Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Challenge?

So yesterday on the Scout Smith Scoop I read that there is a "challenge" going on between The Smith Scoop author, and the Sweet T author.  I also hear tell that this is going to be quite a battle.

Now I know nothing about this so called Sweet T girl...I mean, Who does she think she is? Calling herself "sweet" and all...

But I do however, know a thing or too about the Smith Scoop author, and you may want to read CAREFULLY before you choose to become a follower, because I have some pretty scary (and true) facts.

1) This Lady loves her kids WAY too much.

Look at all that makes me sick.

2) She feeds her husband much too well...

Look how content he is?  The nerve this Lady has!

3) She's witty.

So witty she makes me laugh, and then pinch myself because I had to laugh to heartily.

4) She's naturally gorgeous, has the personality of a talk show host you can't get enough of, and has talent to boot.

Who does she think she is??

Well, I hope you've seen enough, because I sure have.

I'm convinced this Lady should be ashamed of herself.

Now it's time to go dig up some dirt on this "Sweet T" girl, I bet she's a BIG nerd....I bet.

Peace, Love, & Crazy bloggers

Sweet T....ahem, I mean, um....Summer T

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