Sunday, June 13, 2010

Awaiting Patiently

As I sit on the side of the rode, watching the rapids gush down the river, and twiddling my thumbs, I'm awaiting patiently for My family & I to get on the rode, and return home. You see, our "short & sweet Gruver weekend" turned into a "Long, nearly stranded, tour of the Texas-Oklahoma border weekend." Our plans were to make a flying trip to Gruver, compete in the rodeo, then go home. Those plans quickly flew out the window when torrential rains, and hurricane speed winds blew into the tiny town of Gruver, and pretty much rocked our world. Along with those lovely conditions, we managed to visit some pretty interesting places, and meet some pretty interesting folks.

Seeing as Im driving down the rode right now supposedly "studying" I cannot post pictures of our adventures yet, but never fear...I will go into detail of every stop of our trip accompanied with pictures.

So now I can imagine you are awaiting patiently as well, seeing as my post are so interesting, and I'm sure they feel some void in your live *wink*wink*. So here's some tips I can give you on what to do to occupy your time while your awaiting patiently...

1. Go feed your children. Coming from a daughter's point of view, I can assure your kids are hungry, and need some nourishment to go conquer their day.

2. Do your laundy, to conquer their day, your children need clean clothing.

3. Feed your pets. Coming from a animal caregiver's point of view, I can assure you, as well, that the pets of the family (especially the smaller one...sorry Black Betty.) tend to be forgotten, so make sure they are fed so they can go conquer their day of messing up your flower beds.

4. Consider taking up a new hobbie. I hear now a days that knitting is becoming very popular, and we could all use a new sweater. Am I right folks?

and finally...

5. Consider

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