Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas to Me

Christmas to me means lots of family time.


Lots of time to pick on family.

Your right.
Lots of time to pick on MUCH more interesting.

So relax...
Have a seat...
Pop some pop-corn (With LOTS of butter.)...
And try not to laugh to hard at my family's expense...(They mean well!)

We will start with my favorite subject...Pippy Longstocking.
Ahem, I mean Autumn!
She's a beautiful girl...And her future in fashion merchandising is very bright.

But it's nothing compared to Pop's future as a Professional Certified Grillin' Machine.

Bobby've been warned.

Oh! And I think I've neglected to introduce you to the Super-Stars of my family.

Say no more.
America's Next Top model has already been contacted.

Oh yea, there is just one more family member I don't think you've met yet.
The reason you haven't met her yet is I'll just say it...She's WEIRD.

There's no way to hide it either. 

Her facial expressions alone are enough to make even Santa Clause cry.

And her athletic ability and coordination?  Believe me, she puts Irkel to shame!

She's also a little...(And you have to understand that when I say "little", I laugh, out loud.)...full of herself.

Ok, I've seen enough!
Please stop the agony!
This girl has MAJOR issues, and should be institutionalized.

Pray for her.

Peace, Love, and this is why I'm not allowed at family reunions anymore.

Sweet T

P.S. No harm was intended in the making of this post.  Please don't take my presents away!  I'll be good I promise!  No more calling Santa fat, and no more Snowman Smashing! 

Of course the snowman smashing would be alot easier if we had even a trace of snow...Fingers crossed!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lemme 'splain somethin' to you.

Well I could start out by saying how much I hate computers, but that would be an understatement...

I could start off by pointing out how much I am NOT technologically advanced...but you most likely have already noticed that...(I just realized that the Blogger Website has spellcheck! Merry Christmas to me!)

Or I could just say..
Merry Christmas.
Our computer is being a moron, much like it's owner, and refuses to cooperate, or let me blog.

Happy Holidays.
Even though there is no snow, there is plenty o' fog.

Tis the Season.
Christmas ccokies are a delight to all, until they meet their fate of too much icing.

Happy New Years.
The over-happy icing applier is my sister with whom I can be found (in the Pay-N-Save parking lot) a'fighting.


Peace, Love, & That is all I had to ' you.

Sweet T

P.S.  We do love each other.

P.S.S.  We just need to work on our patience.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uggs....That are not UGly.


Are they called Uggs because they are UGly? (Most defiantly not!)

Or did the Ugg manufacturers just want a unique name?

In any case, unlike most normal Uggs, my Uggs are filled with Peace & Love.

It's true...and despite what all of you believe it's not because my feet are in them, even though I do have *ahem*ahem* lovely feet. (except for the whole "cankle" thing....and yes, I'm still deathly afraid of anything with the first name, John, or last name, Deere...)

It's because....well it's just because they are.

Every time I wear them, we are one step closer to ending world hunger, and maintaining world peace! (Just kidding, I'm pretty sure my Uggs are not recyclable...)
Not to mention I make the world a more fashionable place....I hope....?
I think....?
I don't know....?

Anyways...just take a look at the magic for your self....

It's ok...let the tears flow...we'll all understand.

Peace, Love, & I get a little carried away sometimes...

Sweet T

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Plums & Super Nerds

Well I had a wonderful *ahem*ahem* post going, and my computer decided to be contrary and crash on me.

And you know what is ironic?

I'm watching "It's A Wonderful Life".

So instead of continuing with my now deceased post I am just going to focus on the wonderful things in my life...
1) Family...duh.

My family is wonderful for a number of reasons...but the main one is that they can all cook.
Just kidding...kinda.

2) Plums.

Am I the only one who thinks plums are plum wonderful?

Sorry I'm a super nerd.

3) Miniature Horses.

This fellow is willing to be anyones friend...except mine, he tried to bite me.

I'm still recovering.

4) Flying Pigs.

Everyone needs a flying pig...EVERYONE.

Well then why don't I have one?

And why does "It's A Wonderful Life" insist on mocking me?

And why did I just blog about plums, miniature horses, and flying pigs?

I don't know the question to any of the above questions...but I do know the answer the answer to this question:  Who's a super nerd?

I am.

I am a super nerd.

And I'm going to lie down now.

Peace, Love, & Someone get me a flying pig before all is lost.

Sweet T

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where's the Snow?

Since Christmas carols are being played everywhere...

And lights are up on all the houses...

And since there are five trees in our house...

It makes me think that there is only one thing missing to make the Christmas season complete....and no its not Christmas cookies (even though they do bring MUCH joy) is snow.

Last year at this time I remember snow.

Lots snow...

Lots and LOTS of snow.

And can you guess what we Townsend children did with that snow?

That's right.
We pummeled each other into the ground.

And after we finished crying, we all made up and were friends again.

 And then we built a snowman.

And all lived happily ever after.

Peace, Love, & The snowman's name was "Nacho"...You can blame my brother for that one.

Sweet T

P.S. We didn't all live happily ever after because about a year later I jumped out of a tractor, and gracefully twisted my ankle.

P.P.S.  If you never read my blog again I'll completely understand.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Sister

My Sister...

and funny at the same time.

Can quote a movie like no other...
And tutu's make her dance.

Singer of Taylor Swift...
with Bubba Teeth.

Refried Been cooker she is not...
but Lemon Meringue Pie she claims as her own.

Basketball makes her teeth show...
and Hoorey makes her smile.

Braces she despises...
but cannot stop her grin.

Mornings are not her friend...
but a friend she is to everyone.

Peace, Love, & I hope this makes up for all the "mean" post you claim I have made.

Sweet T

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Challenge?

So yesterday on the Scout Smith Scoop I read that there is a "challenge" going on between The Smith Scoop author, and the Sweet T author.  I also hear tell that this is going to be quite a battle.

Now I know nothing about this so called Sweet T girl...I mean, Who does she think she is? Calling herself "sweet" and all...

But I do however, know a thing or too about the Smith Scoop author, and you may want to read CAREFULLY before you choose to become a follower, because I have some pretty scary (and true) facts.

1) This Lady loves her kids WAY too much.

Look at all that makes me sick.

2) She feeds her husband much too well...

Look how content he is?  The nerve this Lady has!

3) She's witty.

So witty she makes me laugh, and then pinch myself because I had to laugh to heartily.

4) She's naturally gorgeous, has the personality of a talk show host you can't get enough of, and has talent to boot.

Who does she think she is??

Well, I hope you've seen enough, because I sure have.

I'm convinced this Lady should be ashamed of herself.

Now it's time to go dig up some dirt on this "Sweet T" girl, I bet she's a BIG nerd....I bet.

Peace, Love, & Crazy bloggers

Sweet T....ahem, I mean, um....Summer T

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Severe Cankle Case

Saturday morning, being the *ahem*ahem* marvelous daughter I am, I got up at 5:30 a.m. cooked a quick breakfast of eggs Benedict, and Belgian waffles, and then went to work with my Dad.

Ok so the whole eggs Benedict thing isn't true...they were just scrambled eggs.

Ok so I didn't cook breakfast at all, I just grabbed a Nutri-Grain Bar.

Anyways, (now that we've established I have an "overactive imagination") once me and my Dad arrived at the feed yard we fell into the normal routine:

1. Open Gates
2. Start Feed Trucks
3. Read Bunks
4. Daddy starts feeding
5. I feed horses...sometimes.
6. I get on Feed Tractor with Daddy to open Gates.

And it was after #6 that my morning order got terribly disrupted.

You see, usually I jump down from the tractor as graceful as a ballerina...there goes that overactive imagination again...and glide to the gate and thrust it open in order for Daddy to drive the Tractor through it.

Well this particular morning, every ounce of grace, and coordination I ever had, in my entire life left me...

When I jumped down from the tractor, I landed on un-even ground, twisted my weak ankles, and hit my knees....

I then proceeded to crawl around, crying like a baby, trying not to gag and/or faint.

My right ankle is now three times the size of my other one (severe cankle case) and is purple/blue, and tends to wiggle when I walk...which is quite often.

Now, if you have the strong urge to laugh, throw up, or never read my blog again, I'll completely understand.

I'm going to go soak my ankle in Epsom Salts now.

Peace, Love, & I am now anti-John Deere.

Sweet T

Sunday, November 28, 2010


When deer antlers appear....

When feather ornaments are hung...

When bows are all placed...

When netted ribbon is in abundance...

When Christmas berries are...everywhere...

When Red-Nosed Reindeer's pop out from trees...

And When Christmas Trees light up your heart...

You know Christmas is near!

Peace, Love, & Let the Holidays Begin!

Sweet T

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pie Throwdown

Contestant #1. 
Autumn Townsend. 
Age - 14 (going on 15). 
Favorite Food - Italian.
Hero - (To)Mater or John Wayne.
Take on the Holidays - The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear. -Elf
Pie Cooked - Lemon Meringue.

Contestant #2.
Sweet T
Age - 17(Going on middle aged)
Favorite Food - Meatloaf
Hero - Truvy Jones, or Cindy Lou Hoo.
Take on the Holidays - "Oh the humanity!" - The Grinch
Pie Cooked - Buttermilk

Judge #1.
Tripp Townsend
Age - 40
Favorite Food - Beef Tips & Rice.
Hero - My Dad.
Take on the Holidays - "I like the Holidays, because you can stay in the house with family."

Judge #2.
Hope Townsend
Age - 38
Favorite Food - Dr. Pepper...and Mexican.
Hero - Too many to mention
Take on the Holidays - "Love 'em. For three reasons: cooking, shopping, and family."

Judge #3.
Trail Townsend
Age - 8
Favorite Food - Bean Burritos
Hero - Bryce Chapman
Take on the Holidays - "I like to stay with my family, watch movies, and eat."

Who will win the Pie Throwdown?!?!

After much deliberation.....

The judges decided.....IT'S A TIE!!!!

And then I declared myself the winner, and Autumn pied me.

Just kidding, that didn't happen...but we did both make WONDERFUL pies.  Especially Autumn, her lemon meringue made me cry it was such a delicacy.  Kudos Autumn.

Peace, Love, & I want a Lemon Tree.

Sweet T

A Young Truvy

Could I pass as young Truvy Jones? (AKA: Dolly Parton.)

Come on look at the similarities....

1)Beautiful golden locks, carefully ratted.
2)Lovely, fair, blemish free skin.
3)Straight Pearly Whites framed by fire engine red lips.

Ok so I have none of the qualities listed above, but hey a girl can hope.

I'm not giving up yet!

I can still talk like her!

I'm still a Steel Magnolia!

I am still going to paint my door red and change my name to Elizabeth Taylor!

I still would rather step on my lips than talk about anybody!

And I'm obviously too twisted for color TV....I think I going to go lie down now.

Peace, Love, & Truvy lives!

Sweet T

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Bountiful Table

Tonight me and my family had a feast like no other feast ever had before.

(I've been talking about food alot lately....does that mean I have an addiction?
Hold that thought...the oven is going off.)

Instead of having our family Thanksgiving yesterday like all the other normal families, we decided to have ours today...because we are cool like that...Or weird?

Anyways...Behold our bountiful table!
Beautiful isn't it?
I get tears just looking at it.

There was one downside though, and that was that we had HAM with cranberry sauce, instead of TURKEY with cranberry sauce. Who does this "Ham" think it is?
It thinks it can just replace Turkey. Just like that!
Well not if I have anything to say about it!

I have issues.

We had so many side dishes I didn't know what to do with myself....
So I just started eating in order to think it over...

We also had Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice!
So if I'm slurrrrrinnng m-m-m-yyy wwww-ooo-rrdss thatssss w-w-w-hhhy.

I have issues.

And for dessert?!?!

Me and Autumn had a pie making contest that I'll have to tell you about later; results are still pending.

As you can see this day was not waisted.

We had so much food, I cried.
On top of that, we had so much family time, I cried.
Just kidding...kinda.
No really, just kidding...I think.

What are we talking about again?

Hey, don't ask me, your the one reading this blog....weirdo.

Have you been drinking some Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice too?

Peace, Love, & I have issues

Sweet T

Just A bunch Of Dorks

My Mom.

My Dad.

My Dorks.

My Dorks, that give each other Christmas gifts on Thanksgiving...

My Dorks that raised Dorks....

What can I say?
We are just a bunch of dorks.

Peace, Love, & Let me hear ya yell if you are a dork!

Sweet T