Saturday, December 11, 2010

Plums & Super Nerds

Well I had a wonderful *ahem*ahem* post going, and my computer decided to be contrary and crash on me.

And you know what is ironic?

I'm watching "It's A Wonderful Life".

So instead of continuing with my now deceased post I am just going to focus on the wonderful things in my life...
1) Family...duh.

My family is wonderful for a number of reasons...but the main one is that they can all cook.
Just kidding...kinda.

2) Plums.

Am I the only one who thinks plums are plum wonderful?

Sorry I'm a super nerd.

3) Miniature Horses.

This fellow is willing to be anyones friend...except mine, he tried to bite me.

I'm still recovering.

4) Flying Pigs.

Everyone needs a flying pig...EVERYONE.

Well then why don't I have one?

And why does "It's A Wonderful Life" insist on mocking me?

And why did I just blog about plums, miniature horses, and flying pigs?

I don't know the question to any of the above questions...but I do know the answer the answer to this question:  Who's a super nerd?

I am.

I am a super nerd.

And I'm going to lie down now.

Peace, Love, & Someone get me a flying pig before all is lost.

Sweet T

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