Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Brother

The Brahman Breeder.

The "Tough" guy.

The animal of all kinds lover.

The most hard-headed person I have ever seen.

The eater of all things Junk.

The wearer of Hooey Caps.

The "Mad Dog 4"'s a rope, and it's his favorite.

The most kind-hearted person I have ever seen.

The lover of blue gatorade.

The lover of pink lemondade & popcorn...everyday.

The wearer of extremely large sombreros.

The inventor of Round Pen Parties.

The BB gun shooter.

The sweet talker.

The Wii champion.

The Pink Panther owner.

The future "live in the wild" man.

The current Christian Roping Camp Dummy Roping Champion.

The brother that I love most...and not because he's the only one I have.

Peace, Love, & He won a buckle from the Dummy Roping, and his head increased 3 sizes.

Sweet T

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