Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Monster

I have created Monster....and his name is Brahman Breeder.

And at this very moment he is lurking the halls at school, looking, waiting, and watching for anything, dare I say it, sweet.

You see, it all started last week when I made My Great Grandma Hazel's Red Velvet Sheet Cake.

And the Brahman Breeder fell absolutely, positively in love with it, and after he ate 5 pieces he fell into a absolutely, positively deep coma, but he's ok now...I think.

However, there were some side effects that we didn't notice until this weekend...

My Mom made cinnamon rolls, not from a can, but from scratch, and they are definitely, without a doubt, the BEST Cinnamon Rolls I have ever inhaled. (Yes, I said inhaled.)

And the Brahman Breeder thought so too, because he, all by himself, inhaled 6 cinnamon rolls in 1 day.

That may not sound like much, but for an 8 year old, that weighs 65 Ibs (according to the Wii fit, which is very reliable...I think.) that is ALOT!  But it didn't seem to phase him one bit!

Nope, not the Brahman Breeder. He didn't even act up.

Unless you consider: running around the house, running out into the yard, trying to ride Max all around the yard (Poor, poor Max...Pray for him) Throwing a glass bottle over the fence and shattering it into a million pieces, or annoying me to no end, acting up.

Ok, I take back everything I said...It did affect him.  Severely so.

So I must ask yo this:  Am I to blame?

Is it my fault that the Brahman Breeder now has an addiction to everything sweet, and pleads for my Mother to make cinnamon rolls every morning? (Every single Morning!)

Did I create this monster??

The world may never know....But as for now, I will have to deal with this sweet-craving (24/7) monster for possibly um, the rest of my life.

Pray for me.

Peace, Love, & I really can't blame him, I like the sweet stuff too.  Alot.

Sweet T

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