Monday, December 6, 2010

Where's the Snow?

Since Christmas carols are being played everywhere...

And lights are up on all the houses...

And since there are five trees in our house...

It makes me think that there is only one thing missing to make the Christmas season complete....and no its not Christmas cookies (even though they do bring MUCH joy) is snow.

Last year at this time I remember snow.

Lots snow...

Lots and LOTS of snow.

And can you guess what we Townsend children did with that snow?

That's right.
We pummeled each other into the ground.

And after we finished crying, we all made up and were friends again.

 And then we built a snowman.

And all lived happily ever after.

Peace, Love, & The snowman's name was "Nacho"...You can blame my brother for that one.

Sweet T

P.S. We didn't all live happily ever after because about a year later I jumped out of a tractor, and gracefully twisted my ankle.

P.P.S.  If you never read my blog again I'll completely understand.

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