Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Brake-In & A Cupcake

If you remember yesterday's post (which I hope you do, because If you don't...well, then I'm worried...) it was mostly about the German-Chocolate-Buttermilk cupcakes I was going to make that day for my neighbor...and no, I still haven't come up with a better name that doesn't take your whole lifetime to say.

Please. Help. Me.

So I set out to make the cupcakes as planned, and the experience was nothing short of a grueling, terrifying,, and horrible experience...Just kidding, I'm just feeling a bit dramatic today.

Maybe I'm feeling dramatic because of all the cupcakes I consumed yesterday?

Yes, I believe that's why, but if you tasted these cupcakes you would totally understand my predicament.

They were lovely, they were indulgent, and they were everything I could ever want in a cupcake, Amen.

And I would expect nothing less of a cupcake that took two hours to make!

The time was well spent though, making an icing that was creamy, buttery (tasting), and full of brown sugar...I die.

I let my Dad taste one, before I took them to my neighbor just to make sure they wouldn't kill him, and instead of croaking Daddy said, "Taste like my Grandma's."


I mentioned yesterday that I was a contrary woman, and that I rarely did things the simple way, and the way I delivered these cupcakes was no different.

You see, my neighbor lives right across the road from me, literally a hop & a skip...well, not literally because I can't skip...but you get my point.

I didn't want my neighbor to know that I had dropped them off though, so while he was at work I crept into his front yard, walked into his garage, and broke into his house....

Is this normal behavior?

I didn't think so....

I think I'll go lie down now...

Peace, Love, & Oh, if you ever put cayenne in your cupcakes, make sure it's less than 1/2 a teaspoon, because a 1/2  teaspoon of cayenne is sure to make you cry, Amen.

Sweet T

P.S. Maybe I should name them "Brake-In Cupcakes?"

For some reason this seems like the right thing to do...

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Tori said...

What has Bill Weldon done to deserve cupcakes? lol