Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The summer life of a Texas Cowgirl...Ironically named Summer

I've been getting complaints.

Complaints that I'm not updating my blog regularly enough, I won't mention who it was that was constanlty complaining, but she just happens to live with me, and cooks for me, and does all my laundry...

Anyway I'll start with explaining why I haven't updated.

1) I am never home. You see I signed up for a number of camps this summer that take up losta time. Those along with the rodeos we go to....well as you can imagine, I'm lucky to come home & unpack, only to leave again the next day.

2) Im taking college classes. BIGGEST mistake I ever made. Why didn't someone warn me?!?! You could've told me that I would eat, sleep, & breath college material against my will!! Anyway now that my blood pressure is dangerously high lets move on...

3) Me & Autumn (occasionally) work. When Im not studying, and when Im not out of town, Autumn amd myself are employed at a local feedyard...Sandhill Cattle Co. You see the owner was kind enough to let us come and work as he needs us, we recieve pay, roping lessons, and a roof over our heads.

Now that I've explained why Im not the best regular blogger do you forgive me?
Let's hope so, I could never forgive myself if my 6 followers were mad at me. (That's right. I said SIX!)

Now I'll catch you up on what's been going on....

1) Leadership Camp....In Clarendon Texas. The hottest three days of my entire life. It was full of fun, knewly learned leadership skills, and cow tounges.....don't ask.

2) Hugo & Gruver(again) We went to Hugo, Colorado and competed in a ranch rodeo, we also camped out....in a trailor....in the cold. Did I mention It was cold? Oh, and we went to Gruver again, because the Dove never returned and we could set foot on dry land finally.

3) Scouts birthday party. Fun, more fun, and cake!

4)Basketball camp....and yes I did score a total of 8 points, but who's keeping count.

And other everyday occurences.

Pictures are on their way, but I haven't had time to download them yet because of previous things listed above. In fact, Im supposed to be studying right now...

May all your summers be as time-consuming as mine, who wants a lazy summer anyway...right?
Who needs to go to the pool...right?
Right. I'll just keep telling myself that.

Now back to studying...

Peace, Love, & unnecessary college degrees

Sweet T


Kinzi Jo said...

Its okay, I totally understand the whole time consuming, no pool, no lazyness summer. Its very sad...

Kinzi Jo said...

Oh and you now have 7 followers! :)

Tandy Adams said...

Summey... you funny =)