Sweet T Beginnings

Sweet T was created in June of 2010 by a bored, temporary online college student, who would rather write meaningless poems, than study government.  And that is why I love Sweet T...it saved me from hours of boring study, and gave me hours of love & peace.  That is also why I passed Government with a C+.

The Inspiration. The inspiration for Sweet T is none other than the obvious...my average, everyday, cowgirl life.  I tend not to look as it as your average, everyday, cowgirl life however. I try to view everyday with humor, and I try to show everyone in  my life lots of love, and I try to live my life with a drive that pushes me to do whatever I do (What do I do?) with all my heart, all while eating as much Chocolate and Meatloaf (My favorite foods, just not together...) as I can get into my system, and at the end of the day I blog about it, and hope that you don't read my post, shudder, and then run into the kitchen and splash cold water on your face.

All Of You.  Sometimes I watch the Oscars, or the Country Music Awards, or Miss Congeniality, and I see how when the get there crown, or there bald, gold man on a box, they thank all of there "fans" the people who "supported" them, and I think "Yea right, they are just thinking those people because they got paid to do so."  Well I am here to admit that I am wrong. (Remember this moment, because I'm only wrong about once every five years.) I should be whipped with a switch from the whippin' tree, because I assumed these people were just being phony, and insincere, but I've come to realize they really do mean it.  Because I feel the need right now, to think ALL of you!  If it weren't for the people who read my blog, who would I be blogging to? What would be the purpose?  Thats right, there wouldn't be one!  So here's to ALL of you, however you few or many of "you" there might be.  You know who you are...The faithful reader, the once a year reader, the random readers who vows never to visit again...whoever you are! Thank you. (No I'm not crying, and admiring my crown, because If I had a crown I would never take it off.) I owe it all to you...Literally. 

Peace, Love, & Here's Lookin' at You Kid.