Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've Gone Mad...In Poetic Form

Necessary They Say...
By: Summer Townsend(Sweet T)

Unnecessary? Yes I believe it could be considered so
To someone who would rather be laughing, instead of drowing of woe.

Days full of reading and knowledge.
I ask again...Who really needs college?

It provides skill and soon enough money
But through the process I feel like a bee striving for honey.

All work, and no play.
I go through this near ever day.

The process completed with my eyes closed.
Because I know how the routine always goes.

Outdoors? The concept is inconceivable.
To say I sad an hour of peace would be unbelievable.

But to say I'm hitting th books,
Yes that is true, as well as mistreating the looks.

You see, appearance is no longer priority.
Becauae of all the work lying before me.

I guess I'll always strive for the deadline
And always my odds will be agianst time.

But this is what it must take
If some day money I want to make.

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