Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chocolate Pudding Saves Lives

I don't like email.  It's very complicated, and I get spam mail alot that scares me.

But, the other day I got bored so I decided to go read all my old emails...for fun.  Because I do things like that when I am bored...for fun.  And most of them were "trash and were going to be made into a Mini Series anyway!" Name that movie....

I found one collection of emails that me and my Mother exchanged on one of the many days I was bored as a High School Senior. 

They made me laugh so I decided to share them with the world because:

1) They are funny.
2) In all reality, they hold great ideas...
3)Yesterday day was my Mama's birthday and I kinda like her....


And try to contain your laughter, but if you can't it's ok.  It happens to the best of us.

So as I'm sitting here, just as I have been for approximately the last two & half hours (give or take a minute) I am still as bored as I was when I came in here. But! Neverfear for P-dubs book has saved me, and yes dare I say it, Inspired me to write! Along with you, and Autumn a cookbook/storybook...I know we have thought this over before, but now it is necessary that we write it as soon as possible, for the pure joy of the fact that it will be a fun thing to do, and we need to share your Chocolate Pudding recipe with the rest of the world.

Keeping it to ourselves is just plain unfair.

Love your ever thoughtful daughter


So my bored daughter, Im sorry you have nothing to do must be terrible to be a Senior! I think your cookbook idea is a grand just wonder when we might squeeze this tiny project in to our very busy lives. But thanks for making me want some chocolate pudding as im trying to stick to my diet! FYI...I ran and walked this morning(ok, mostly walked) and im pretty sure i pulled my hampster string....and i learned how to use the emotions button on my new email!!!

love your hungry and tired mother


The title of these emails was "Chocolate Pudding Saves Lives" a bit dramatic if you ask me, but hey what can I say? I was a High School Senior full of big dreams and a love for all things dessert...Oh wait, nothing has changed about that fact except now I'm a college freshman.

Peace, Love, & Happy Birthday Mama!

Sweet T

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Agriculture Communications & Sandhill Cattle Co.

I am an Agricultural person.

I am a Communicator.

I am an Agricultural Communicator.

(I am also an over eater of tortillas...but we won't get into that right now.)

This makes Agriculture Media & Communications the perfect major for me...the Ag Communicator.  It also makes it the perfect major for um...about 245,600 other college students...give or take a few.

This weekend I got to meet a few of the 245,600 other students from all over the U.S. of A at an Ag Communicators of Tomorrow Conference.

There was a lot of communicating going on....

I'm not real sure why.

But I liked it.


As you can imagine when you get many opinionated and passionate communicators in a room, ideas are flying freely around, and I managed to pick up a few that revolve around the social aspect of business.

While a lot of the ideas that I picked up need some time to simmer in a big pot (Just like stew...or John Wayne beans...or a roast....or anything else delicious you can think of...) one idea I plan to put into action ASAP. (I also learned how to say neat things like "ASAP" and "Ag-Vacate" and "Can I have another scone please.")

This idea is very simple, and should have come to me a long time ago...It's a Facebook page.  But not for me.  It's for Sandhill Cattle Company.

Now, by the time all of you read this there is a great chance my Father (operator of Sandhill) will have also read it, so my feelings on the idea may change slightly depending on how Daddy reacts to it....I kinda listen to his opinion every now and then because he's kinda smart, and I kinda like him....kinda.

What better way to promote a feed yard though...right?



Ok, so maybe not, but you never know who will discover the page, who might have previous interest in this kind of topic, or who might develop an interest in the greatest business in the world: The Cattle Business. Amen.

And with pictures like this....

How can your heart not be filled with joy?

Or at least the desire to go run around in the dirt with a fellow bovine friend...

Peace, Love, & Pray for all Ag Comm endeavors...

Sweet T

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I love lots of things.

Family, food, cowboys, water, glass figurines...the list goes on and on.

Naturally I'm talking about Valentines Day which is the horrifying/wonderful day we all got to experience yesterday.  It's fun if you are in a relationship because you get to lavish your loved one with gifts.  If your single it's equally fun because you get to lavish yourself with gifts of your choice. (Ahem, I chose chocolate.)

I got lavished with a grand meal too.

It was so grand I don't think it can be considered a meal, but more of like a banquet, or a reception, or a shmorgisborg!

Whatever you call it (I prefer shmorgisborg.) it was wonderful.

And a bit dramatic for six people, but hey its what we do.

We made Homemade Gnocchi. (A pasta made from potatoes AKA: Heaven in dough form.)

We made strawberries with cream...

That we ate with our flour less chocolate cake that my lovely sister made. 

It was the best cake I've ever had.

It was beautiful.

It made me cry.

The End.

And of course what kind of partiers would we be if we didn't drink our bubbly. 

(If you use your imagination that sentence rhymes...not on purpose I promise. I think...)

Did I mention our bubbly comes in the form of grape juice?

I thought so....

Peace, Love, & Happy Valentines Day to the single and the taken

Sweet T

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm A Total Junkie

Today is Friday.  It's a good day.

Well, it didn't start out as a good day because one of my professors made me cry because I'm incompetent with a video camera, and can't pass a test to save my life, and because I'll never become a director, even though I never had any intention of ever being one, and because I love chocolate too much, and because it's Friday and who really administers a test on Friday anyways? And because my favorite color is a shade between turquoise and jade, And because I named a cat "Rosie" one time, And it's February 10, and that just has to be an unlucky day for me even though it's my Sweet Aunt Tori's birthday (Much Love to ya T-Sizzle) and I just want to paint and cook for the rest of my life but no one in the world of education seems to understand that but my family and close friends do so that's exactly why after this rather lengthy chain of unfortunate events my Grandma and my Great Grandma saved me from the pit of I-don't-need-no-education Despair by taking me Junkin'.

*********************I'm taking this moment to catch my breath**********************

Ok, I feel better now that I got all that off my chest.

Most of it is not even relevant to why I'm a big baby and cried this morning but I just felt like I would be doing you a favor by letting you know my favorite color, and my cat's name.  Your welcome.

What is relevant though is that Mom and Gran took me junkin' today, and it made my soul sing.

(For those of you who don't know what Junkin' is here is your proper definition.....:

Junkin': The act of going to really neat stores and buying old scuffed up things that you will probably never use, but then again you might.  And in the chance that you do find a place to use your junk, everything becomes right in the world. Amen.)

We spent all afternoon roaming through various Junk stores that smelt of old wood, and cinnamon and found some of the greatest junk. 

Most of this "Junk" probably seems just like that, junk.  But if you are a true junker, down in your soul you will see what can become of all this junk...A glorified mess.  Which is exactly what we want it to be.

This is a chandelier. Duh...

My lovely sister is wanting a chandelier for her room so it can take on that whole Shabby/Chic/Western look....Don't worry I'm confused too. 

Not Really.

This is a floor. Duh...

The coolest floor I've ever seen. Amen.

Peace, Love, & I want to be a Professional Junker.

Sweet T

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Runners in the Mist

I don't like to run.

Running doesn't like me.

We accepted this fact in our relationship a long time ago when it threw me to the curb and told me I was slower than everybody else...And then I cried and took off my Nike tennis shoes and went home and ate scrambled eggs.  It's what I do when I'm upset.

This semester at college though, I decided to give running another chance but, I made some rules:

1)We had to take it slow.
I wasn't going to visit it everyday. Just week days and after I ate spaghetti.

2)It can't talk back to me. 
The second I pull a hamstring we're FINISHED.

3) It's got to make me look good. 
If i don't feel happier with it around, then what's the point?

Once running agreed to these terms, I dove in head first and haven't looked back since....that is, until today.

Me and my roommate have been doing so good at our new "healthy lifestyle." We eat nothing but fruit, salads, and granola bars.  My taste buds hate me for it.  Actually, I'm pretty mad at myself about it but, it's something that had to be done.

So, as you can imagine, we were getting a little tired of all this bland, healthy junk so today, we splurged.

That's right.  I said it.

Today for lunch we had pasta and bread.

Somebody should beat me with a branch.

I let myself down.

I let my running down.

I let society down.

After I feared that the world would never be the same if I didn't do some sort of exercise to make up for all those calories, me and my roommate decided it was time to go on a date with running.

He was very eager to see us.

I think we overlooked the fact that outside (where we would be visiting running) it would be 30 degrees.  We were reminded of this as soon as we stepped outside into the bitter cold and my fingers almost fell off.  But we still met running anyway.

We ran all the way from our 6th floor dorm room to the town square, where we took refuge in a tiny, lovely coffee shop for an hour and a half and had a much needed girl talk.

It was great.

All is right in the world now.

Running loves me.

I have mixed feelings about him.


Peace, Love, & I need a brownie now...

Sweet T

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Simple Really...

I've always wanted to go to Italy because I believe that I would love everything about it.

I came to this conclusion because I love Italian food (every bit of it), I love faking Italian accents (badly at that), and...Oh yea, I love Italian food.

My love for Italy grew even stronger when I was in 8th grade and watched The Lizzie McGuire was definitely a life changing moment. *I say this in my most sarcastic know-it-all voice*

I've always thought my longing to visit this beautiful country would eventually subside due to you know, money reasons.  I don't have much extra money laying around to tour all of the Italian country side at the moment...

BUT!  Last semester when I spilt my paint water all over my dorm floor I was ecstatic to see that the stain looked just like Italy...and I'm convinced now more than ever that I must go there someday and eat as much tomato sauce as possible. Amen.

The whole point of my ranting above was to let you know that I love Italy...and food and, more importantly, that I paint.  And that my painting can get very messy. (Obviously, just ask the Italy stain on my dorm floor.)

As of late, I have been painting more and more, and sometimes I run out of things to paint so I just paint the next thing I see.  Sometimes this a good thing, and sometimes its bad...depending on who's objects I paint.

So with that long, drawn out story I am going to leave with you a gallery of my *cough*cough* artwork.


If you laugh it's Ok, I will forgive you...after I spend a month ignoring you text/phone calls/emails/etc.

No pressure.

(Side note: If you want to know why I paint so much I have the answer. It's simple really: I paint because I'm not very smart...or maybe I'm not very smart because I paint so much?  No, no, I paint a lot because I am very smart and therefore don't need to be no smarter. No? Ok, I give up...I'm going to go paint my neighbors door.)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Sunday


This is a picture of a woman who is more interested in her shoes, Instagram, pizza, life-changing cookie dough dip, and the tree down on the corner than she is the Superbowl.

Sorry for all you die hard fans put it lightly...I could care less.

Here are the reasons I even go to Superbowl parties:

1) Food.  Unhealthy, greasy, fattening, delicious food, that I will regret the morning after.  But I eat it anyways.

2) Fun.  Your friends are there. Your there.  Board games are there if you get bored with the actual football game (which I did after the first 5 seconds...Forgive me.)

3) It's tradition.  Ok in my house it was not always tradition but has recently become a tradition where the family gets together, makes pizza and meatloaf, and laughs at the half time shows and tacky commercials.  Don't let that fool's a real bonding experience.

So you see, I just couldn't miss out.

I even made brownies.

Knock-you-naked invented by the pioneer woman, but I managed to give them my own little twist by adding cayenne and salt.

I think I added too much cayenne and salt because my friend Hayden said "these are like taking shots!"

I'm not sure what kind of shots he was referring to when he said that but, I took it that he meant they were very strong.  And if that's the case I did my job right. Amen.

Peace, Love, & I hope you all had a memorable time on Superbowl Sunday.

Sweet T

Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Is there any greater love?

Well, these here cousins are all quite unique...

Reno:  The Baby. 
The sweet, innocent one.  The one that yells "Doe!" at all of Autumns basketball games...
The one that walks around constantly playing with my Mother's cowhide coasters.....
The one that eats like no body's business....
The one that stills every body's heart....
The one that is very mischievous...but who cares because he has a smile that will make your heart melt, and flow into a little puddle that spells out "Reno."

Trail: The Man.  
The one that wants to be a Brahman Breeder when he grows up....
The one that has loved frogs since he emerged from my Mother's womb (sorry, that was a little descriptive)....
The one that thinks he can speak Spanish....
The one who thinks he is cool just because he has a rifle....(Ok I have to agree, that does make him cool.)
The one who is sweet despite his ornery side.

Scout: or "Plum" as her Mama calls her.
The girl who loves to get dressed up in her purple princess dress....
The girl who loves to ride Rose...
The girl who did my hair in her "Beauty Shop"....(It still hasn't recovered.)
The girl who can hang right in there with the boys....(watch out boys, someday she will still your trophy, and your heart....and then your trophy again.)
The girl who is my best, little friend and who thinks she is 19 just like me.

Autumn: or Autumn Lulu as she doesn't like to be called.
The girl who can already out rope all the boys....
The girl who dances in front of the mirror daily....
The (only) girl who can come close to ratting her hair as high as her sisters....
The girl who spills paint all over herself by just looking at it....
The girl who is my best, big(not referring to size here) friend....and sister.

Summer: Or Sweet T...or Me.
The girl who is a moron forever, and ever. Amen.
And, the girl who loves all her cousins and siblings dearly. Amen. (Again.)

Peace, Love, & We are rough crowd.

Sweet T