Friday, July 29, 2011


Meet Abba.

As of yesterday, she is the newest member of our family.

And that my friends is a great story in itself...

A Rescue Mission Story Retold by Sweet T...Performed By ALT.

As we pulled into the grocery store parking lot, and got out of the car, sweat instantly started pouring off our bodies.  "Gross" was the only word that came to my mind, but "Meow" was what Autumn, my sister, heard.

"Do you hear that?!" She said.

"Nope." I so un-compassionately replied as I marched into the grocery store to buy shortening & onions, an unlikely pair indeed.

So Autumn ignored it to as we made our way through the dreary isles of the local Lowe's wishing we were at a Market Street instead...or at least, that is what I was wishing.

But my sisters mind was somewhere else. Yes, it was still in the parking lot, where the ashpalt was as hot as the sun itself, and where "meows" could be heard.

So after we had paid the bill with our Mothers debit card, our favorite payment option, we made our way back outside, and to the pickup.

As I got in the pickup I noticed my sister waving at me, and in her arms was the frailest, cutest, baby kitty I had ever seen.

And the rest is history.

The end.


What you just read is true.

There is a tiny kitty named Abba, now in our backyard.

My sister did rescue her, and feed her, and is now considered her "mommy."  Even though she keeps saying "I don't even like cats!"

Hmph! Like I believe that statement...

You know, i have never liked cats all that much either...but for someone reason this kitty has a special place in all our hearts.

Maybe it's because she was poor, and hadn't a hope in the world?

Maybe it's because she's a kitten, and anybody who doesn't love kittens is just cruel?

Maybe it's because her name is Abba?

Well for whatever reason, I'm glad I have a kind, compassionate sister that I know I can count on to rescue every kitty refugee in the world. Amen.

Peace, Love, & if your missing a kitty...just forget I ever said anything.

Sweet T

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gravy & MayBell

I don't have much to share with you tonight because, Alas, I am very worn out and tired from a long day of shopping...(Go ahead and have your laughs.)

But I do need to tell you this one bit of information:

My Brahman Breedin' Brother has become a Bunny Breedin' Brother....

And their names are Gravy & MayBell, and already I am holding a grudge against them...that is until they twitch their nose at me, and then my heart melts just like a snickers bar on the dash of a pickup.

Peace, Love, & Now I want a snickers bar...

Sweet T

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens..." Ecclesiastes 3:1

My friends, tonight it is time to reflect!

This very blog post that you are reading...

You are reading right?




Oh Hi! There you are!

Anyways, like I was saying...this very blog post is my 200th blog post! Ever!

And for a young, dumb, and amateur blogger like myself that my friends is what you call a victory.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, or a cupcake, and lets enjoy just a few of the blog post of my former, younger, and dumber years together, because without all you readers there would be no blog posts to speak of, and for that I thank thee.

First Post...EVER!

My first attempt at Poetry. Otherwise known as, "The Day the World Stopped Turning" Just kidding...I think.

My first "Crazy Sister" Post, but unfortunately not my last.

A "shopping" post

4 Steps to A Healthier You

A "thankful" Post

A "Dork" Post

A "Sweet Sister" Post

A "John Wayne" Post

An Attempt at a Revolution

Something must've been weird in this post?

A "Garden" Post

A Movie Night

Peace, Love, & I do, without a doubt, heart blogging.

Sweet T

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day of Unfortunate Events

Most kids terrorize their parents by breaking their vehicles, you know: a broken windshield, a fender bender, etc., etc., well not me...

I terrorize my parents by breaking their dishwasher.

OK, it's not officially "broken" but it's pretty dern close...close enough for me to smell it's fear of me everytime I walk by it.  The foam you see in the back of this dishwasher is not meant to be there...its not meant to be there AT ALL.

It all started when I thought I'd be a good daughter, and start the dishwasher for my Mom...well, that was a Bad idea with a capital "B" for "Broken Dishwasher."

That's what I get for being kind...I'm never showing kindness again...I laugh at the face of kindness! HAHAHAHA!

And then I made up with it just long enough for it to hit me in the face with a spatula...

You see this Saturday is my Great-Grandpas birthday, and I was going to make him these cupcakes.

This is a normal routine that I should be use to, and should be able to do asleep...well, obviously I should get some more practise in because nothing went as planned.

First I forgot the cupcake liners which made me ask this question:


Well Self...I am the kind of baker who forgets the liners, and for that reason I am doomed to Bakers Shame forever.

This makes me sick.

I tried to cover it up by setting them in cupcake liners after they had already been baked...

Yep it's official, "Bakers Shame" is all mine...along with "Dishwasher" shame.

Remember me as I was before this.

Peace, Love, & The bad part is the day isn't even over yet.  Hide your dishwashers.

Sweet T

The Difference between Autumn & Summer

Autumn is brunette...I am blonde.

She is fast...I am slow.

She is a night owl...I get up with the roosters.

She is tall & skinny...I am...well, I'm not tall & skinny.

She likes to dress like a "cool cat"...I dress like a hippie.

She talks to herself in the mirror...I make fun of her.

She makes fun of me...I cry.

She is quiet & smart...I babble.

She eats oreos...I eat fruit...(yet she's still so tall, and skinny? Someone explain this to me!)

Her love is named "Hoorey"...mine was "Alotofbull" (Yes, they are horses.)

She "could eat five tapioca's for breakfast" (a direct quote)...I have toast & peanut butter.

She wears high-top converse...I have moccasins.

This is her shortcake dessert:

this is mine:

So obviously we are different, but we love each other nonetheless, as all good sister do.

Peace, Love, & OK, OK...I eat oreos too.

Sweet T


Those blackberries you see on the dessert above are actually from the supermarket, but tonight we are going to pick fresh ones!

Fresh blackberries...I die.

And then I make blackberry butter, blackberry cobbler, blackberry ice cream, and so on and so forth.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Super Supper


I came home from church.

I took a nap.

I woke up.

I ate a Granola Bar.

Then I was still hungry so naturally, I cooked...well I guess if we're being politically correct I should say: "My Mom, my sister, & I cooked."

But I really don't care all that much about being politically correct...I don't think?

What does politically correct even mean?

Oh well...I don't care all that much about knowing what "politically correct" means...I don't think?

Anyways, now that we've established yet again that I'm a hopeless moron...tonight when we were all hungry, and all tired, and all looking forward to a new episode of, The Next Food Network Star, we cooked Green Chili Pork Stew & Shortcakes for a quick and sure to be D-lish meal.


Green Chili Pork Stew is a very difficult and precise dish...and if you believe that you will also believe that my name is Thelma and I am an Olympic swimmer. (OK, I lied I'm not an Olympic swimmer, I practically drown looking at water.  Oh, and my name is not Thelma.)

In other words this is the easiest stew to make in the history of mankind. Forever and ever, Amen.

All you do is chop up a pork chop and spice it up with a little cayenne, garlic, salt, pepper, and anything else you could imagine or think of.

After the meat is done take it out, and set it aside while you saute the onions and green chili's.

You then proceed to thicken the soup with Chicken goup which frankly, grossed me out and I really don't want to talk about it ever again...

But after I got back from gagging we added kidney beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, and hominy & tomatoes.  I wonder if the hominy and tomatoes have a "Not bean" club...I would if I were them, but then again I'm not normal...

After all this has been added you cook it until your ready to eat it, and you enjoy it because it is delicious, and will make you cry sweet tears of food lovers joy.  Or at least that's what I do...but then again I'm not normal...

Tortillas & sour cream help things out alot too...

But now to my favorite part: Dessert!

If dessert were a man I would profess my undying love to him, and then ask him to marry me.

I can't believe I just said that...moving on...

Me & Autumn made these shortcakes for dessert, and they were what I like to call, D-lish!

The "D" stands for "dessert."  OK no it doesn't, I just made that up, but it makes sense to me...

We topped them with ice cream, and berries that we cooked on the stove with almond, sugar, and cinnamon.  Then we ate them so fast we couldn't remember what happened to our dessert, so we made another plate and ate it just as fast.

FYI, I'm eating another one as we speak, and I don't even feel guilty.

OK I feel a little guilty, but I'm going to run 2 miles in the morning so I think I just justified my least in my head I did.

I love super suppers, and I love all of you, Amen.

Peace, Love, & I think I'll have another shortcake...just for kicks.

Sweet T

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blinded by the Light

 "Blinded by the Light...

Mama always told me not to look in to the eyes of the sun,

But mama, that’s where the fun is.

But Mama that's where the fun is."
This morning me, and Autumn went on our morning run...well, we don't do it every morning, but most mornings...or most mornings when we feel like it...OK OK, we go every now & then, but we went today nonetheless.
After we sweated, and huffed, and puffed through 1 mile (My personal best! Not that I'm bragging or anything...) we decided just to stroll on home, and listen to my "Rockin' BBQ Radio" on Pandora, and enjoy the early morning sunrise...which mocked us by blaring into our eyes.
On the way home, instead of focusing on the pain in my lungs from the 1 mile run (Did I mention it was my personal best?), or the that everything was starting to go black out because the sun was so bright, I instead enjoyed a deep and meaningful conversation with my Sister.
We talked about boys, and food, and the beach, and the upcoming school year (Hey, to an 18 year old, and a 15 year old that is meaningful.) and I started noticing how blessed we are.
OK duh, I know we've always been blessed, but in an America where everyone is complaining about how hot it is, and how much everyone needs rain, it's nice to just slow down, look around, and be thankful for the things we do have instead of being depressed about the things we don't.
I know I'm naive, and young, and dumb, and I'm still like a baby bird, or a sea turtle that hasn't ventured out into the world on my own yet (blame my analogies on the Brahman Breeder) but I'm choosing to be positive, and choosing to be thankful that at least we have corn that is taller than my very tall sister...

And that at least we have families that love us, and want to take care of us...

And that at we least we live in a country where we are free...

And that at we least we live in a small community where someone will always be there to help you...

And many, many, many more reasons, Amen.

So here's my advice to you the next time you get down, or discouraged: take a walk with one of your favorite people, talk about meaningless things, take pictures of your beautiful surroundings, and come home and eat something incredibly does wonders for you soul.

Peace, Love, & I can't believe I compared myself to a baby bird, or a sea turtle....

Sweet T

Song courtesy of Manfred Mann...not one of my usuals but it seemed fitting when I heard it on my "Rockin' BBQ Radio"...again not one of my usuals, but it seemed fitting....Sorry I'm a nerd.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Me & Bonnie Concho

Bonnie Concho.

She's my friend, and I like her.

She's nice, and sweet, and brings me the cutest clothes to wear (I always say "Thank you",) and she's made me lots of friends.

What I didn't know though, and have recently found out, is that Bonnie has a dark side.  It's ok let it all out, I was shocked too.

You see I do lots of things for Bonnie...

I cook for her, I clean her house for her, and I even do self portraits for her, and you know what she does' in return??

She MOCKS me.

Don't believe me?

Oh, just will...

This was the beginning of my latest self-portrait for Bonnie.

It actually wasn't too shabby.  The colors, and texture were decent, and I was feeling pretty proud of myself...until Bonnie had to show her face up all in my business.

That's when things got a little particular, and I got frustrated, and had to say "all up in my business" about 4.5 times before I could calm down...

As I was drawing her face, Bonnie kept staring at me with those beady little I had to shut them on her portrait because, I'll admit...I was a little intimidated of her. 

And her hair?  Let's just not even talk about that.  And no, Bonnie doesn't chew tobacco...she's just has a prominent jaw line.

This, despite all the trouble I had, was not even the hardest part...

The hardest part was her neck, her shoulders, her arms, her torso, her hands...pretty much every part of her...she's a difficult lady.

And I'm afraid it shows, seeing as that her body isn't quite proportional to her head...

You know we, Me & Bonnie, argued about this for a long time.  She thought that the painting didn't do her justice, and I thought it made her look fun.

She thought it made her head look fat, and I thought it made her look smart.

In the end though, we came to an agreement, and decided that being pretty on the inside is much more important than on the outside.

Did I mention that Bonnie loves Roses?

Peace, Love, & I need a life

Sweet T

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Moccasin's & Their Pathetic Owner

These are my babies, and I love them.

They keep my feet warm, stylish, and sure-footed.  I'm as agile as an Indian in them...or I wish I was as agile as an Indian in them...

But you'll notice in the picture above that these particular moccasins are nothing short of a disaster.

Don't blame them though, they have been through alot.

They are the moccasin's I wore to the First Day of School my Senior year.

I wore them when I was on homecoming court and had to walk across the football field in my beautiful black dress...they were a much better alternative than heels.

And I wore them basically everywhere I went last year so, naturally they would be in rough shape.

The day my Mom told me that I shouldn't/couldn't wear them anymore because they "were the ugliest things she'd ever seen" was the saddest day of my life...

But Hark! A new dawn arose when I found new, lovely moccasins to comfort my grieving feet!

They are so lovely, so comfortable, and they make me as agile as an Indian, except when I walk...then I'm not so agile.

Peace, Love, & Moccasins are God's gift to the shoe lover

Sweet T

P.S. I never got rid of my ugly/pathertic/worn out moccasins...I stowed them away somewhere deep in my closet so that someday I can show them to my kids, and tell them that their Mom was as agile as an Indian. Amen.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Decisions & Vitamin C Deprivation

I don't know if it's because I'm feeling low on nutrients, and deprived of Vitamin C (we're between food homes, aka: fridges, right now), or if it's because "The Day" is about exactly a month away...("The Day" is the big day, the day I head off to college, Eek!) but for some reason my future occupation has been on my mind ALOT lately, which I guess is only natural seeing as that it is a pending, and huge decision that I will have to make very soon.

It is also a decision that causes me to ramble, and be on the verge of hyperventilation everytime I talk about it.  Not because I'm scared, well partly because I'm scared, but mostly because I'm excited! And who wouldn't be right?

Here is my delima though:

I can't make a final decision on the career I should choose.

This isn't because I have no interests, in fact it's quite the opposite: I have too many interests!

So sit and back and enjoy the ride as I contemplate the pro's & con's of every "interest."

Note: This post is purely for my peace of mind, and if it bores you to death...well, then...Goodbye forever.  Just kidding, I will try to make it well worth your while.  Who knows? It may cause you to evaluate your career choice, and then change the course of your life forever...probably not, but right now I have an overactive imagination, forgive me.

Interest #1:  Journalism! Basically writing...

Writing is something I do everyday without fail...even if it is just in my mind. 

And yes, I do "write" things in my mind, this is just proof of how big a nerd I am, and also proof of how much I love to write.

Writing is something I have always loved to do.  I think it sparked in first grade when I won 1st place in the creative writing contest, and again in 2nd grade, and 3rd grade, and then they crushed my dreams in 4th grade and I got 3rd place...I still believe that those judges didn't know what they were talking about.

No I'm not holding a grudge, why do you ask?

Writing is also easier for me than talking, because when I talk I sound like a bumbling bimbo, and when I write I "sound" like a slightly/possibly funny bumbling bimbo, so it's a much better alternative for me.

Writing + this moron = contentment

And they said I wasn't good at math...pssht!

Interest #2:  Cooking!

Cooking, cooking, cooking...I can't say it enough, and I can't do it enough!

I have not always loved to cook, but I most definitely have always loved to eat. 

This Christmas is really when my love for cooking started to show.  And it all began in one day when I stayed home for possibly/probably 12 hours straight, and cooked for every single minute.  I was cooking for all my teachers. (We were making them Christmas "goodies" so that we would all pass the semester...Just Kidding! Kinda...)  I made candies, breads, cookies, and somewhere in between all that, lunch.  It was a beautiful day full of fun, sugar, and lots of calories...just the way I like it.  And I haven't stopped cooking since. 

I have caught myself sitting in class thinking about how I could make different versions of lasagna, or what I could fill my cupcakes with that would be a welcomed & delicious surprise.  I still think about things like that almost hourly, but I have calmed my imagination down enough to where I can now hear people when they speak to was beginning to become a problem.


Mama: Hey Summer, what'd you make on your math test today?

Me:  Eggplant Parmesan!

Just kidding...I didn't take math.

Interest #3: Uh...Clothes!

I can't help it. I'm a completely hopeless gal, and hopelessly complete gal when it comes to clothes.

I love them! 

I need them! (Duh)

Putting clothes together is just something that is so simple, and so fun to me.

I know it sound slightly shallow, and like my name should be changed to Elle Woods, but it is what it is, and it is this: I LOVE CLOTHES!

And I always have...

When we put Bonnie Concho in, I was thrilled, ecstatic, and started looking immediately into things we could put into our store, and I didn't want anything that was main stream or "in style" I wanted something that is different, maybe a bit unusual, and plain out fun...something that people could wear, and be themselves, and be confident doing so. Amen.

So these are my interest...  There are many more, but I had to narrow it down somewhere, and I really don't think "Being the boss" counts as an Interest so, I left it out.

I've been having a lot of conflicting thoughts about all my interest.  It's just that I love them all so much, and want to do them all all day, everyday.  But I know that is not possible...unless...I'm a blogger about food & fashion! And being the boss!

I know that right out of college though, that those chances are highly slim...for now.

As I was contemplating my "decision" though I realized something...That I need to do what makes me happy, and what is fitting in The Lord's eyes...and what makes me a billionaire...Just kidding on the last part...kinda.

So I'm not worried fact, I think I'm even more excited now because, I know that whatever I choose, it'll be what I was meant to do, and I can't think of anything more fulfilling than that.

Peace, Love, & Thank you for listening to me while I'm very deprived on Vitamin C.

Sweet T

My Brother

The Brahman Breeder.

The "Tough" guy.

The animal of all kinds lover.

The most hard-headed person I have ever seen.

The eater of all things Junk.

The wearer of Hooey Caps.

The "Mad Dog 4"'s a rope, and it's his favorite.

The most kind-hearted person I have ever seen.

The lover of blue gatorade.

The lover of pink lemondade & popcorn...everyday.

The wearer of extremely large sombreros.

The inventor of Round Pen Parties.

The BB gun shooter.

The sweet talker.

The Wii champion.

The Pink Panther owner.

The future "live in the wild" man.

The current Christian Roping Camp Dummy Roping Champion.

The brother that I love most...and not because he's the only one I have.

Peace, Love, & He won a buckle from the Dummy Roping, and his head increased 3 sizes.

Sweet T

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Graduation

I know I'm a few months late on posting graduation pictures, but in my defense I didn't get them in 'till yesterday, and again in my defense, I had major hat hair in most of the pictures, and it is ABSOLUTELY impossible to look cute in a gown, and square shaped hat...absolutely impossible.

Don't believe me?

Oh, you will...

Most people say that 20 years from now, I'll look at these pictures, and gag...well, what does it tell me when I already do that?

Maybe I just won't look a these pictures ever again....and pray my FH (Future Husband) doesn't EVER find them.

Maybe I'll hide them in our attic, if we have an attic, and put them in a box that says "Trash" and they'll accidentally get thrown away...?

Maybe one day I'll accidentally get so cold, that I'm on the verge of hypothermia, and I'll have to use them to ignite our fireplace...?

Maybe I need a life...?

Now I know what your thinking...that I have a way to concentrated look on my face in this picture, and your right...

I was concentrating on where I should put my feet to avoid the embarrassment on tripping in front of the whole audience...It's a fear that still haunts my dreams at night.

Another fear of mine is getting up in front of people and speaking, which is probably why I was chosen to say the opening prayer!

I can't remember who gave me that job, but I would like to personally thank them....and yes I am being sarcastic.

Well sort of sarcastic, because actually my prayer didn't go to bad....well, except for the whole I forgot to turn the mike on thing, which brings me to a pet peeve of mine: WHY DIDN'T THEY HAVE THE MIKE ON IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

Ahem, excuse  while I go breath into a paper bag...


Here is the whole happy family, and a great example of my hat hair.

Peace, Love, & I think instead of gowns, graduates should just wear overalls to their ceremony...they are much more practical.

Sweet T

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pioneer Woman Meatloaf

I am not normal....

I am not normal because I have a deep, un-normal (obviously,) love for meatloaf.

I could eat it for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, and at midnight when I'm watching Steel Magnolias, yet another reason why I am not normal.

I could take a bath in meatloaf, and never think a thing about it.

Sorry I think that was too much information, but you get my point.

These are the reasons why today, for lunch, I am making meatloaf!

Can you hear the angels singing in chorus?!

Or is that just me....

Sorry, I get dramatic sometimes...

I'm not making just any 'ole meatloaf though....

I am making a meatloaf invented by the one, the only, she is pretty much my Blogging idol, The Pioneer Woman.

The Pioneer Woman is everything I want to be when it comes to a blogger: She's witty, she's clever, she cooks, she decorates, she takes pictures, she shops, and she lives on a ranch...need I say more?

But enough about her, lets talk about the star of the show today, MEATLOAF!

So after throwing in some of this, and some of that into a bowl I mixed it all together with my hands, which I considered disgusting since I don't particularly like touching raw meat and eggs with my hands, but I'll do anything for meatloaf, Amen.


Yes, then I put bacon all over it, and then I passed out from a joy overload.

But, it gets better...

I made a "gravy" to put over the top that consisted of ketchup, dry mustard, and brown sugar, and I then I passed out from a joy overload...again.

The meatloaf is cooking in the oven as we speak and I shall do my best to eat so much I pass out as soon as it's out of the oven.

Wish me Luck.

Peace, Love, & the ultimate comfort food

Sweet T

P.S. Go find the recipe here! Pioneer Woman Meatloaf

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Weeks

Two weeks....

In two weeks I could perfect my Yoga moves....which are obviously zilch at the moment seeing as I don't even know proper names for the "moves."

In two weeks I could eat a "VALUE SIZE" box of Fruit Loops, and not even feel guilty.

In two weeks I could paint every thing that sits still in our house, and even some things that don't...ahem, sorry Max, your such a cooperative canine.

In two weeks I could learn a new language....OK, let me rephrase that, in two weeks I could attempt to learn a new language.

I could do lots, and lots of things in two weeks, but one thing I will not get to do for another week, and have already endured for last week is not seeing my Lovely Sister.

Take a moment to cry with me.....moment......Thank you kindly.

You see, last week My Lovely Sis was at the Texas State FFA Convention, which is basically a whole week of FUN! without me....

She went to an amusement park

She got to meet lots of new people

And she went to a concert, but I guess that one was OK because she did bring me back a T-shirt that makes my eyes pop, and for that I am forever grateful.

This coming week she is going to a basketball camp, that is quite possibly the funnest basketball camp in the world, Amen.

So I'm sure your wondering what I do the whole time she's gone...well, mostly I cry, but after I get done doing that I reminisce on all the good times...

Then I realize what super nerds we are, and cry some more...

Peace, Love, & Have fun at camp My Lovely Sis...Oh, and don't talk to strangers, don't go anywhere by yourself, and don't eat ice cream before your about to endure a strenuous workout.

Sweet T

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Brake-In & A Cupcake

If you remember yesterday's post (which I hope you do, because If you don't...well, then I'm worried...) it was mostly about the German-Chocolate-Buttermilk cupcakes I was going to make that day for my neighbor...and no, I still haven't come up with a better name that doesn't take your whole lifetime to say.

Please. Help. Me.

So I set out to make the cupcakes as planned, and the experience was nothing short of a grueling, terrifying,, and horrible experience...Just kidding, I'm just feeling a bit dramatic today.

Maybe I'm feeling dramatic because of all the cupcakes I consumed yesterday?

Yes, I believe that's why, but if you tasted these cupcakes you would totally understand my predicament.

They were lovely, they were indulgent, and they were everything I could ever want in a cupcake, Amen.

And I would expect nothing less of a cupcake that took two hours to make!

The time was well spent though, making an icing that was creamy, buttery (tasting), and full of brown sugar...I die.

I let my Dad taste one, before I took them to my neighbor just to make sure they wouldn't kill him, and instead of croaking Daddy said, "Taste like my Grandma's."


I mentioned yesterday that I was a contrary woman, and that I rarely did things the simple way, and the way I delivered these cupcakes was no different.

You see, my neighbor lives right across the road from me, literally a hop & a skip...well, not literally because I can't skip...but you get my point.

I didn't want my neighbor to know that I had dropped them off though, so while he was at work I crept into his front yard, walked into his garage, and broke into his house....

Is this normal behavior?

I didn't think so....

I think I'll go lie down now...

Peace, Love, & Oh, if you ever put cayenne in your cupcakes, make sure it's less than 1/2 a teaspoon, because a 1/2  teaspoon of cayenne is sure to make you cry, Amen.

Sweet T

P.S. Maybe I should name them "Brake-In Cupcakes?"

For some reason this seems like the right thing to do...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's "To-Do" List

Here's Today's "To-Do" List:

1.  Go for a morning Jog...I already attempted this, and only hyperventilated once, so all-in-all it was a success.

2.  Eat Breakfast...again I only hyperventilated once so, it is considered a success as well.

3.  Right a Nobel Prize Winning book over...
 "How Not to Hyperventilate While Eating Breakfast.  A Food Lover's Tragedy."
It should be very interesting....

4. Make these cupcakes...

They are Chocolate-Buttermilk cupcakes that I discovered from a new-to-me Blog called, Eat. Live. Run.

I love everything about this Blog title...well, except for the "Run" part...that I could live without, but unfortunately my thighs could not, Amen.

I'm making these cupcakes for my neighbor who requested a German-Chocolate Cake, not for any particular reason other than the fact that he LOVES German-Chocolate Cake.

So being the contrary woman that I am, I cannot make just a German-Chocolate Cake, that would simply be to...simple, so with that being said, I am going to transform these Chocolate-Buttermilk cupcakes into German-Chocolate-Buttermilk Cupcakes. (Maybe I should rethink the title?)

Hopefully they will be delicious.

Hopefully my neighbor will love them.

Hopefully they will be discovered, and I will be put in the Cupcake Hall of Fame, and my baking skills will become immortal....Hopefully.

Peace, Love, & Pray for these cupcakes, pray for me, and most of all, pray for my neighbor.

Sweet T

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Possibly the Weirdest Post I've ever...Posted.

Ok, for the record, I am not a wimp.

Honestly, I usually don't whine (too much) when I'm "hurt" or "sick"...all I ask for in order to recover is usually Chicken Soup, and chocolate, but not together.

But one thing that just makes me want to lay in bed all day, and cry, and whine, and eat Chicken Soup and Chocolate is burns...

I've never had a bad burn by any means, they are usually just little brushes against the oven, or my curling iron, or a hot frying pan, or scalding water...Oh FYI, I'm not the safest person in the kitchen...

Recently though, I had to endure the worst burnn of my life, on my favorite finger...The Pinkie finger.

Seriously, it was definitely a scorcher...It even made me cuss, and I'm not a cussin' woman, but something about this burn just made me want to scream really loud the words: "Cotton' Pickin!"

Just kidding...I didn't say that, but looking back on the experience I wish I would've...

So I got this burn by doing something as harmless as gluing flowers onto caps with a hot glue gun.

*Sigh* The things I do to look beautiful....I think I will never look beautiful again, I'll just revert to living a life of solitude in my favorite Lady Bug pajama pants...

Just kidding, but after I show you these pictures you are probably going to wish I would live in solitude.

WARNING: These pictures are disgusting, repulsive, and are going to trigger your gag reflux...enjoy.

I took a side profile picture so you could see how much of a "bulge" I have coming off of my pinkie finger...It's disgusting, it's ugly, and it looks like a wart.

....Excuse me while I go throw up real quick.....

And this is the "dead on" view...

I really don't know what to say to justify this picture,  I think that's mostly because nothing in the human language can be said to justify this picture.

Now, that I have you all wanting to never look at me again, I am happy to inform you that the blister on my pinkie finally went away, and not I have a crater in its place! Yay!

Really, I don't know what's worse...A crater? Or a bulge? Or the public shame I'll suffer from after posting this?

Pray for me while I'm living my life of solitude....

Peace, Love, & It is still very possible I could loose my pinkie finger...Pray for it.

Sweet T

Monday, July 11, 2011

Story of OKC

By looking at my "Blogger Feed" I can see that it has been exactly a week since I have posted well, anything...and for that my Dear Friends I sincerely apologize.

I don't know how you could ever forgive me, and if you manage to find it somewhere deep in your heart (You'd probably find it right around the puppy love section...but that's just a guess.) to do so then I will officially, and publicly proclaim you my Hero...and if you don't manage to find forgiveness somewhere deep in your heart then I will just move to Canada, and change my name to Ethel. I think that name could suit me...

In the meantime, while your trying to decide on whether to forgive me or not, I, Sweet T, (Not Ethel...yet) will venture to tell you what has caused me not to blog as frequently as I would like.

Starting With.....(Imagine drum roll....for dramatic effect)...


Could you think of a better way to start a post? Or anything for that matter?

This Cheesecake is the very cheesecake that caused me to fall in love with Cheesecake.

You see, I haven't always been a huge fan of cheesecake, shameful I know.  I mean, it's cheese, and cake (give or take a few ingredients) together so it should naturally be a favorite of everyone to walk the Earth, but it has just never been a food that "wowed" me....Until This Cheesecake. 

This Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I have always heard of The Cheesecake Factory, but had never been inside of one, and had never tasted their food.

Never, I repeat NEVER will I make that mistake again because Boy Howdy, (I learned a new catch phrase too! You like?? Sorry I'm a nerd...) was this place D-lish.

I walk in The Cheesecake Factory and am greeted by vaulted ceilings that are painted with a whimsical, magical garden scene that automatically made me feel like Meg in "Hercules."  That's an odd comparison, but hey you can't argue with childhood memories...

So anyways, as we set down and looked at the menu I was overwhelmed, and instantly in love with this menu that offered me food I had never even heard of before for example, Ahi Tar tare.

I can only imagine the thoughts going through the waiters head as I asked my Mom, "Momma, what's A-hee Tar-Tar?"

I'm sure he wanted to shove me under a rock, but instead he took my order, and I ordered the Vietnamese tacos...not A-hee Tar-Tar...Raw fish is surprisingly too fishy...Go figure?

And it's a good thing I didn't order the raw fish because, then I would have missed out on these "tacos" that were the best version of a Taco I have ever had, in my life, Amen.

They sent me into a food coma, the good kind, and I still haven't recovered.

Someone help.

So long story slightly short: I now, without a doubt, love Cheesecake, The Cheesecake factory, and saying A-hee Tar-Tar.

Cheesecake aside...The Real Reason we were in OKC was to go to BATTLE IN THE SADDLE! (Fierce name huh?)

Battle in the Saddle ...

is basically a huge horse lovers dream.

Every kind of Horse competition there could ever be was going on during Battle in the Saddle, and my dad went to compete in many of them, except for the Mounted Shooting...and that's because well, that's just because...


One of the events I managed to remember to take a picture of him in was the Cuttin', which he did wonderful in for his first time, if I do say so myself...and I do...and I think I'm biast.

The Cuttin' is one of my favorite things to watch because it is so intense!

Which is why I yelled.

And is why security escorted me out....

Just kidding they didn't do that, but that would've made a good story.  Sorry I'm a nerd.

Oh and a little "P.S.," all these pictures I'm showing you were taken with my IPhone Instagram app, (which I am madly, and deeply in love with) so forgive their small size, and forgive me for being in love with an IPhone App...I know not what I do.

Ice Cream!

Is another something I was enjoying while away...lots, and lots of Ice Cream.

And by looking at this picture you can see that I am not the only one...

Late at night while we were busy sitting in our hotel room, we would get very hungry...and I do mean to the point of to keep us from dying we ate Ice Cream.

My Ice Cream of choice was haagan Daz Dulce de Leche.

Haagan Daz Dulce de Leche....I die.

Oh, and forgive the embarrassing pictures of myself...I know they are not fit for human eyes, so I am only hoping that my FH (Future Husband) NEVER sees these here photos, Amen.

Oh, and my Lovely siblings enjoyed themselves some ice cream too.

As An Afterthought...

Here are some other things I enjoyed while away at the beautiful town of OKC...

The Harley-Davidson Superstore.

It was right across from our hotel, and seeing as that I have a fetish with wearing "dew rags" on my head, My Uncle Riley thinks I should be a spokeswoman for them...and I'm not gonna lie, I have to agree.

Creepy Signs.

I went into a tennis shoe store.

I saw this.

I ran away.


Chillin' like a the pool.

It was so blazing hot in OKC that it was very necessary to go to a water park, swim for hours, and go down large, lime green water slides at super speeds...very necessary.

Take weird pictures of myself.

I'm still getting use to this whole "IPhone" thing, so when I figured out you could turn the camera around and take pictures of yourself I was occupied for hours...

Sorry I'm weird.

Peace, Love, & please don't make me change my name to Ethel!

Sweet T