Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girl and Her Horse

Fellows and Lady Fellows, I regret not writing you in the past weeks!

Henceforth, I did not write for I was bid anon with other task abroad...henceforth.

(Er, nevermind the statement above...I was trying my hand at Shakespeare...Don't worry I've decided to cut my Shakespeare hand off...)

Anyways it has been many moons since I have ventured to blog, but I think you will all forgive me when I tell you the secret I have discovered while I was away...

It's a secret many scholars have tried to uncover, and that many boys will just flat out never understand.

 And that is the secret of the bond between Girl and Her Horse.

It's a bond that none can compare to.

A bond that is closer than a dog and his bone....

A bond that is closer than a chef and his spatula...

A bond that is closer than me and my boots....(and that is a really close bond.)

No one seems to understand what is so special about this bond, so I'm here to uncover the secret.

It's very simple really, it's the fact that a girls horse will do anything for her.

The big, beautiful horse will carry the girl all day long, through pastures, through cattle pens, and even through rivers, and across mountains if he had to.  (of course, our horses don't have to do that though, because the biggest rivers we cross here are called irrigation ditches, and our mountains are called manure piles, but I won't go into detail on that one...)

And horses understand us girls....

They understand what makes us laugh, what makes us cry, and what makes us pat them on the back.

Horses are also probably full of some  "girl" knowledge that grown men don't even know, because they get to hear us vent.

You see, a girl does some of her best venting on the back of a horse when no one is around

Or maybe that's just me?

I don't you vent on the back of your horse? 

Ok, I'm sorry I'm weird...

Well, overlooking all my strange habits....I'm still convinced that there is no bond greater than the bond between Girl and Her Horse. Amen.

Peace, Love, & Every girl needs a horse

Sweet T

Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 Interesting Facts About Steel Magnolias

As you may all know my Favorite movie in the entire world is Steel Magnolias.

It is the best movie of all time, Amen.

It makes me cry, it makes me laugh, occasionally I even blubber, and it makes me want to rat my hair all day, and all night.  Yes, it's very dramatic

It's true that I watch Steel Magnolias year round.  Sometimes once a week, and yes, sometimes even twice a day, but what can I say? I'm a big fan.

My favorite time of year to watch Steel Magnolias though is during Easter, because if you'll recall it's when Anelle has her baby, when Truvy becomes "a chain!" and when Sammy is dressed in a horribly tacky easter bunny suit.  Bliss.  Pure southern, red beans & rice bliss. Amen.

So anyways, if you are as big a fan as I am of the best movie in the world, I have uncovered some interesting facts about Steel Magnolias that I am willing to share with you...

  • Steel Magnolias was originally a play written by Robert Harling.  Robert Harling wrote the play to cope with the death of his diabetic sister, Susan Harling Robinson.

  • The films setting is Natichetoches, Louisianna.  A real town.  I think I'm moving there.

  • The title Steel Magnolias actually refers to "southern-belles" that endure hardship, which means they are "southern-belles" made out of STEEL.  More power to ya, my sistas....Sorry I get a little carried away sometimes.

  • Julia Roberts won her first Oscar Nomination for her supporting-actress role, And to that I say "Oh get over it Mama!"  (Just kidding Mama, I didn't really mean that.  Please still do my laundry.)

  • This isn't really a "fact" per say, but it's interesting....My favorite quote of the movie is....drum roll please...."The only thing that seperates us from the animals is our ability to accesorize."  By the famous Truvy Jones AKA: Dolly Parton.  And to that I say, Amen Sista! Sorry I get a little carried away sometimes...
And there you have it. 

So when you go home today, don't hesitate, turn on Steel Magnolias and have a good cry, and then have a good laugh because "Laughter through tears if my favorite emotion." NAME THAT MOVIE!  (Duh....sorry.)

And if you don't have it on you TV speed dial (like me) then come over to my house, and we'll become Steel Magnolias together. Amen.

Peace, Love, & "I'm not as sweet as I use to be" - Ouiser

Sweet T

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something Weird

Today something weird happened to me...

And it's not the kind of weird that happened to Brandy when she finds out she has a Fairy Godmother in Rodgers & Hammerstein's: Cinderella.

Or the kind of weird that happened to Tom Hanks when he realizes his girl is a Mermaid chick in Splash.

It's not even the kind of weird that happened to Dorothy when she realized she wasn't in Kansas anymore...(No doubt, no movie title is needed here.)

No, it wasn't like any of these.

It was a kind of weird that made me want to cringe, eat my food in my polka-dot lunchbox, and go see a movie with the elementary classes (I had the chance to, but against my better judgement, I decided to stay at school, and tend to my bizness...what was I thinking? Maybe I was thinking I needed to learn how to spell more better...And I guess I could work on my grammar too.)

But anyways, the "weirdness" that happened to me was this:  I could think of nothing to write.  Absolutely nothing.

I thought about writing an ode to my sister, but sadly the words just wouldn't come, so I switched gears and was going to write about how I sliced my finger open cooking Pretzel Rolls the other day, but once again, the words wouldn't come! (And I thought it might make you gag, because I sure gagged, but you probably didn't care to know that....)

So, as you can probably imagine, I was in utter despair...Just like Daryl Hannah in Steel Magnolias (Best movie of all time, Amen.) when they are "in the house of the Laud!"

I didn't know what to do?

I didn't know if I should throw my shoes in the air, and go home?

Or if I should persevere through this thing and write something,  whether it be good, or bad.

But in the end I did neither.

Instead I thought.

Yes, you didn't hear me wrong!  I actually thought.

I thought about my future writing career, and the inevitable, that things like this would happen, and I would have to ignore it.

I thought about my future plans to write a cookbook, (and a book about whatever else I fancy!) and how already the words were coming so naturally for it.

I thought about my family.

I thought about cupcakes...I'm not sure why, I just did...And then I was hungry.

And I thought about my readers, present and future. 

I thought about how all of you, however few you may be, are important to me, and everytime I write I am writing for you.

 I am writing to bring a smile to your face, however dorky of a smile it might be. (I'm speaking from experience.)

I'm writing to encourage you, to comfort you, and to brighten your day.

So here's to you my readers, If it weren't for you Sweet T would be a very lonely, very bored girl...and she would probably drink way too much Dr. Pepper.  Just sayin'.

Peace, Love, & I love ya way mor'n my luggage

Sweet T

Monday, April 18, 2011

Since it's Monday...

Since it hasn't rained in 5 months and 5 days, but who's keeping count right? (By the way...I made up that number because 5 is my lucky number today.)

And since I'm nothing short of a moron, I am going to write an ode to Rain....


Ode To Rain
As told by Sweet T

The only word you rhyme with is pain.

But pain I would not feel
If you would come again and remind me you are real.

Alas! I weep aloud as you hasten not in your coming
Therefore, I might have to resort to plumbing.

I don't know why?
It might be because I'm shy.

You ask: What does that have to with rain?
Hush, and I'll answer you: Everything.

Because rain is love, and I love rain.
It our crops sustains.

As well as my skin, which is dry and fair.
I need rain to remind me he still cares.

Come rain, and make the ground glisten.
Fill the skies with thunder and I will listen.

Make frogs, and toads come out
And I will try my hardest not to shout.

Please rain, make haste!
So i, with mud, can make paste.


Copywrighted...Or at least I like to pretend it is.

Peace, Love, & I think I'll go do a rain dance now

Sweet T

P.S. These are the kind of sights I miss...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sweet Thursday

Today is Thursday, but dear friends it is no normal Thursday....It is Sweet Thursday!!

(Please, Please keep down the applause!...Just kidding.)

Now I know you have all been awaiting this with great anticipation, as have I, and now that it's here well, we can all rest easy.

The End.

Just kidding.

Despite your wishes you can't get rid of me that easy...I'm sorry.

Now for my Sweet Thursday Sweet!

Here are some clues:

It's not a cupcake.
It does not have chocolate in it.
It is not red velvet. (Dang it.)
It doesn't have wheat grass in it (Just thought I'd clear up any confusion.)
And it does not have one single drop of coconut in it.  Nope, not one hint.  Ok, I'm lying...It totally has coconut in it! Because it is a Coconut cake.

A light, creamy, so beautifully sweet, and sent directly from heaven Coconut Cake.

I die.

I die a thousand deaths every time I take a bite.

I die a thousand deaths every time I look at it.  (How's your English Lit going? Can you tell mine is overwhelming?? I die.)

And it is the simplest recipe in the whole wide world Amen.

Here it is:

  • 1 yellow cake mix..from a box...preferably a cardboard one that is un-opened. Cook as directed, or as you want, it's totally up to your discretion...just don't add wheat grass.  I have a feeling that wouldn't turn out too tasty.  It might make you gag, or it would make me gag, but I have an easy gag reflex....sorry, I get carried away sometimes.

And for the unbelievably good(so good I would sale all my boots for it) icing:

  • 16oz. sour cream.
  • 1 container of whipping cream (like the pre-maid whipping cream, that goes perfect with pumpkin pie, or chocolate pie, or by itself...)
  • 1 package shaved coconut.
  • 2 cups sugar.
Simply make the cake as directed, and while it's cooking mix the sour cream, sugar, whipping cream, and coconut all together in a big bowl. And then eat some of the icing because it's too good not to.  And then don't feel bad about it, because it is too good to.  Amen.

After you take the cake out of the oven, let it cool 10 minutes (resisting the urge to eat it right there, or not...), and then ice the cake. 
And then eat the cake. 
And then die happy.

I hope you enjoy this delicious cake, because I sure did.

In fact, I died a thousand deaths...not really I just used that to make my point.

Did you get my point.

Ok, me neither.

Peace, Love, & have a Sweet Thursday

Sweet T

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Monster

I have created Monster....and his name is Brahman Breeder.

And at this very moment he is lurking the halls at school, looking, waiting, and watching for anything, dare I say it, sweet.

You see, it all started last week when I made My Great Grandma Hazel's Red Velvet Sheet Cake.

And the Brahman Breeder fell absolutely, positively in love with it, and after he ate 5 pieces he fell into a absolutely, positively deep coma, but he's ok now...I think.

However, there were some side effects that we didn't notice until this weekend...

My Mom made cinnamon rolls, not from a can, but from scratch, and they are definitely, without a doubt, the BEST Cinnamon Rolls I have ever inhaled. (Yes, I said inhaled.)

And the Brahman Breeder thought so too, because he, all by himself, inhaled 6 cinnamon rolls in 1 day.

That may not sound like much, but for an 8 year old, that weighs 65 Ibs (according to the Wii fit, which is very reliable...I think.) that is ALOT!  But it didn't seem to phase him one bit!

Nope, not the Brahman Breeder. He didn't even act up.

Unless you consider: running around the house, running out into the yard, trying to ride Max all around the yard (Poor, poor Max...Pray for him) Throwing a glass bottle over the fence and shattering it into a million pieces, or annoying me to no end, acting up.

Ok, I take back everything I said...It did affect him.  Severely so.

So I must ask yo this:  Am I to blame?

Is it my fault that the Brahman Breeder now has an addiction to everything sweet, and pleads for my Mother to make cinnamon rolls every morning? (Every single Morning!)

Did I create this monster??

The world may never know....But as for now, I will have to deal with this sweet-craving (24/7) monster for possibly um, the rest of my life.

Pray for me.

Peace, Love, & I really can't blame him, I like the sweet stuff too.  Alot.

Sweet T

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Iphone Pictures, From An Iphone that Isn't Mine.

I was looking through my lovely sister's pictures the other day, on her IPhone...her IPHONE. Can you believe that? An IPhone! (No, I'm not bitter, why do you ask?)

Anyways, I came upon this photo...

This could be one of my favorite "impromptu" pictures of all time...(taken at my favorite restaurant helps too...No I don't think about food all the time, why do you ask?)

I look at it, and it makes me happy.

It makes me crave tortilla chips. (You can't see them, but they are on the table right in front of me, and this is the only picture where I don't have one stuffed in my mouth....They were really good chips.)

And it makes me cry a little...(No I'm not overly emotional, why do you ask?)

These are my best friends, and my sisters. (Only one is blood related though...just thought I'd clarify that.)

And I love them both mor'n my luggage...which is a lot.

Peace, Love, & I want and IPhone...Wait, No I don't.  Umm...Yes! I do...but what if I become addicted to it...I would definately become addicted to it...I need help.

Sweet T

Monday, April 11, 2011

I Need Help

I need help.

Someone help me.

I have a problem.

This is a big problem folks, even bigger than my usual problem: Too much sugar consumption.

And what makes it even worse it the fact that there is no cure.  None, whatsoever.  I've researched, and researched, and I can't find a remedy...not even medication can fix it!

The problem is I cannot talk.

Physically, sure, of course I can talk physically, but mentally, like in my head....yea, that's where it stops.

And if that doesn't make sense (which it probably doesn't...very rarely do I make sense) I'll give you an example...Or two, or three, just to make my point.

Example #1:

A normal person talking: "Wow!  It's such a sunny day!"

Me talking:  "Wow! It's such a dunny say!"

.....I told you it was bad....

Example #2:

Normal person:  Ouch...I have a stick in my boot.

Me:  Ouch, ouch, ouch! Ahh!..I have a boot in my stick.

Example #3:

Normal person:  Quit being loud, you'll bother Harold and Fay.

Me: Quit being loud, you'll bother Farold and Hay.

(Did I  mention it was Really, REALLY bad?)

Ok, so if those examples aren't sufficient...I don't know what is.

I don't know what could have caused this problem either?

Is it the result of too much sugar consumption?

Is it because of that one time I drank too much cough syrup, and then fell asleep for a really long time...uh, nevermind I won't go there...

Or is it because I have too much stress on my brain can't handle much stress, it makes me stressed.

Whatever the reason, I have to fix it fast. 

I have a huge interview coming up where I'll have to give a speech in front of 30 different people...THIRTY people. 
Did I mention there would be thirty people surrounding me?
Did I mention I was claustrophobic?
Did I mention I sometimes laugh alot in front of big crowds?
Did I mention I like cake?...Sorry, just thought I'd throw that in there...
Did I also mention that I sometimes make dumb jokes in front of a lot of people?  Yea, well, I do...

Anyways, Let's get to the point: I need help.

Please help me.

Please help me before my tongue falls off, or I say something dumb....Well it's probably too late for the "say something dumb" thing....

Please help me before I say something really dumb.

Fray por me.

Oh no....It's too late!

Leace, Pove, & I'm teaving lown.

Tweet S

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites

Since it's Friday...

Since I'm still recovering from an overdose of Red Velvet Sheet Cake...

And since I kind of like all of you...

I am going to share with you some of my favorite pictures ever.

Starting with A classic...

What about this picture is there not to like?

It's beautiful, it's serene...

And the fact that this picture was taken only a few months earlier makes it even better.

I like this picture too.  It makes me happy. And it's everything a little boy should be: fun, determined, and confident.  Very confident.

Now this wonderful photo...

This is probably one of my favorite pitures in the whole wide world, and it's not just because of the little girl in it, whom I happen to adore, but also because everytime I look at the big blue eyes, and the bright yellow tractor tire, something inside my soul goes "Oooh, Ahhh" and then I cry a little.

When I was picking some of my favorite photos for this post, I told myself, I says, "Self, don't pick "food Photos" because you only like them because you have a severe, possibly life threating addiction to food, and they only make you hungry." but when it comes to this picture I just can't help it...

The colors are so bright, and vibrant, and fun that they make me want to sing, I'm not sure what song, but a Taylor Swift song would probably be sufficient.

And this is a moment that you are probably thankful that there is no audio system on this blog.  Your welcome.

The one word that always comes to my mind when I see this pictue is: JOY. 
How can you not feel loads of joy when you see this picture? How can you not want to take this precious, little boy home with you, and keep him forever....The only thing that is stopping me, and everyone else is his Mother, who might not like that very much.

This picture is so pure, so lovely, and so wonderful...I think I've said enough.

I kinda like this picture too.

It makes me laugh, because they are both nerds, and know it.

(So if you were wondering where I get the "weirdness" from, you can thank them.)


How did this picture get in here??

Who's trying to sabotage me?  Who is it?!

I demand an answer NOW!!

.......Ok, fine I give up...if you need me I'll be with my counselor...his name is, Dr. Pepper.

This photograph would definatley be qualified as a "classic"...well at least in my books a small book too, but who's keeping count?

Anyways, this picture captures a little bit of the feeling that my Dad has while he's competing in the ranch rodeos, and by looking at his severly, gritted teeth I would definatley say the feeling is intense...and that is what makes the photo flat out awesome.

Now this picture may not be very good when it comes to lighting and photoshopping(?) seeing as I never even used Photoshop on it, but nevermind those facts, I always find myself coming back to this picture over and over again, because it's people that I pretty much love alot.

Peace, Love, & I kinda like these pictures...they are my favorites.

Sweet T

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Comparable to Nothing

This is it.

I have found perfection.

No use in searching everyday in the mirror anymore (joke) because I have found it, and I found it on a plate, with a fork.

It is My Great Grandma Hazel's Red Velvet Sheet Cake...and it is perfect, delicious, and I'm really considering not sharing it with anyone...but how thoughtless would that be of me?? 
Would it be too thoughtless? 
Because it's so good, I might not care if I were considered thoughtless?
Ok fine...I won't be thoughtless....( I really wish I was thoughtless, and selfish...I really do.)


This is the cake that made me whole.

This is the cake that changed my life.

And this is the cake I am going to share with you.

Let me just go ahead and say your welcome, because once you taste it the joy you feel will be comparable to NOTHING...Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but I can't help it, it's the cake talking.

  • 1 c. Shortening
  • 1 1/2 c. Sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 oz. Red Food Coloring
  • 1 oz. Water (I just refill the newly emptied red food coloring bottle...I know, I'm SO innovative.)
  • 2 T. cocoa
  • 1 c. buttermilk
  • 2 C. Flour
  • 1 t. salt
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 1 T. vinegar
  • 1 t. baking soda
  • 1 t. salt
  1. Cream Shortening and sugar (Try saying shortening and sugar five times real'll catch your tongue on fire.)
  2. Add eggs and blend.
  3. Add coloring, water, and cocoa.
  4. Add buttermilk (Yes, despite the buttermilk, this is a delicious cake.)
  5. Add flour and salt.
  6. Add vanilla and beat until mixed.
  7. Mix vinegar and soda and stir in last. DO NOT BEAT.  ( I don't know why that's just what my Great Grandma Hazel's recipe I's does it.)
  8. Bake in a greased sheet pan...or in two regular sized pans...just go with whatever your heart is telling you.
  9. For sheet cake - 20 min. at 350 degrees.
  10. For regular cakes - 30 to 35 min. at 350 degrees.
And's as simple as that.

For the icing you can use whatever your heart is telling you. 

A nice rich cream cheese icing would be marvelous, simply marvelous!
Or a butter cream would be just divine.
I chose to use a whipped cream icing that I found here, and let me tell ya my brothas and sistas it was heavenly!

( I have got to quite watching movies where everyone is southern.)

So now I've provided you with the powers to go out and find perfection in cake form.

May your food endeavors be successful, and wonderful, and delicious Amen.

Peace, Love, & Red is my new favorite color

Sweet T

P.S. Here's an idea for ya...

Seeing as that I am completely and totally addicted to sweets in a manner that is probably not healthy...I've been kicking around the idea of doing a Sweet Thursday. 

It would simply be a day where I posted a new "sweet" recipe that I have fallen in love with, or a "sweet" recipe that I find on some other fellow sweets lover blog...

Simple Idea I know, but I just thought I would run it by all of you since you are the people who keep this blog going, keep me alive, and keep me well fed.

So whether you love the idea, or think I should be institutionalized, share your opinions with me!

And we shall go on from there....

Happy Sweet Thursday...(for now.)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10 Things

Ten Things you must know. (Yes, another list...)

1. Today I braided my hair. It made me happy...even though it is not a french braid, but nevermind that, me and my plain, straw-like, Indian braid will get through the day together.

2.  I feel like writing a poem over apples:

Once there was a girl who loved to eat.
But at school she could find no meat.
So the girl searched for a horse that was dapple
And when she found her she fed her an apple.
The End.

This is probably going to win a Nobel Prize someday, so if you would like you can purchase your copy now at  Thank you.

3.  I don't even like apples, but I brought one to school with me....and I wrote a poem over one.  I'm weird.

4.  I'm a moron.  (Refer to #3)

5. I wore my favorite Bandanna skirt to school today.  It makes me happy.

6.  I am going to make cupcakes for my Spanish class today.  I can't speak Spanish, but I've thought it over, and I think that if I make enough cupcakes my teacher will eventually let me pass.  Pray for me.

7. I should be doing at least a fraction of the colossal amount of homework I have in my purse, but instead I'm blogging.   I blame technology for my C+ grade.

8. I have split ends.  I blame technology for that too.

9. I was going to wear my boots today, but I painted my toes last night so I didn't, and then I came to school and stumped my toe. 

Lesson Learned: You can never error in the way of boots. Amen.

10. Our school was just blessed with a seminar over being Positive...Positiveness(s)...Positive I'll leave you with this thought. 


Peace, Love, & Don't hesitate spread a smile around your town, around your neighborhood, heck...spread it around the world.

Sweet T

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boy and His Horse

This is Brahman Breeder.

Among other things, he likes to stare out windows, and pretend that Pink Panther can fly.

This is Pink Panther.

Among other things, he likes to eat grass hay, and eat wheat hay...he also can't fly.

Despite the fact that he can't fly, and the fact that he has an overeating problem, Pink Panther has some killer locks, that look Pink...hence the name.

And together...working as a team...getting along as comrades...functioning as one loving horse, and one in-love-with-horse boy, they are unstoppable.

Unstoppable I say!

Peace, Love, & I think I like these two...

Sweet T

Ode To All Things American

Rodeo is American...forever and always, Amen.

Texas Alligator Ranches that are full of tacky, uh...I mean, full of character, are American.

Your first love is American.

These beautiful creatures are American...well, actually they are bovine, but you know what I mean...

Teaching children how to work hard from Day 1 is American...and so is corn.
I love corn.

Beautiful scenes that take your breath away, and make you dizzy because of your fear of falling, are American.

Painting your best friends from head to toe is American...even though it looks like war paint...

Super Markets are definately American.  They are super.

Feedyards are American...and they are lovely, yes even the smell that stays with you for the rest of your life, is lovely.

Pies are American. And pies are yum.

The American family is...well, American. (Go figure huh?)

This Brahman Breeder is American...and nerdy.

Peace, Love, & Addictions to boots are American too.

Sweet T

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cupcakes & photoshop

It has to be said....I've gone crazy.

Well actually, that you might have already guessed...but I have gone a new crazy.

A kind of crazy that is impossible to recover from.

A kind of crazy that is possibly life threatening, and definitely contagious.

A kind of crazy I am not ashamed of...

I've gone crazy over cupcakes, and photoshop.

For starters, how could you not go completely crazy over cupcakes?

They're everything a girl could ever want.
They're oh so yum.
They are pretty...pretty tasty.
They are full of sugar.
They are completely, and totally,completely and totally...for real.  (Sorry, I get carried away when it comes to cupcakes, and my love for them...totally carried away.)

And Photoshop? 

Well that's self explanatory...

Heaven Sent Cupcakes

You can make pictures glow...

I simply enhanced the lighting on this cupcake picture, and made the cupcakes appear as I see them always...Directly from heaven.

Cupcakes with a dark side

Then I decided that really the cupcakes have a dark side, because while I love to eat them, they love for me to eat them for a much different reason then the reason that I love to eat them, which is really not why they want me to eat them.

(Translation: They give me thunder thighs.)

Party Cupcakes by the dozen

But in all reality Cupcakes are made to be fun, and to be that's exactly what I did...I gave them color.  And just looking at this picture makes me want to go to a birthday party where the "cake" is nothing but a cupcake.  Well, actually, nothing but a few dozen cupcakes so I can be sure to get my fill. (Refer to "Cupcake with a dark side.")

Mystery Cupcakes

What a lot of people fail to see is that cupcakes have a mysterious side too...

What's in the cupcakes that makes them so terribly, yet wonderfully, addicting?
What gives them that fun, yet sophisticated, quality?
And why am I cursed with this unnatural love for cupcakes?!?!

Well, I think my statement "I've gone crazy" has been explained (in detail) and hopefully, you all agree with my "craziness."

Peace, Love, & I love cupcakes...and photoshop...but mostly cupcakes...Ok, I take that back, it's photoshop that I love...No, it's cupcakes....? I'm having conflicting thoughts, and until they are resolved I am just going to have to eat as many cupcakes as humanly possible, Amen.

Sweet T

The List

If you haven't noticed, lately I've been into the whole list thing...

Lists of things you need in order to live a happy life...according to me, of course.

Lists of the reasons why horse are marvelouse...again, according to me.

List of reasons why beef should be eaten everyday, by everyone...according to me, and every other sane person in the world, Amen.

(Try saying "lists" five times in a row....lists, lists, lisths, listss, lishts...I have a headache now.)

I don't know why, but lists just seem to simplify things, (except when you say "lists" five times in a row) they keep me organized, and functioning in a proper way...75% of the time anyways...

So today, in the spirit of Mondays, I'm making a list of the things I love...that's supposed to be ironic...Yes.


1. Steak...I haven't forgotten that today is Meat-Packed Monday (THE REVOLUTION!) By the way, have you joined my revolution? Because if you haven't I might be forced to come to your house cook you a steak, and drastically change your life forever...

2. Horses.
3. Cattle.
4. Our feedyard.
5. Shopping.
6. Shopping.
7. Shopping.
8. Watching Steel Magnolias.
9. Quoting Steel Magnolias.
10. Quoting Steel Magnolias with my sister.
11. Cooking...Mostly things filled with sugar, and covered with icing...Yum.
12. Painting.
13. Writing.
14. Blogging.
15. Dr. Pepper.
16. Dr. Pepper.
17. Clothes. (Refer to #'s 5 - 7.)
18. Boots.
19. Rain.
20. Sunny Days. (Is # 19 & 20 contradictory? Oh well...)
21. The color turquoise.
22. The color red.
23. Hollyhocks.
24. Gardening...even though I never have actually had my own garden, I did buy my Mother some geraniums one time, and they were really pretty, and made me want to have a beautiful garden one day...One day that is.
25. Texas.
26. Tutu's.
27. Fiddles in my music...that I listen too.
28. Blogging, Blogging, Blogging, Blogging, Blogging, and Blogging forever amen.
29. Nutella...Yum.
30. Saying "Peace, and Love" for no rhyme or reason.
31. Reading.
32. Poems.
33. Indians...I don't know why? Maybe it's because they wear feathers, and paint their horses with bluebonnets.
34. Bluebonnets...they are rare around my town, which makes me love them all the more.
35. Traveling to small towns, with old houses that have lots of character...lots.
36. family.

Note: This list is not in any particular order.

37. Iphones...I don't have one, but I love them.
38. My dog Max...he's special.
39. The Brahman Breeder's Horse, Pink Panther.
40. The Brahman Breeder.
41. My friend Arthur, because he love's my cupcakes.
42. Saying "Nobody Move!! My Contact!!" In large crowds...
43.  Cadbury Eggs (This is not a payed advertisement...but I wish it was because then maybe they would pay me in cadbury eggs, preferably creme filled.)
44. Easter.
45. Lists.
46. Cleaning my room, does that make me a moron? Forgive me....
47. Doing my hair, until it makes my arms sore.
48. Sleeping, but not too much.
49. Taking bike rides with my sister to my grandparents house, and then make them drive us home.
50. Large, colorful purses....and shoes.

That is the end of my list, for now...but believe me it could go on, and on, and on, and on forever Amen.

Peace, Love, & Lists are fun...

Sweet T

P.S. I made it through this entire blog without misspelling anything, which is a personal victory for me...personally.