Monday, July 25, 2011

Day of Unfortunate Events

Most kids terrorize their parents by breaking their vehicles, you know: a broken windshield, a fender bender, etc., etc., well not me...

I terrorize my parents by breaking their dishwasher.

OK, it's not officially "broken" but it's pretty dern close...close enough for me to smell it's fear of me everytime I walk by it.  The foam you see in the back of this dishwasher is not meant to be there...its not meant to be there AT ALL.

It all started when I thought I'd be a good daughter, and start the dishwasher for my Mom...well, that was a Bad idea with a capital "B" for "Broken Dishwasher."

That's what I get for being kind...I'm never showing kindness again...I laugh at the face of kindness! HAHAHAHA!

And then I made up with it just long enough for it to hit me in the face with a spatula...

You see this Saturday is my Great-Grandpas birthday, and I was going to make him these cupcakes.

This is a normal routine that I should be use to, and should be able to do asleep...well, obviously I should get some more practise in because nothing went as planned.

First I forgot the cupcake liners which made me ask this question:


Well Self...I am the kind of baker who forgets the liners, and for that reason I am doomed to Bakers Shame forever.

This makes me sick.

I tried to cover it up by setting them in cupcake liners after they had already been baked...

Yep it's official, "Bakers Shame" is all mine...along with "Dishwasher" shame.

Remember me as I was before this.

Peace, Love, & The bad part is the day isn't even over yet.  Hide your dishwashers.

Sweet T

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