion so that they make since to y'all. (Y'all? You all? All of you? All of Y'all?)

So for now I am going to leave you with a Haiku.  Something The Pioneer Woman inspired me to do.  I have never tried it, I've barely even heard of it and, I will probably be bad at I am going to write it about coffee & cowboys. (When anything involves those two things it can never go bad.)

Coffee & Cowboys Haiku
By: Sweet T

Coffee and Cowboys
I like both
liquid and roping.

Coffee is black
sometimes so are cowboys
covered with dirt.

Cowboys work hard
doctorin' cattle
coffee would calm.

Caffeine is in both
coffee and cowboys
when cowboys thirst.

The End.

I'm expecting a Pulitzer any day.

Peace, Love, & I'm glad to be back.

Oh, and I like coffee...and cowboys.

Sweet T