Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas to Me

Christmas to me means lots of family time.


Lots of time to pick on family.

Your right.
Lots of time to pick on MUCH more interesting.

So relax...
Have a seat...
Pop some pop-corn (With LOTS of butter.)...
And try not to laugh to hard at my family's expense...(They mean well!)

We will start with my favorite subject...Pippy Longstocking.
Ahem, I mean Autumn!
She's a beautiful girl...And her future in fashion merchandising is very bright.

But it's nothing compared to Pop's future as a Professional Certified Grillin' Machine.

Bobby've been warned.

Oh! And I think I've neglected to introduce you to the Super-Stars of my family.

Say no more.
America's Next Top model has already been contacted.

Oh yea, there is just one more family member I don't think you've met yet.
The reason you haven't met her yet is I'll just say it...She's WEIRD.

There's no way to hide it either. 

Her facial expressions alone are enough to make even Santa Clause cry.

And her athletic ability and coordination?  Believe me, she puts Irkel to shame!

She's also a little...(And you have to understand that when I say "little", I laugh, out loud.)...full of herself.

Ok, I've seen enough!
Please stop the agony!
This girl has MAJOR issues, and should be institutionalized.

Pray for her.

Peace, Love, and this is why I'm not allowed at family reunions anymore.

Sweet T

P.S. No harm was intended in the making of this post.  Please don't take my presents away!  I'll be good I promise!  No more calling Santa fat, and no more Snowman Smashing! 

Of course the snowman smashing would be alot easier if we had even a trace of snow...Fingers crossed!

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