Monday, April 4, 2011

Cupcakes & photoshop

It has to be said....I've gone crazy.

Well actually, that you might have already guessed...but I have gone a new crazy.

A kind of crazy that is impossible to recover from.

A kind of crazy that is possibly life threatening, and definitely contagious.

A kind of crazy I am not ashamed of...

I've gone crazy over cupcakes, and photoshop.

For starters, how could you not go completely crazy over cupcakes?

They're everything a girl could ever want.
They're oh so yum.
They are pretty...pretty tasty.
They are full of sugar.
They are completely, and totally,completely and totally...for real.  (Sorry, I get carried away when it comes to cupcakes, and my love for them...totally carried away.)

And Photoshop? 

Well that's self explanatory...

Heaven Sent Cupcakes

You can make pictures glow...

I simply enhanced the lighting on this cupcake picture, and made the cupcakes appear as I see them always...Directly from heaven.

Cupcakes with a dark side

Then I decided that really the cupcakes have a dark side, because while I love to eat them, they love for me to eat them for a much different reason then the reason that I love to eat them, which is really not why they want me to eat them.

(Translation: They give me thunder thighs.)

Party Cupcakes by the dozen

But in all reality Cupcakes are made to be fun, and to be that's exactly what I did...I gave them color.  And just looking at this picture makes me want to go to a birthday party where the "cake" is nothing but a cupcake.  Well, actually, nothing but a few dozen cupcakes so I can be sure to get my fill. (Refer to "Cupcake with a dark side.")

Mystery Cupcakes

What a lot of people fail to see is that cupcakes have a mysterious side too...

What's in the cupcakes that makes them so terribly, yet wonderfully, addicting?
What gives them that fun, yet sophisticated, quality?
And why am I cursed with this unnatural love for cupcakes?!?!

Well, I think my statement "I've gone crazy" has been explained (in detail) and hopefully, you all agree with my "craziness."

Peace, Love, & I love cupcakes...and photoshop...but mostly cupcakes...Ok, I take that back, it's photoshop that I love...No, it's cupcakes....? I'm having conflicting thoughts, and until they are resolved I am just going to have to eat as many cupcakes as humanly possible, Amen.

Sweet T

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