Friday, July 22, 2011

Me & Bonnie Concho

Bonnie Concho.

She's my friend, and I like her.

She's nice, and sweet, and brings me the cutest clothes to wear (I always say "Thank you",) and she's made me lots of friends.

What I didn't know though, and have recently found out, is that Bonnie has a dark side.  It's ok let it all out, I was shocked too.

You see I do lots of things for Bonnie...

I cook for her, I clean her house for her, and I even do self portraits for her, and you know what she does' in return??

She MOCKS me.

Don't believe me?

Oh, just will...

This was the beginning of my latest self-portrait for Bonnie.

It actually wasn't too shabby.  The colors, and texture were decent, and I was feeling pretty proud of myself...until Bonnie had to show her face up all in my business.

That's when things got a little particular, and I got frustrated, and had to say "all up in my business" about 4.5 times before I could calm down...

As I was drawing her face, Bonnie kept staring at me with those beady little I had to shut them on her portrait because, I'll admit...I was a little intimidated of her. 

And her hair?  Let's just not even talk about that.  And no, Bonnie doesn't chew tobacco...she's just has a prominent jaw line.

This, despite all the trouble I had, was not even the hardest part...

The hardest part was her neck, her shoulders, her arms, her torso, her hands...pretty much every part of her...she's a difficult lady.

And I'm afraid it shows, seeing as that her body isn't quite proportional to her head...

You know we, Me & Bonnie, argued about this for a long time.  She thought that the painting didn't do her justice, and I thought it made her look fun.

She thought it made her head look fat, and I thought it made her look smart.

In the end though, we came to an agreement, and decided that being pretty on the inside is much more important than on the outside.

Did I mention that Bonnie loves Roses?

Peace, Love, & I need a life

Sweet T

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