Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uggs....That are not UGly.


Are they called Uggs because they are UGly? (Most defiantly not!)

Or did the Ugg manufacturers just want a unique name?

In any case, unlike most normal Uggs, my Uggs are filled with Peace & Love.

It's true...and despite what all of you believe it's not because my feet are in them, even though I do have *ahem*ahem* lovely feet. (except for the whole "cankle" thing....and yes, I'm still deathly afraid of anything with the first name, John, or last name, Deere...)

It's because....well it's just because they are.

Every time I wear them, we are one step closer to ending world hunger, and maintaining world peace! (Just kidding, I'm pretty sure my Uggs are not recyclable...)
Not to mention I make the world a more fashionable place....I hope....?
I think....?
I don't know....?

Anyways...just take a look at the magic for your self....

It's ok...let the tears flow...we'll all understand.

Peace, Love, & I get a little carried away sometimes...

Sweet T

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