Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gators in Gruver

While we were on our trip in Gruver, we happened to spot a little hole in the wall shop on the side of the road. The little "hole in the wall" was actually an Alligator Ranch, noticabley full of character. They even had a card board sign that read: "$10 a person" in permanent marker. So seeing the potential of this gator ranch, and the fact that Trail was dying to reconnect with his long, lost brothers we decided to stop. And what an experience it was...

This little fellar was the baby of the gators. He looks fake I know, but trust me he most certainly isnt't. Just take a look at my right hand, and notice the missing index finger...Just kidding, but he was definatelty real...and just the cutest thing :)

Now this one......Yes, I do believe he was the daddy gator. I don't even want to know what he would do if he got ahold of my index finger.

This is Trail, reuniting with a species he can relate too.

This is Autumn & Daddy, obviously in awe of the sight they are beholding.

And this. This was my favorite part of the Texas ALLIGATOR Ranch...the Uncle Sam turkey! Do alligators eat turkeys? Is that why Sam's feathers were so ruffled, and he had an obvious nervous tick? I guess we'll never know...

This is an example of the atmosphere at the Texas Alligator Ranch. I wasn't kidding when I said this place had also had mixed-matched artifacts from probably every corner of the world, along with a tatooed tour guide who's name was Billy Bob, and if that wasn't his name it needs to be.

Jealous of our adventure yet?

I thought so...

So the next time you see a hole in the wall shop on the side of the rode, don't hesitate, just go ahead and pull on never know what you'll find!

Peace, Love, & Patriotic Turkeys

Sweet T

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