Sunday, October 31, 2010

Redneck Children

I've been spending lots of time just looking at pictures...
Evaluating them.
Admiring them.
Pondering them?

And so many of them confuse me...

What do they mean?
Where were they taken?
What is the subject thinking?

For example....

Please tell me what these redneck children are thinking?

Are they staring off into the abyss?

Are they staring off into the abyss wondering why they are so redneck?

Are they wishing they had one of those coats you see in L.L Been, that you would only need if you were going on a fishing voyage in Alaska?

Are they thinking they could really use a steak right now?

I guess we'll never know......

Peace, Love & What is an Abyss??

Sweet T

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

None can compare...

I have many loves...

I love chocolate.
I love meatloaf...don't hate me.
I love dresses.
I love boots.
I love blogging.
I love boots.
Oh, and I love boots....

But all these are beside the point now.

They are gone from my mind forever.

Becasue they can not compare with my new love...

I now love Reno.
Reno Wade Smith, that is.

Tori & Riley had their first baby boy Saturday the 16th, and he captured everyones heart immediatley.

 Especially his mama, his dad, and his big sister Scout.
Whom effectionaltely calls him "baby Weno."

This is so precious it makes you want to cry huh?
Don't hold back, no one will judge you...I even cried a little myself.

Peace, Love, & I'm going to take "baby Weno" home with me

Sweet T

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Here you go Hillshire Farms...

I was looking through my jumbled mess of pictures on the computer today, when I came across the above picture....

First off, I don't know why I took it?

Was I so hungry that the only comfort I found was through the pictures of food?

Was I planning to send it to Hillshire Farms?

I don't know.

But it brought back memories...

Memories of the summer campfires.

The food we cooked...

The smell of the smoke...that lasted for approximately two days.

The bright night sky full of constellations that everyone but me can always point out...

And then I remembered that shortly after I took this picture I went to sleep, only to wake up about an hour later wheezing, and unable to breath.  So I spent the rest of the night sleeping in a very old, very distasteful recliner , with my head propped up so high I am still recovering from the crick in my neck, and watching various movies such as "It's A Wonderful Life", "Casa Blanca" and "White Christmas."

Needless to say the comfort I had found in this picture diminished considerably after ALL the memories resurfaced.

I'll never be able to look at the same...

Not today,
Not tomorrow,
and Not someday soon,
and not for the rest of my life.

Peace, Love, & Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! How could it be anything else?

Sweet T

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Lovely Dress (Made by a Lovely Mother)

Yesterday I mentioned how Trail had a dream...well when I was his age I had a dream too.

Except my dream wasn't as, we'll say realistic, as his is.  Mine was a little more out there.

You see I wanted royalty. 
Yes, I wanted to be a princess desperately bad.
Actually I pretty much thought I was a princess.

Mom likes to tell stories about how I would get all in a tizzy if Pop didn't call me "Princess" at least once a day...I don't believe I was that vain.

I think they are just saying those things.

Could I really have been that shallow?

I don't think so...

Even though I was the cutest girl in town, I definitely was NOT vain, and I've maintained a humble attitude to this day.

Anyways my dream was more than being just a princess, it was what came with being a princess.
The crown.
The Heels.
The ridiculously done hair.
And of course...the DRESS.

Well the other day my wonderful Mother made at least one of those dreams come true.

You see Homecoming was last week, and of course that means the Homecoming court.
Well, obviously someone was feeling generous, that day and they elected me and three other perfectly normal girls to be on the court.  So thank you, anonymous, generous made a nerd(at hearts)s dream come true...

Anyways My wonderful Mother decided she would MAKE me a dress for Homecoming...and let me tell you it was a dress!

 This is the lovely dress in its final stages...

At this point, tears, blood, sweat, and Dr. Pepper, had been poured into this dress.
The labor was intensive, and my Mother still swears to this day (a week later) that she will never make one again...But being the kind-hearted soul that she is, she most likely will do the same for my younger sister.

 Mama also went to great pains to put just the perfect bow in the back of the lovely was lovely.
It made me happy.
It made me weep tears of joy.
It made me leap, I was so enthused.
And then I weeped again, when she made me take the dress off so she could sew the flowers on.

And this is the dress, all finished, and in perfect condition.
(Ignore the football player, his name is Colton by the way, and ignore the girl, her name is Beatrice by the way...just focus on THE DRESS.)

Isn't it lovely?

Isn't it perfect?

I owe it all to my Madre.
Thanks Mamcita you made my dreams come true.

NOTE:  Please excuse the sideways picture, I am not technically advanced enough to figure out how to rotate it.  Thank you.

Peace, Love, & Do you laugh at me when I'm not looking?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sincere Apologies & the Life of a Tortilla

May I start with the sincerest of apologies my dear friends...

I have let you down.

I have failed to blog in almost two weeks, and of that I am ashamed.

It's not due to illness...even though I'm frequently accused of being ill in the head.
It's not due to lack of subjects...because I assure you my family provides me with a wide variety of topics.
No, it's due to lack of time...

You see, I am a High school senior involved in plenty of extra-curricular activities that take up well, my life...and that leaves little time for leisure activities such as: blogging.

I  promise you though I would rather be blogging than running three miles a day, but hey beggars can't be choosers.

Actually I don't ever remember begging to run?
But apparently someone thought I needed to...
Is that a fat joke?
I think so....
Oh well, at least I'm happy...and full.

Anyways, I hope you understand my predicament, and in turn, forgive me.
If not I'll say goodbye forever.

Just kidding...despite your wishes you can't get rid of me that easily.

Speaking of wishes...

Trail has had a wish for some time now, well actually it is more like a dream of his.

He dreams of owning the largest Brahman Ranch in the state of Texas.
And after he conquers Texas...America.
Not stopping there, then the World! Or this is his hope...

So every Brahman Ranch owner has to start somewhere...and Trail decided to start with very humble beginnings indeed.

He's starting with Tortilla.

And no, despite what you thought Tortilla is not what you put honey on.
Tortilla is Trails first investment.

And what an investment he was...

He provides four hours of entertainment.
For young & old alike.

Trail likes to feed him.
Groom him...just kidding, Trail barely grooms himself.
Sing to him...just kidding (again) despite what Trail thinks he can't sing, but don't tell him that.

But mostly Trail loves to rope him.
And he's not the only one, Daddy & Riley enjoy roping him too.

Please don't tell PETA.

Yes, despite his floppy ears, and hunchback, Tortilla is quite happy.

He gets all the hay he could ever want.
Plenty of exercise.
And unconditional love from his master, Trail.

Peace, Love, & It's a shame we all can't live the life of a Brahman.

Sweet T


Trail has high hopes of Tortilla growing up & looking like this...

& when he looks like this I am most positive they won't try to rope him anymore.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Poem

I'm feeling like I should accomplish much today
Get rid of that homework that is always in the way.

Maybe write a poem or two,
For what else it there to do?

Maybe I'll climb Mt. Everest, or just a tree.
Maybe I'll swim a river, or two, or three.

I might finally quite being a nerd
Or sooner, I might turn into a bird.

Maybe I'll go see El Torro...
Oh, right of him yet you do not know.

That I'll explain later,
But for now I must sign a waver.

Do you think I'm insane?
Well that is not my claim to fame.

Peace, Love, & Poems you most likely care nothing about
Sweet T

Forgotten & Forsaken

Oh, dear readers?
Are you feeling forsaken?
Are you feeling forgotten?
Are you even still reading?

Well I must confess, tis all my fault...I have let you down.

At the beginning of this blog, my goal was to write everyday of tales that thrilled you...
Interested you...
Kept you coming back for more...

And now I have gone a full weekend without even so much as a "Hello!"
Well Hello! Readers, it's been a long time, I know....but I still love you.
Do you still love me?

Please still love me!

Please Don't forget me!

Please Don't forsake me!

For what am I without you?
I am nothing but a lonely, cowgirl blogger, with poems that classify me as a nerd, and tales that make me lame.
That is what I am without you.
Don't send me there again dear readers!

Peace, Love, & I've gone mad...but that's nothing new, I'm afraid.

Sweet T