Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hola folks! Seeing as I'm new to this blogging deal I thought Id start by introducing myself, and those that I (sometimes) claim as family.

Me, Myself, & I (AKA: Sweet T):

I was born & raised a Texas cowgirl. I frequently quote Steel Magnolias, and can often be found writing meaningless poetry, riding horses, or shopping for articles of clothing that embarras my sister.

Autumn (AKA: My best friend...except in the morning when she scares me.)

Autumn is my sister, & right-hand girl, I ask her for advice on what to wear, to which I usually get the response: "Well not that, thats for sure." She also keeps our room a mess, but I forgive her for that, because if I didn't she would probably beat me up.

Trail (AKA: Trailium...the little guy, who has his eyes glued to the ground looking for "critters.")

Trail is my little brother, and the frog catcher of the family. During the summer, about three times a day he comes in the house with various creatures that make me want to scream. He also likes to embarras me in front of my friends quite frequently.

Mama (AKA: My mother (go figure huh?)

Mama is the organizer, peace-keeper, and basically runner of our household. She cooks, she cleans, she does bookwork, she vacuums with her pearls on, (just kidding about the pearls, she wears turquoise!) and she puts me in my place often. Where would we be with out mama?

Daddy (AKA: My father)

Daddy is the breadwinner of the family, but he doesnt own a bakery, he has a feedyard! He goes to work everyday rain or shine, windy or....windy. (Who am I kidding, its always windy, but a girl can hope...) He's always willing to help me in anything I do.

And that my friends, is my family....What did you think?

Im the only normal one huh?

I knew it...

Despite the fact, that I'm the only tolerable one *wink*wink* They are all great, and they are all mine.

Now go talk to your family.

Peace, love, & crazy families

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jtemple said...

Great start to your blog,Summer!MiMi and I would appreciate dialog about your wonderful grandparents!Seriously....good stuff!