Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chocolate Pudding Saves Lives

I don't like email.  It's very complicated, and I get spam mail alot that scares me.

But, the other day I got bored so I decided to go read all my old emails...for fun.  Because I do things like that when I am bored...for fun.  And most of them were "trash and were going to be made into a Mini Series anyway!" Name that movie....

I found one collection of emails that me and my Mother exchanged on one of the many days I was bored as a High School Senior. 

They made me laugh so I decided to share them with the world because:

1) They are funny.
2) In all reality, they hold great ideas...
3)Yesterday day was my Mama's birthday and I kinda like her....


And try to contain your laughter, but if you can't it's ok.  It happens to the best of us.

So as I'm sitting here, just as I have been for approximately the last two & half hours (give or take a minute) I am still as bored as I was when I came in here. But! Neverfear for P-dubs book has saved me, and yes dare I say it, Inspired me to write! Along with you, and Autumn a cookbook/storybook...I know we have thought this over before, but now it is necessary that we write it as soon as possible, for the pure joy of the fact that it will be a fun thing to do, and we need to share your Chocolate Pudding recipe with the rest of the world.

Keeping it to ourselves is just plain unfair.

Love your ever thoughtful daughter


So my bored daughter, Im sorry you have nothing to do must be terrible to be a Senior! I think your cookbook idea is a grand just wonder when we might squeeze this tiny project in to our very busy lives. But thanks for making me want some chocolate pudding as im trying to stick to my diet! FYI...I ran and walked this morning(ok, mostly walked) and im pretty sure i pulled my hampster string....and i learned how to use the emotions button on my new email!!!

love your hungry and tired mother


The title of these emails was "Chocolate Pudding Saves Lives" a bit dramatic if you ask me, but hey what can I say? I was a High School Senior full of big dreams and a love for all things dessert...Oh wait, nothing has changed about that fact except now I'm a college freshman.

Peace, Love, & Happy Birthday Mama!

Sweet T

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