Monday, April 4, 2011

The List

If you haven't noticed, lately I've been into the whole list thing...

Lists of things you need in order to live a happy life...according to me, of course.

Lists of the reasons why horse are marvelouse...again, according to me.

List of reasons why beef should be eaten everyday, by everyone...according to me, and every other sane person in the world, Amen.

(Try saying "lists" five times in a row....lists, lists, lisths, listss, lishts...I have a headache now.)

I don't know why, but lists just seem to simplify things, (except when you say "lists" five times in a row) they keep me organized, and functioning in a proper way...75% of the time anyways...

So today, in the spirit of Mondays, I'm making a list of the things I love...that's supposed to be ironic...Yes.


1. Steak...I haven't forgotten that today is Meat-Packed Monday (THE REVOLUTION!) By the way, have you joined my revolution? Because if you haven't I might be forced to come to your house cook you a steak, and drastically change your life forever...

2. Horses.
3. Cattle.
4. Our feedyard.
5. Shopping.
6. Shopping.
7. Shopping.
8. Watching Steel Magnolias.
9. Quoting Steel Magnolias.
10. Quoting Steel Magnolias with my sister.
11. Cooking...Mostly things filled with sugar, and covered with icing...Yum.
12. Painting.
13. Writing.
14. Blogging.
15. Dr. Pepper.
16. Dr. Pepper.
17. Clothes. (Refer to #'s 5 - 7.)
18. Boots.
19. Rain.
20. Sunny Days. (Is # 19 & 20 contradictory? Oh well...)
21. The color turquoise.
22. The color red.
23. Hollyhocks.
24. Gardening...even though I never have actually had my own garden, I did buy my Mother some geraniums one time, and they were really pretty, and made me want to have a beautiful garden one day...One day that is.
25. Texas.
26. Tutu's.
27. Fiddles in my music...that I listen too.
28. Blogging, Blogging, Blogging, Blogging, Blogging, and Blogging forever amen.
29. Nutella...Yum.
30. Saying "Peace, and Love" for no rhyme or reason.
31. Reading.
32. Poems.
33. Indians...I don't know why? Maybe it's because they wear feathers, and paint their horses with bluebonnets.
34. Bluebonnets...they are rare around my town, which makes me love them all the more.
35. Traveling to small towns, with old houses that have lots of character...lots.
36. family.

Note: This list is not in any particular order.

37. Iphones...I don't have one, but I love them.
38. My dog Max...he's special.
39. The Brahman Breeder's Horse, Pink Panther.
40. The Brahman Breeder.
41. My friend Arthur, because he love's my cupcakes.
42. Saying "Nobody Move!! My Contact!!" In large crowds...
43.  Cadbury Eggs (This is not a payed advertisement...but I wish it was because then maybe they would pay me in cadbury eggs, preferably creme filled.)
44. Easter.
45. Lists.
46. Cleaning my room, does that make me a moron? Forgive me....
47. Doing my hair, until it makes my arms sore.
48. Sleeping, but not too much.
49. Taking bike rides with my sister to my grandparents house, and then make them drive us home.
50. Large, colorful purses....and shoes.

That is the end of my list, for now...but believe me it could go on, and on, and on, and on forever Amen.

Peace, Love, & Lists are fun...

Sweet T

P.S. I made it through this entire blog without misspelling anything, which is a personal victory for me...personally.

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