Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Simple Really...

I've always wanted to go to Italy because I believe that I would love everything about it.

I came to this conclusion because I love Italian food (every bit of it), I love faking Italian accents (badly at that), and...Oh yea, I love Italian food.

My love for Italy grew even stronger when I was in 8th grade and watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie...it was definitely a life changing moment. *I say this in my most sarcastic know-it-all voice*

I've always thought my longing to visit this beautiful country would eventually subside due to you know, money reasons.  I don't have much extra money laying around to tour all of the Italian country side at the moment...

BUT!  Last semester when I spilt my paint water all over my dorm floor I was ecstatic to see that the stain looked just like Italy...and I'm convinced now more than ever that I must go there someday and eat as much tomato sauce as possible. Amen.

The whole point of my ranting above was to let you know that I love Italy...and food and, more importantly, that I paint.  And that my painting can get very messy. (Obviously, just ask the Italy stain on my dorm floor.)

As of late, I have been painting more and more, and sometimes I run out of things to paint so I just paint the next thing I see.  Sometimes this a good thing, and sometimes its bad...depending on who's objects I paint.

So with that long, drawn out story I am going to leave with you a gallery of my *cough*cough* artwork.


If you laugh it's Ok, I will forgive you...after I spend a month ignoring you text/phone calls/emails/etc.

No pressure.

(Side note: If you want to know why I paint so much I have the answer. It's simple really: I paint because I'm not very smart...or maybe I'm not very smart because I paint so much?  No, no, I paint a lot because I am very smart and therefore don't need to be no smarter. No? Ok, I give up...I'm going to go paint my neighbors door.)

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