Monday, July 11, 2011

Story of OKC

By looking at my "Blogger Feed" I can see that it has been exactly a week since I have posted well, anything...and for that my Dear Friends I sincerely apologize.

I don't know how you could ever forgive me, and if you manage to find it somewhere deep in your heart (You'd probably find it right around the puppy love section...but that's just a guess.) to do so then I will officially, and publicly proclaim you my Hero...and if you don't manage to find forgiveness somewhere deep in your heart then I will just move to Canada, and change my name to Ethel. I think that name could suit me...

In the meantime, while your trying to decide on whether to forgive me or not, I, Sweet T, (Not Ethel...yet) will venture to tell you what has caused me not to blog as frequently as I would like.

Starting With.....(Imagine drum roll....for dramatic effect)...


Could you think of a better way to start a post? Or anything for that matter?

This Cheesecake is the very cheesecake that caused me to fall in love with Cheesecake.

You see, I haven't always been a huge fan of cheesecake, shameful I know.  I mean, it's cheese, and cake (give or take a few ingredients) together so it should naturally be a favorite of everyone to walk the Earth, but it has just never been a food that "wowed" me....Until This Cheesecake. 

This Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I have always heard of The Cheesecake Factory, but had never been inside of one, and had never tasted their food.

Never, I repeat NEVER will I make that mistake again because Boy Howdy, (I learned a new catch phrase too! You like?? Sorry I'm a nerd...) was this place D-lish.

I walk in The Cheesecake Factory and am greeted by vaulted ceilings that are painted with a whimsical, magical garden scene that automatically made me feel like Meg in "Hercules."  That's an odd comparison, but hey you can't argue with childhood memories...

So anyways, as we set down and looked at the menu I was overwhelmed, and instantly in love with this menu that offered me food I had never even heard of before for example, Ahi Tar tare.

I can only imagine the thoughts going through the waiters head as I asked my Mom, "Momma, what's A-hee Tar-Tar?"

I'm sure he wanted to shove me under a rock, but instead he took my order, and I ordered the Vietnamese tacos...not A-hee Tar-Tar...Raw fish is surprisingly too fishy...Go figure?

And it's a good thing I didn't order the raw fish because, then I would have missed out on these "tacos" that were the best version of a Taco I have ever had, in my life, Amen.

They sent me into a food coma, the good kind, and I still haven't recovered.

Someone help.

So long story slightly short: I now, without a doubt, love Cheesecake, The Cheesecake factory, and saying A-hee Tar-Tar.

Cheesecake aside...The Real Reason we were in OKC was to go to BATTLE IN THE SADDLE! (Fierce name huh?)

Battle in the Saddle ...

is basically a huge horse lovers dream.

Every kind of Horse competition there could ever be was going on during Battle in the Saddle, and my dad went to compete in many of them, except for the Mounted Shooting...and that's because well, that's just because...


One of the events I managed to remember to take a picture of him in was the Cuttin', which he did wonderful in for his first time, if I do say so myself...and I do...and I think I'm biast.

The Cuttin' is one of my favorite things to watch because it is so intense!

Which is why I yelled.

And is why security escorted me out....

Just kidding they didn't do that, but that would've made a good story.  Sorry I'm a nerd.

Oh and a little "P.S.," all these pictures I'm showing you were taken with my IPhone Instagram app, (which I am madly, and deeply in love with) so forgive their small size, and forgive me for being in love with an IPhone App...I know not what I do.

Ice Cream!

Is another something I was enjoying while away...lots, and lots of Ice Cream.

And by looking at this picture you can see that I am not the only one...

Late at night while we were busy sitting in our hotel room, we would get very hungry...and I do mean to the point of to keep us from dying we ate Ice Cream.

My Ice Cream of choice was haagan Daz Dulce de Leche.

Haagan Daz Dulce de Leche....I die.

Oh, and forgive the embarrassing pictures of myself...I know they are not fit for human eyes, so I am only hoping that my FH (Future Husband) NEVER sees these here photos, Amen.

Oh, and my Lovely siblings enjoyed themselves some ice cream too.

As An Afterthought...

Here are some other things I enjoyed while away at the beautiful town of OKC...

The Harley-Davidson Superstore.

It was right across from our hotel, and seeing as that I have a fetish with wearing "dew rags" on my head, My Uncle Riley thinks I should be a spokeswoman for them...and I'm not gonna lie, I have to agree.

Creepy Signs.

I went into a tennis shoe store.

I saw this.

I ran away.


Chillin' like a the pool.

It was so blazing hot in OKC that it was very necessary to go to a water park, swim for hours, and go down large, lime green water slides at super speeds...very necessary.

Take weird pictures of myself.

I'm still getting use to this whole "IPhone" thing, so when I figured out you could turn the camera around and take pictures of yourself I was occupied for hours...

Sorry I'm weird.

Peace, Love, & please don't make me change my name to Ethel!

Sweet T

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