Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Iphone Pictures, From An Iphone that Isn't Mine.

I was looking through my lovely sister's pictures the other day, on her IPhone...her IPHONE. Can you believe that? An IPhone! (No, I'm not bitter, why do you ask?)

Anyways, I came upon this photo...

This could be one of my favorite "impromptu" pictures of all time...(taken at my favorite restaurant helps too...No I don't think about food all the time, why do you ask?)

I look at it, and it makes me happy.

It makes me crave tortilla chips. (You can't see them, but they are on the table right in front of me, and this is the only picture where I don't have one stuffed in my mouth....They were really good chips.)

And it makes me cry a little...(No I'm not overly emotional, why do you ask?)

These are my best friends, and my sisters. (Only one is blood related though...just thought I'd clarify that.)

And I love them both mor'n my luggage...which is a lot.

Peace, Love, & I want and IPhone...Wait, No I don't.  Umm...Yes! I do...but what if I become addicted to it...I would definately become addicted to it...I need help.

Sweet T

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