Thursday, June 30, 2011

The All-American Holiday

Fourth of July: Fireworks, Hot dogs, Webbed Feet...(Well webbed feet at least in my family's's a long & painful story that someday, when you're ready, I will tell you.)

It's the All American Holiday sporting our nations colors: Red, White, & Blue.  All of those colors are great except for white because when you are as white complected as I am, white just don't fact it's so awful, it makes me talk in slang...Ya hear?!.

Everyone celebrates the Fourth of July in their own way, and of course our way is my favorite way, even though it's not the most traditional route.

So picture this....

July 4th:

The Townsend clan along with their rodeo team has just gotten home from Colorado Springs, Colorado where they participated in another ranch rodeo, drove another 8 hours home, and are suffering from sleep deprivation as you can imagine our spirits are high, and this is one time I'm not being sarcastic...

Usually we are home to late to clean up, and go out to watch the fireworks so, since we are "plan-aheaders," we have already stopped on the side of the road, and purchased our holiday toys (fireworks) and pleaded with the Brahman Breeder to not set them off inside the pickup.

Finally, after we've made it home we grab some hot dogs (An American Favorite, and very high in nutrition) and some matches, and then head out to the closest gravel driveway...

After we've eaten our delicious, fancy meal of hot dogs (grilled over an open flame) we then proceed to set off the fireworks, and try our hardest not to step on sparklers, because folks that causes webbed feet....and that's all I have to say about that...

As simple as it sounds, it is great fun, and we can't wait to do it every year....

And then there's this year....

This year since the whole country is under a fire ban there will be no fireworks, no gourmet hot dogs roasted over an open flame, and no webbed feet. (Maybe that's an upside.)

But weep not, my fellow Americans!

It's time to get creative and innovative!

Instead of fireworks, and hot dogs lets play volleyball, and eat sandwiches!

And instead of webbed feet lets....well lets not do anything else like that....

So what I'm trying to say is fireworks don't make the Fourth of July, but backyards, and family's, and Fun makes the Fourth of July the good time we all know, and love, Amen.

Peace, Love, & I've always wanted to meet Uncle Sam....

Sweet T

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You're so Vain! That's a song right?

They say that being "vain" is bad thing....(You're so Vain!  You're so vain? Is that a song? Someone please answer this life threatening question!)

They say that too much confidence is not attractive....

And some even dare to say that you must "get off your high horse!"...Figuratively speaking, of course.

Well folks, if that is the case then I would say we have a problem on our hands...

Because this little girl loves getting her picture taken....She loves it alot.
We can't blame her though, I mean look at who her cousin is:

Together, the two make quite a pair....a pair that loves getting their picture taken...they love it alot...Did I already say that?

Oh well, just getting my point across...

Wow, these two love getting their picture taken!

Just already know that....

Well, all I can say is that at least their "purty"....

Peace, Love, & Don't you feel sorry for the photographer??

Don't worry I'll recover soon enough, but in the meantime sympathy cards are accepted...

Sweet T

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Instructions

It is no secret that I love to travel...or maybe it is a secret?

Maybe it's a secret that was never meant to be secret, but was kept secret anyway?

Is it a secret that I'm a moron?

Didn't think so...

Anyways, as I was saying before I so typically got distracted, I love to travel.

And this is a very fitting love seeing as that I belong to a family that travels a whole stinkin' lot...So much in fact that we tie with the Griswold family. Movie producer just haven't deemed it necessary yet to make a movie about us, but our day is coming! I can feel it! Ok, maybe not, but a girl can hope...

Now, before you get discourage this post does have point, and I'm about to get to it...that is right after I explain just why I love poached eggs so much...just kidding...the point of this long, drawn out story is that my family and I are going traveling again.

Provbably no shocker seeing that it is summer, and most families do travel in the summer, duh.

So while I'm gone here is a list of things you must do for me:

1. Water my dog. He gets kind of crazy/mad/thirsty when you don't.

2. Make me cupcakes. Why? You ask... Well it's simple: I love them and need them for survival, Amen.

3. Pray for me. I'll be in public so maybe instead of praying for me youbshouldbpraybfor the general public? Yea, I think that's a good idea.

4. (the most important one!) Enjoy your summer! This is an essential part of my happiness as well as yours, so go out there call up an old friend, have a barbecue, fly a kite, or just lay in your backyard under an umbrella and drink sweet tea. ( No irony intended, I promise.)

Peace, Love, & The Griswolds better watch out!

Sweet T

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pinata Ice Cream

My household is full of Ice Cream lovers.

We eat it in the morning, in the noontime, at bedtime, during the winter, summer, during church (just kidding) but you get my point.

We love any old carton of ice cream, but to really get on our good side give us some homemade ice cream and then don't talk to us for about 30 minutes because we will be too busy devouring our one true love.

My personal favorite flavor (PFF) is My Gran's Banana Nut.  It is amazing, it is to die for, and I once ate my weight in it....

My lovely sisters PFF is Cookies & Cream.  Seriously I think this girl is addicted to it, because we can't go to eat out somewhere without her scouring the menu for anything even remotely close to cookies & cream....Girls got problems.

The rest of my family are really the true blue ice cream lovers, because they aren't partial to one particular flavor.  They just love it all...'nuff said.

So today We decided to make a quick batch of Butterfinger Ice Cream for lunch, and this plan would have worked out great, if not for the fact that we didn't have any butterfingers.

So in a moment of despair we tore through the kitchen looking for anything, ANYTHING! that would make our Ice Cream...well, the bomb.

I opened our pantry and saw Honey Buns, and decided that might be a little to chunky, and overall disgusting. 

I saw diced tomatoes....Then after I barfed I saw left over Pinata Candy! Bingo!

(The Pinata, God rest his sole...)

You see, for his Birthday The Brahman Breeder had a fiesta, and at the fiesta he had a Pinata that was full of candy that he later beat out of it...and this is the same candy that will make our one-of-a-kind Delicious Pinata Ice Cream.

We had

  • Milky Ways: Dark & Milky
  • Reese's: Simply Peanut Butter(y)
  • Twix's
  • And Snickers

And just for good measure I added the few oreos we had left in our pantry....

I had to beat them to a pulp before I added them though....just for good measure.

I chopped all the Pinata candy, and added it along with the beaten oreos to the ice cream.

And the outcome is.....

The ugliest colored ice cream I have ever seen in my life....honest.

The strange is though that despite how horrifying it is to look at it is a downright joy to eat.

So I salute you ice cream, for being sweet on the inside, despite your unattractive exterior.

 (No hidden meaning I promise.)

Peace, Love, & Don't judge an Ice Cream by it's color....

Sweet T

ATTENTION ALL ICE CREAM LOVERS: Before you consider serving this delicious ice cream at a dinner party, Ice Cream Date, or Brunch you might want to rethink this decision because some guest have been known to find this Ice Cream downright repulsive because of it's color, and storm out of the room in disgust only to find that they have no where else to go because they live there...this may have been a special circumstance, but none the less take extreme caution before serving, Amen.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Brahman Breeder!

Nine years ago today I was...well, nine, slightly chubby, very dorky, and waiting in anticipation for what was soon going to be my new little brother.

Little did I know that nine years later this "little baby boy" was going to be a Future Brahman Breeder, a wildlife extraordinaire, and the only little boy I looked forward to seeing every single day.

He is a boy of many, many talents, and is defiantly not lacking in confidence.

I make that assumption based on his wardrobe....he wears the sombrero pictured above almost everywhere, and it doesn't phase him a bit  In fact, I think he kinda likes it...

Not a day goes by that he isn't carrying some sort of creature into our house presenting it as a trophy, and then naming it, and eventually setting it free.

I'm beginning to think that he was raised by wolves...or monkey's, and every time I say that instead of being distraught he just replies with, "I hope so!" 

And then I shake my head, lock myself in my room, and cry because a nine year old is quicker witted then me.

He never fails to come up with a facial expression that absolutely stumps me...I mean, come on, what feeling does that face even describe?!



He just saw a lizard??

I guess the world will never know....

Oh yeah, he kinda thinks he's tough too....

But don't let the "tough" look fool you, this Brahman Breeder is the sweetest-hearted boy I have ever met.

That is except when it comes to his Macaroni and Bean Burritos, then he can get pretty nasty....

Peace, Love, & What would we do without little brothers?

Sweet T

Saturday, June 18, 2011

4 Pictures

For the past 24 hours my Iphone has basically consumed me I am ashamed to say, but on the upside I can now take pictures of anything, and everything at all times.


This is El Burro.

Purchased for Brahman Breeder & Scoutie's birthday fiesta.

El Burro invaded my space all the way home from Amarillo, I will never forgive him.

This is the Brahman Breeder himself, decked out in fiesta gear, trying to nurse a baby bird back to health.

Brahman Breeder is one of a kind.

This is my Mama's pickup, and on her windshield reads, "One Hot Mama!"

It's what she likes to be called....Just kidding, I wrote it on her windshield with the Brahman Breeder's window crayola hoping to cause her huge embarrassement.

It worked.....and that's all I have to say about that.

Except for, this is the Brahman Breeder's version of "One Hot Mama!"....You've gotta love abbreviations.

Peace, Love, & The joys of window crayolas...

Sweet T

Friday, June 17, 2011

Iphones & Jungles

I have been living in the stone ages...



Under a rock.....

But that has all changed as of yesterday at approximately 1:45 p.m. when I purchased this little gem....

(And it might as well be a gem since it cost as much as one, but that's beside the point...I just would appreciate some food donations as soon as possible. Thank you.)

Yes, this is the notorious Iphone, and it has sent me into shock.

It does so much.  In fact, I think it does everything for me now, I don't think I'm even breathing for myself at the moment so calling 9-1-1 might be necessary...Just kidding, it doesn't breath for me, and the day a phone starts breathing for me is the day I think I am going to have to go live in the Amazon Jungle to escape the pressures of technology, Amen.

While we're on the topic of technology and Iphones I have a few questions....

1.  Is there anything the Iphone can't do?
I mean really, I found an app that will get coupons for me...Coupons! What happened to clipping them out of the newspaper? But I guess getting them from an Iphone is a safer alternative....especially when you are as uncoordinated as doorknob....and I am speaking from experience.

2.  How many Apps can I get before I go insane??
This is a serious question, with serious consequences.

3.  How many times can you drop you Iphone before it dies forever?
This hasn't happened yet, but it is immenent.

4.  Does my Iphone love me back?
It hasn't been even 12 hours and already I'm in love!  Someone help me....

5.  Is there an "Im addicted to my Iphone help!" Hotline?
Just curious....

Pray for me....and my Iphone....and everyone else in my path.

Peace, Love, & I will see you all in the Jungle

Sweet T

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cowboy by Day, Hunter by Night

Fearless Cowboy by Day....

Where blood, sweat, and tears are just all part of the routine.

And true grit isn't something talked about in's the way of life.

Deadly Hunter by Night.

Where I'd say, He enjoys his job a little too much....

Peace, Love, & I feel so sorry for our neighbors

Sweet T

Friday, June 10, 2011

Movie Night

My sister and I have a very tight bond, as we always have.....Ok, so that's a little stretch, because actually we haven't always gotten along. 

There was this one time that she tried to bite my nose off...

This other time she threatened to runaway because I "was being mean to her"....oh yea, whatever. Like I would ever do that.

And another time she told me I actually drove her insane!  Well, that was actually two hours ago, but maybe that's why we get along so good...she insults, and I cry like a baby...Best friends.

But we have managed to set aside our differences for the most part and get along just peachy...And that would be an example of a phrase that my lovely sister would rolls her eyes at, and then tell me to get a life, and I will respond by crying, and getting a life, Amen.

So as far as getting along "peachy" goes, we do manage to have a darn good time doing so.

Tonight is an example of that because our Brahman Breedin' Brother is gone, our parents are going on a date (*cough*disgusting*cough*) and so it is just going to be us at the house...and we all know what that means right??


Ok, just kidding.

We're actually having a movie night, and no movie night of ours would be complete without cupcakes.


And lots....

of cupcakes.

It's obviously no secret that me and my lovely sis absolutely adore food, and cupcakes rank right up there with steak....And steak is very, I repeat VERY, high up on the list...the cupcakes should be honored to have such a prestigious position.

Anyways, usually we work for hours trying to get our cupcakes to look sweet, pretty, and perfect, but since it is movie night we made an exception and just had fun with our cupcakes...


The brown sugar cupcake. 
I die.  'Nuff said.

The Chocolate Espresso Cupcake.
Coffee-Chocolate lovers unite, because this cupcake is good enough to kill, and then some.

The plain and simple, Sprinkle Cupcake.
It's a party in your mouth, for real.

The Fruit Cupcakes.
These bring joy to my soul.

And the Sugar Sprinkle cupcake.
To say that I am in a sugar-coma after these would be an understatement.

Oh, and to make the movie night a little more interesting we through in some extra goods....

Please, don't count on me going anywhere tomorrow because a sugar hangover is imminent.

So as you can see, me and my lovely sister know how to have a good time, and will continue to do so even when I leave for college, because it is a proven fact that I cannot go without talking to my lovely sister for more than 10 minutes, Amen.

Peace, Love, & the food that binds us....

Sweet T

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brandin' Time

For the past three days, around these here parts, there has been lots of brandin' going on.

So naturally that means,

 Lots of cows...and their calves.

Lots of cowboys...and their hats...duh.

Lots, and lots of work.

And occasionally....Lots of cookies.
Yes, that cowboy is indeed holding a pan of cookies, because obviously men can't work on an empty stomach....who knew?

Brandin' is something that takes lots of people to get the job done.

Brandin' is also what the cowboys consider "playtime."

It's like what we women would consider our shopping time, but instead of being in the air conditioning, your in the heat, and instead of being clean, and in your best shopping outfit, your in the dirt, and wearing your leggin's so you don't get blood on your jeans....Ok, I lied it's not like shopping at all, except for the whole blood part...

Why are you looking at me like that for?

I'm not crazy, I promise. My counselor says so...

Anyways... I was right about one thing, these cowboys definitely consider this their playtime.

They all basically turn into big kids when you give them mad momma cows, bawling baby calves, and a hot brandin' iron.  They run, and jump, and laugh, and yell all trying to out do each other.
(They especially try to outrun each other when they see the cobbler comin' that their wives have cooked.)

Brandin' is something that the whole family enjoys.  The cowboys do all the hard work, (and occasionally the cowgirls pitch in their sense of style, and brains to make the operation go off without a hitch, Amen.) the wives do all the cooking, and believe me, their is A LOT of cooking to be done, and the little ones get to watch in awe as they see all the mommas and babies running around bawlin' their heads off.

It's pure bliss.

Peace, Love, & Oh, yea lots and lots of dirt was involved too....

Sweet T

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boys & Bulls

My Dad has taught me absolutely everything I know when it comes to "cowboyin.'"

He's taught me how to look for sick calves.

He's taught me how to lope a horse correctly.  I know loping looks simple, but there is definantly more to it than meets the eye.

And he's taught me how to rope. That doesn't mean I'm any good at it, but it's not because of lack of instruction.

He's even taught me range eddicate such as:  "never ride in front of a man!"

Or "never ride off when someone is off their horse!"

And my favorite, "Don't get behind!"

But there is one thing he's taught me that sticks out above all the rest when we're gathering cows, and that is "NEVER mess with the bull."

This is one "rule" that I never forget because frankly, I'm terrified of bulls.  And no, I have never been attacked by one, and one has never even attempted to charge at me, but I am just a sissy girl so I stay clear of anything that even resembles a bull.

Ok, I'm not a sissy girl, but I needed an excuse, forgive me.

Anyways, you would think that normally the "teacher" would listen to his own instructions, but My Dad has always been one-of-a-kind.

(Keep that in mind as you view the next several wild & harry pictures....And no, they're not literally "harry" that's just a western term you use when something is...well, wild.  See? You learn something new everyday.)

No, your eyes are not deceiving you...This is indeed a bull.  

A big bull.

A very big bull.

And what is my dad trying to do to this bull?


Trying to rope it obviously.

You see, as most me usually are, this bull was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so my Dad way trying to move it, and it absolutely refused.  So naturally, my Dad always itching to rope something, took down his rope and did exactly that. 

Along with the help of about 6 other men.

It was indeed something to watch.

It took all 7 cowboys about 20 minutes to even get the bull of the pasture, because bulls can be kind of persnickety. 

Good watching?

Oh, most defiantly.  It's being made into a motion picture as we speak....Oh, it's not? 

Well it should be.

Now, I say it was good watching, and it was for most of us, but as most little boys do, my Brahman Breeder brother got tired of it after about 10 minutes.

And this is the day that I learned the old saying is true: "Boys will be boys."

Or in this case: "Bull will be bulls."

or, "Boys will be bulls...or bullies, bulls will be boys?"

I don't know, Goodnight Chicago....Bulls.

Peace, Love, & Wild, and harry....

Sweet T

Monday, June 6, 2011

Presenting: Bonnie Concho

There are a lot of things I pride myself in, whether it be wrongfully or rightfully so, like...

Being able to pick things up with my toes.  This saves lots of time and energy because, I don't have to bend down to pick up my fork, instead I can just use my toes!  Too much information?  Ok i understand you find me repulsive...forgive me.

Or, Cooking five different kinds of cupcakes at one time. Ok so it was just three different kinds, but my aching head told me it was five.

And, Paininting my toenails to a state where they are deemed proper for the public eye.  SInce I have naturally ugly toes, I usually just paint them a very bright color so instead of standing out for being ugly, and disgusting, they now stand out because they are birgihtly painted! Brilliant, I know!
Oh, and I promise I don't have a foot fettish....

And, Dressing fashionably.  Some people are born with outstanding talents.  For example Trevor Brazille is one of the BEST rodeo cowboys of all time.  You don't know who Trevor Brazille is?  Well, get out from under your rock, and find out!  (Sorry, that was rude, and hypocryictacal seeing as that I live under a rock too, so forgive me, I know not what I do.) Or, Paula Deen cooker of Southern food...The best food.  Or my, Dad who can train a horse for Ranch Horse Competitions better than anyone I have evvaa seen bafore! (And yes, I am byaist, and yes I do like southern accents...)  My Mama, who can cook, sew, and be the best motha I have evvaa seen bafore! (I get carried away sometimes....)

And then theres me....One of my best talents (self proclaimed) is dressing fashionably.  And sometimes, it's not even fashionalbe, rather it's what I feel like wearing.

Folks, I'm not telling you this so you might take pity on me, but instead I'm telling you this so you can join me!

You see, I dress in way that literally says "Be yourself" (I actually have a shirt that says that, Oh, and it has a owl on it too.) And I believe that is the only way to dress, in a way that makes you comfortable, and makes you happy....Oh, and that makes you stylish too. Because style isn't always about dressing in the lastest fashions, but more so dressing like yourself.

So, I suppose (or would hope) that you are wondering where I get my apparel, well ladies and gentlemen, I get my digs at the one, the only, and the lovely, Bonnie Concho.

Bonnie Concho isn't only the perfect place to buy all of your clothing and accessories, but it's also an image.  All of us at Bonnic Concho strive for one simple, little thing and that is: Being yourself.

Whether that means that you rope 20 head of cattle everyday, or take care of 20 children everyday...and if you take care of 20 children everyday you are officially my hero, and you can buy everything for free at Bonnic Concho, Amen.

Here's a look at what Miss Bonnie has to offer:

As you can see there is something for EVERYONE at Bonnie Concho, and as you can also probably see modeling is definately not my forte, but hey we can't all be Heidi Kloom, no matter how hard we try.

So be sure and come by Bonnie Concho anyday of the week (excpet Sundays, because that is the day of rest, and we at Bonnie Concho Love, with a capitol "L", are rest.) and be expecially sure to come by every Tuesday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the rest of the summer, when we will be holding our Bonnie Concho cupcake party.  Free cupcakes...nuff said.

And be especially, especially sure to be yourself, B.C. you can.

(If you didn't catch my drift, "B.C." stands for Bonnie Concho....My mother is a very clever lady, Amen.)

Peace, Love, and why does everyhting I do revolve around cupcakes??

Sweet T

P.S. Bonnie Concho is located in Muleshoe, Texas on Main Street inside "The Studio."