Tuesday, October 19, 2010

None can compare...

I have many loves...

I love chocolate.
I love meatloaf...don't hate me.
I love dresses.
I love boots.
I love blogging.
I love boots.
Oh, and I love boots....

But all these are beside the point now.

They are gone from my mind forever.

Becasue they can not compare with my new love...

I now love Reno.
Reno Wade Smith, that is.

Tori & Riley had their first baby boy Saturday the 16th, and he captured everyones heart immediatley.

 Especially his mama, his dad, and his big sister Scout.
Whom effectionaltely calls him "baby Weno."

This is so precious it makes you want to cry huh?
Don't hold back, no one will judge you...I even cried a little myself.

Peace, Love, & I'm going to take "baby Weno" home with me

Sweet T

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