Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gators in Gruver

While we were on our trip in Gruver, we happened to spot a little hole in the wall shop on the side of the road. The little "hole in the wall" was actually an Alligator Ranch, noticabley full of character. They even had a card board sign that read: "$10 a person" in permanent marker. So seeing the potential of this gator ranch, and the fact that Trail was dying to reconnect with his long, lost brothers we decided to stop. And what an experience it was...

This little fellar was the baby of the gators. He looks fake I know, but trust me he most certainly isnt't. Just take a look at my right hand, and notice the missing index finger...Just kidding, but he was definatelty real...and just the cutest thing :)

Now this one......Yes, I do believe he was the daddy gator. I don't even want to know what he would do if he got ahold of my index finger.

This is Trail, reuniting with a species he can relate too.

This is Autumn & Daddy, obviously in awe of the sight they are beholding.

And this. This was my favorite part of the Texas ALLIGATOR Ranch...the Uncle Sam turkey! Do alligators eat turkeys? Is that why Sam's feathers were so ruffled, and he had an obvious nervous tick? I guess we'll never know...

This is an example of the atmosphere at the Texas Alligator Ranch. I wasn't kidding when I said this place had also had mixed-matched artifacts from probably every corner of the world, along with a tatooed tour guide who's name was Billy Bob, and if that wasn't his name it needs to be.

Jealous of our adventure yet?

I thought so...

So the next time you see a hole in the wall shop on the side of the rode, don't hesitate, just go ahead and pull on never know what you'll find!

Peace, Love, & Patriotic Turkeys

Sweet T

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've Gone Mad...In Poetic Form

Necessary They Say...
By: Summer Townsend(Sweet T)

Unnecessary? Yes I believe it could be considered so
To someone who would rather be laughing, instead of drowing of woe.

Days full of reading and knowledge.
I ask again...Who really needs college?

It provides skill and soon enough money
But through the process I feel like a bee striving for honey.

All work, and no play.
I go through this near ever day.

The process completed with my eyes closed.
Because I know how the routine always goes.

Outdoors? The concept is inconceivable.
To say I sad an hour of peace would be unbelievable.

But to say I'm hitting th books,
Yes that is true, as well as mistreating the looks.

You see, appearance is no longer priority.
Becauae of all the work lying before me.

I guess I'll always strive for the deadline
And always my odds will be agianst time.

But this is what it must take
If some day money I want to make.

The summer life of a Texas Cowgirl...Ironically named Summer

I've been getting complaints.

Complaints that I'm not updating my blog regularly enough, I won't mention who it was that was constanlty complaining, but she just happens to live with me, and cooks for me, and does all my laundry...

Anyway I'll start with explaining why I haven't updated.

1) I am never home. You see I signed up for a number of camps this summer that take up losta time. Those along with the rodeos we go to....well as you can imagine, I'm lucky to come home & unpack, only to leave again the next day.

2) Im taking college classes. BIGGEST mistake I ever made. Why didn't someone warn me?!?! You could've told me that I would eat, sleep, & breath college material against my will!! Anyway now that my blood pressure is dangerously high lets move on...

3) Me & Autumn (occasionally) work. When Im not studying, and when Im not out of town, Autumn amd myself are employed at a local feedyard...Sandhill Cattle Co. You see the owner was kind enough to let us come and work as he needs us, we recieve pay, roping lessons, and a roof over our heads.

Now that I've explained why Im not the best regular blogger do you forgive me?
Let's hope so, I could never forgive myself if my 6 followers were mad at me. (That's right. I said SIX!)

Now I'll catch you up on what's been going on....

1) Leadership Camp....In Clarendon Texas. The hottest three days of my entire life. It was full of fun, knewly learned leadership skills, and cow tounges.....don't ask.

2) Hugo & Gruver(again) We went to Hugo, Colorado and competed in a ranch rodeo, we also camped a the cold. Did I mention It was cold? Oh, and we went to Gruver again, because the Dove never returned and we could set foot on dry land finally.

3) Scouts birthday party. Fun, more fun, and cake!

4)Basketball camp....and yes I did score a total of 8 points, but who's keeping count.

And other everyday occurences.

Pictures are on their way, but I haven't had time to download them yet because of previous things listed above. In fact, Im supposed to be studying right now...

May all your summers be as time-consuming as mine, who wants a lazy summer anyway...right?
Who needs to go to the pool...right?
Right. I'll just keep telling myself that.

Now back to studying...

Peace, Love, & unnecessary college degrees

Sweet T

Friday, June 18, 2010

June Downpours

This is us at Gruver before the catastrophic amounts of rain...We are peaceful, happy, and most importantly dry.

This is Gruver after the rains. We were no longer dry, we were no longer peaceful, for fear of hail, tornadoes, and other various things that could damage our vehicles, lives, etc. But we were still happy because a) I got to take lots of pictures b) Trail knew there would be tons of frogs and c) It prolly wasn't flooding like this back in Earth Texas.

But for the people back in Gruver just remember that even though the rain washed away your roads, and may have caused some damage...April showers bring May flowers! Even though it's already June...June downpours bring July flowers galore! I don't know I'll have to work on that one, but it's a start.

Poetically yours,

Sweet T

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Awaiting Patiently

As I sit on the side of the rode, watching the rapids gush down the river, and twiddling my thumbs, I'm awaiting patiently for My family & I to get on the rode, and return home. You see, our "short & sweet Gruver weekend" turned into a "Long, nearly stranded, tour of the Texas-Oklahoma border weekend." Our plans were to make a flying trip to Gruver, compete in the rodeo, then go home. Those plans quickly flew out the window when torrential rains, and hurricane speed winds blew into the tiny town of Gruver, and pretty much rocked our world. Along with those lovely conditions, we managed to visit some pretty interesting places, and meet some pretty interesting folks.

Seeing as Im driving down the rode right now supposedly "studying" I cannot post pictures of our adventures yet, but never fear...I will go into detail of every stop of our trip accompanied with pictures.

So now I can imagine you are awaiting patiently as well, seeing as my post are so interesting, and I'm sure they feel some void in your live *wink*wink*. So here's some tips I can give you on what to do to occupy your time while your awaiting patiently...

1. Go feed your children. Coming from a daughter's point of view, I can assure your kids are hungry, and need some nourishment to go conquer their day.

2. Do your laundy, to conquer their day, your children need clean clothing.

3. Feed your pets. Coming from a animal caregiver's point of view, I can assure you, as well, that the pets of the family (especially the smaller one...sorry Black Betty.) tend to be forgotten, so make sure they are fed so they can go conquer their day of messing up your flower beds.

4. Consider taking up a new hobbie. I hear now a days that knitting is becoming very popular, and we could all use a new sweater. Am I right folks?

and finally...

5. Consider

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photos of the Certifiably Insane

The photos you see above are pictures of either:

A) People who boss me around.

B) People who hit me.

C) People who make fun of me.


D) All of the above.

If you guessed D) All of the above you are correct!

You see the the first photo is of Scout, my young cousin who frequently runs through my house, telling me what to do, and to do it now.

The second photo is of Autumn, my sister that I mentioned earlier, who is very mean to me without cause. (I am perfect afterall, who would be mean to me??)

So seeing as this is the only way I can get back at the two of them for bullying me around, I posted pictures of them that will probably make them mad at me for......ever.

So lets enjoy this moment that I am "Queen of the Mountain" so to speak


Now that the moments over, you can find me hiding in my closet.

Lovingly Yours, (even in hiding)

Sweet T (incognito)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chicken Cordon Black?

For lunch we were suppost to have a chicken pasta type of deal, but my Mom had to make a flying trip to Lubbock, so guessed it...I cooked!

Now my cooking has been known to go good. Ex:
Once upon a time,
I made corn chowder, the kithchen was clean, & no one was harmed.
The End

And there have been times, now mind you there rare but they occured none the less, that my cooking has gone bad. Ex:

Once upon a time,
I made cookies, they became one giant black cookie, and I burnt my finger. Kitchen in a disaster.
The End

Well today was one of those days that the cooking did not have a happily ever...

You see I went ahead and seared the chicken, or attempted to, and it seems that instead of searing the chicken, I schorched it?

This chicken is the blackest dryest chicken I have ever seen!
What went wrong?
What did I do?
Is it supposed to be black?

These are all questions I have no answer to, and probably never will, but at least. luckily, no one was harmed in the making of this chicken.

May all your cooking adventures be had without black chicken.
Chef Sweet T

P.S. Id post pictures, but apparently Im not advanced enough to work this computer.
I apologize.
Hola folks! Seeing as I'm new to this blogging deal I thought Id start by introducing myself, and those that I (sometimes) claim as family.

Me, Myself, & I (AKA: Sweet T):

I was born & raised a Texas cowgirl. I frequently quote Steel Magnolias, and can often be found writing meaningless poetry, riding horses, or shopping for articles of clothing that embarras my sister.

Autumn (AKA: My best friend...except in the morning when she scares me.)

Autumn is my sister, & right-hand girl, I ask her for advice on what to wear, to which I usually get the response: "Well not that, thats for sure." She also keeps our room a mess, but I forgive her for that, because if I didn't she would probably beat me up.

Trail (AKA: Trailium...the little guy, who has his eyes glued to the ground looking for "critters.")

Trail is my little brother, and the frog catcher of the family. During the summer, about three times a day he comes in the house with various creatures that make me want to scream. He also likes to embarras me in front of my friends quite frequently.

Mama (AKA: My mother (go figure huh?)

Mama is the organizer, peace-keeper, and basically runner of our household. She cooks, she cleans, she does bookwork, she vacuums with her pearls on, (just kidding about the pearls, she wears turquoise!) and she puts me in my place often. Where would we be with out mama?

Daddy (AKA: My father)

Daddy is the breadwinner of the family, but he doesnt own a bakery, he has a feedyard! He goes to work everyday rain or shine, windy or....windy. (Who am I kidding, its always windy, but a girl can hope...) He's always willing to help me in anything I do.

And that my friends, is my family....What did you think?

Im the only normal one huh?

I knew it...

Despite the fact, that I'm the only tolerable one *wink*wink* They are all great, and they are all mine.

Now go talk to your family.

Peace, love, & crazy families