Sunday, February 26, 2012

Agriculture Communications & Sandhill Cattle Co.

I am an Agricultural person.

I am a Communicator.

I am an Agricultural Communicator.

(I am also an over eater of tortillas...but we won't get into that right now.)

This makes Agriculture Media & Communications the perfect major for me...the Ag Communicator.  It also makes it the perfect major for um...about 245,600 other college students...give or take a few.

This weekend I got to meet a few of the 245,600 other students from all over the U.S. of A at an Ag Communicators of Tomorrow Conference.

There was a lot of communicating going on....

I'm not real sure why.

But I liked it.


As you can imagine when you get many opinionated and passionate communicators in a room, ideas are flying freely around, and I managed to pick up a few that revolve around the social aspect of business.

While a lot of the ideas that I picked up need some time to simmer in a big pot (Just like stew...or John Wayne beans...or a roast....or anything else delicious you can think of...) one idea I plan to put into action ASAP. (I also learned how to say neat things like "ASAP" and "Ag-Vacate" and "Can I have another scone please.")

This idea is very simple, and should have come to me a long time ago...It's a Facebook page.  But not for me.  It's for Sandhill Cattle Company.

Now, by the time all of you read this there is a great chance my Father (operator of Sandhill) will have also read it, so my feelings on the idea may change slightly depending on how Daddy reacts to it....I kinda listen to his opinion every now and then because he's kinda smart, and I kinda like him....kinda.

What better way to promote a feed yard though...right?



Ok, so maybe not, but you never know who will discover the page, who might have previous interest in this kind of topic, or who might develop an interest in the greatest business in the world: The Cattle Business. Amen.

And with pictures like this....

How can your heart not be filled with joy?

Or at least the desire to go run around in the dirt with a fellow bovine friend...

Peace, Love, & Pray for all Ag Comm endeavors...

Sweet T

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