Friday, July 29, 2011


Meet Abba.

As of yesterday, she is the newest member of our family.

And that my friends is a great story in itself...

A Rescue Mission Story Retold by Sweet T...Performed By ALT.

As we pulled into the grocery store parking lot, and got out of the car, sweat instantly started pouring off our bodies.  "Gross" was the only word that came to my mind, but "Meow" was what Autumn, my sister, heard.

"Do you hear that?!" She said.

"Nope." I so un-compassionately replied as I marched into the grocery store to buy shortening & onions, an unlikely pair indeed.

So Autumn ignored it to as we made our way through the dreary isles of the local Lowe's wishing we were at a Market Street instead...or at least, that is what I was wishing.

But my sisters mind was somewhere else. Yes, it was still in the parking lot, where the ashpalt was as hot as the sun itself, and where "meows" could be heard.

So after we had paid the bill with our Mothers debit card, our favorite payment option, we made our way back outside, and to the pickup.

As I got in the pickup I noticed my sister waving at me, and in her arms was the frailest, cutest, baby kitty I had ever seen.

And the rest is history.

The end.


What you just read is true.

There is a tiny kitty named Abba, now in our backyard.

My sister did rescue her, and feed her, and is now considered her "mommy."  Even though she keeps saying "I don't even like cats!"

Hmph! Like I believe that statement...

You know, i have never liked cats all that much either...but for someone reason this kitty has a special place in all our hearts.

Maybe it's because she was poor, and hadn't a hope in the world?

Maybe it's because she's a kitten, and anybody who doesn't love kittens is just cruel?

Maybe it's because her name is Abba?

Well for whatever reason, I'm glad I have a kind, compassionate sister that I know I can count on to rescue every kitty refugee in the world. Amen.

Peace, Love, & if your missing a kitty...just forget I ever said anything.

Sweet T

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