Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Horse Photography

One of my favorite blogs, The Pioneer Woman, is hosting a "Horses" photography contest all week, and this brings me much, much joy.

Why? you ask...well I will tell you why......

Reasons why I find joy in a "Horses" photography assignment:

1. Horses are beautiful.

They are graceful, and lovely, and bring peace to everyone who is blessed enough to be around them. 

For example:  Every time my sister gets around her horse (Hoorey) she starts crying tears of joy, because she loves him so....Amen.

Just kidding, she doesn't really cry, but she does love him, as only a girl can love a horse. 

The feeling is indescribable.


And now I am crying too.

2. Horses are fun.

Whether you ride them, or just watch people ride is fun, and I always take pictures in order to capture the fun.  That's Right, consider the fun captured.

3. Horses are wise.

Consider Pink Panther for example....

Just look at his expression? It's so wise, so understanding, so thoughtful....

Well either those things, or he's really wishing the Brahman Breeder would quit jabbing him in the sides with his new spurs. 

Which brings me to the next reason why....

4.  Horses are tolerant.

Pink Panther really puts up with anything. 

Almost every time the Brahman Breeder rides him, he manages to...
  • Whip him with his bridle at least 7245 times (so he can catch up to The Boss of course.)
  • Spur him with his spurs (duh) at least 7246 times (for the same reason above.)
  • Pat him about 7247(give or take a few) reward him for his "hard work."
  • Unsaddle him, and clean out his feet for the 5th time that hour.
Yes, I would say Pink Panther deserves a day off every now and then for his huge amount of tolerance for the Brahman Breeders actions.

5.  Horses can do anything.

Just check out "Cricket." (Yes his name was Cricket, and he was my horse, and we sold him. End of story.  Yes I'm over it...Yes I'll be ok...I'm managing...No I'm not crying! Why is everyone starting at me?! Just Stop!.........Pray for me.)

Cricket could work a cow like not many horses can, and it was amazing to watch him jab this way, jab that way, and then turn the cow like a pro...which he was.

In summary of # 5: I miss Cricket...but I've quit crying in public, so we're making progress.

So really, my list could go on, and on, and on, and on, and so forth...but I think you probably get the idea.

Read PW, and see for yourself all the awesome/wonderful/athletic horses that are out there, and who knows maybe that will inspire you to go buy your own horse, and experience the love for yourself.


Peace, Love, & Make sure your horse is not "jumpy" or "skittish", because this could result in the landing of your hind quarters in a large, spiky cactus, and it will affect you for, well...the rest of your life.

Sweet T

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 Things Essential to My Survival

1.  French Braiding.

This is not a vanity issue either, it's most defiantly essential to my survival, and over all well-being in college. 
My Mom braids my hair, well, probably twice a month (every Tuesday and Friday during basketball season, and everyday of my life from birth to 6 years of age...Not exaggerating.) now, and I love it.  It's beautiful, simple, and makes me feel like I could conquer the world! ( It doesn't take much to motivate me....sorry.)

But now I am 18 years old, and I've realized that for a girl who spent the better part of her life in french braids it is a pathetic thing that I do not know how to braid for myself.

I've begged, yes even pleaded for my mom to teach me how...but she just claims that it is impossible..........Ok I made that up, I really haven't pleaded all that much, but I do want to know how!

Someone help me...Please?

Alright fine, I'll just flunk out of college for lack of my french braid know-how.  Thanks for your help.

2. Owning a Miniature Horse.

I need one....It's essential.

They are so cute, and funny, and if I tried really hard I could probably train them to make me breakfast in the morning, or at least go get my paper....Wait? We don't get the paper.

Ok, nevermind, but I do need one. 

If I don't get one I'll j-, I'll just die!!

Ok, nevermind, I wouldn't die, but I do need one.  It's essential....definitely essential.

3.  Wearing an Apron while cooking....Not just for fun, or looks either.

I wear an apron everytime I cook, without fail.

Well, except for last night, when I forgot, and I got a huge pink stain on my favorite T-shirt, and that made me very angry, and I ended up burning my hand on the cupcake pan, which made me get mad, and call Autumn a name that probably started with "S" and ended with "tupid" and then she got mad at me, and punched me.  (Just kidding...she didn't really punch me, Praise the Lord.) 

Talk about an unfortunate chain of events....but this just goes to show that NO MATTER what you are cooking, you must wear an apron.

Even the Popster agrees with me.

4. Apparently posting embarrassing pictures of myself is essential to my over all well-being, because I seem to do it alot, and for that I apologize.

On everything that is good and holy in the world I apologize.

5. Eating cobbler is essential to my survival.

Because cobbler is good.

Really, really good.

6.  Cattle.

Whatever form or fashion they choose to be in, (steak being the most appealing) I  always love them, and they are essential to my happiness, and my survival.


Peace, Love, & Shopping is essential to my survival too...oh yeah, and family.

Sweet T

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Recipe for Life

Today is my favorite day of the week....Meat-Packed Monday.

It's a lovely day, full of happiness, and peace, and meat. And what could be better than that?

Today I'm going to give you my favorite meat recipe.  A recipe that will defiantly ensure success, I call it....The Recipe for Life.

Here are the steps:  (Be sure to follow word for word...because they are words of an expert.)

1.  Eat a meal that includes at least one portion of beef, everyday.  Preferably twice a day, at least.

Doing this will make you grow strong bones, (Believe me, it's not just something parents say to make their kids the actual truth, and it's doctor proven, and it's Sweet T approved too.)
Beef will make your teeth whiter, your hair shinier, and your life happier...This is doctor proven least the doctors in Texas anyways.

2.  Do things to promote the eating of Beef.

Whatever it is...Host a Beef Party where friends all bring an entree where beef is the main attraction.
Write an article in your newspaper where you encourage EVERYONE to eat beef that day. (Say that it is Sweet approved and everyone will be sure to obey...Did I mention I have a marvelous sense of humor??)

Or go help your local feedyard get their task done early, so they can go home and spend time with their families, doing the things that families love most: Playing dodge ball, and eating steak.  Helping your local feedyard will also increase your knowledge of the beef industry, and make you love it all the more...which is a very good thing, because after all, Beef = Love.

3.  Play Dodge ball, and eat least once a day.

Playing dodge ball provides for a hearty appetite, and what better way to ease that appetite than to heat a hearty helping of steak, with a side of steak...That's right, there is no better way.

4.  Spend time with your family.

Spending time with your family is never a bad idea.  Whether you talk about beef with your kids, and how wonderful it is, or eat beef with your kids, and tell them how wonderful it is, or makes your kids ride wild Brahmans named Tortilla, and tell them how wonderful it is (If they fall off and cry just remember this: It probably made them stronger...probably.)...It really doesn't matter what you do...and despite the bumps, and bruises you may experience from riding Tortilla, it's still family time.

5.  Give your daughters money to go shopping...Just kidding, but a girl can dream right?

Forgive me, for being a moron.

5.  Do that which you love.

Whether it be fishing, or shopping, or working in your garden, or writing blogs about how much you love doesn't matter what it is, as long as you love, and enjoy doing it, (and as long as it's not harmful to mankind) then that's what matters.

So go conquer the world today with your new found wisdom that I have provided you with (there goes that pesky sense of humor's uncontrollable really.) and remember: To eat beef is to live. (I should probably copyright that....)

Peace, Love, & Beef is not to blame for was the chicken.

Sweet T

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweet Cupcakes

Lately I've become sort of a fanatic about cupcakes.

Actually, fanatic might be an understatement...Obsessive is probably a more accurate term.

I literally dream about cupcakes. They are just so cute, and fun, not to mention downright naturally, I would become obsessed with them right?

Now while this may not be good(or healthy) for, health, it's defiantly made my classmates and teachers like me a whole lot more...they even quit calling me nerd!  (That's defiantly a small personal victory for nerds everywhere.)

These are some "Black & White" cupcakes I made a few weeks ago.

The "Black" was chocolate (duh), and the "white" was cream cheese (not so "duh" it's actually a pleasant surprise!)

And they were well...I'll just go on and say it...AWESOME.

They were moist, and flavor full, and made me want to cry everytime I took a bite...(The happy cry of course.)

They weren't on the cute side though, because I'm still a work in progress on my decorating.

this is definitely a cupcake that I will eat anytime of the day, night, month, get the idea.

So here is the quick & simple version of the recipe:

Make a basic chocolate cupcake (any recipe will do.)

Make a cream cheese mixture:
  • 1 package cream cheese
  • I cup sugar
Put the chocolate batter into the cupcake pans.
Dab a dollop of cream cheese right into the chocolate, and swirl away.

Put into your preheated 375 degree oven.
Bake until they are ready...about 20-25 minutes...or less if your like me and like 'em really gooey.
Live the rest of your life happy.

Peace, Love, & I'm going to go make cupcakes now...

Sweet T

P.S.  Share your Ideas!!

I'm dying to know your favorite cupcake!  So don't hesitate, share your favorite recipe with the world, so they can enjoy the happiness your find in a cupcake as well.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brahman Breeder & Pink Panther

Pink Panther is the Brahman Breeder's Horse. (I use to call him "Brahman Rancher" but I was informed by the big man himself that that terms is not correct.)

Pink Panther is gentle, and kind, and a nerd...just like his owner.

He is kinda...chubby.  (Pink Panther, not his owner.)

Pink Panther could be considered lazy too, but don't tell BB (Brahman Breeder) that.

He is perfect for little boys, that want to grow up to be cowboys, or Brahman Breeders.

Pink Panther has been BB's horse for quite awhile now, and it seems like the first time BB got on him it was a perfect match. Now, even just mentioning the fact that someone else might be considering riding Pink Panther causes an all out war. Because that doesn't make the Brahman Breeder very all.

Together, BB and Pink Panther are unstoppable.

They do everything together.

They are even the same age.

They are comrades, and partners in crime.

Peace, Love, & I think Pink Panther is cute...don't tell his owner I said that.

Sweet T

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh Wheat, Sweet Wheat

Today, being the ambitious go-getter of a family that we are, after watching Daddy and his buddies rope we (we being Mama, Autumn, myself, and Trail) decided to go take my Senior pictures in the lovely wheat field next to our lovely feedyard (Yes, I said "lovely feedyard" and I meant it too.)

I wanted to take pictures in the wheat field because I love the green lusciousness, I love the soft dewy look, and I love the pure, lovely aroma that it the natural thing to do would be to pose in it?

Well, that's what felt natural to me anyways.

So we sauntered off to the field and started taking pictures.

Mama photographed.

My lovely sister critiqued.

I posed.

And my Pesky brother played in mud that probably had hazardous chemicals soaked into it...we're still waiting to see if he produces fins, and gills...he's hoping.

As we took the pictures I grew fonder, and fonder of the wheat.

It was so lovely, so calming, and so fresh.

I wanted to move there.  Just build a house right there in that very spot....Of course I changed my mind when I realized that the wheat is about to magically change into my breakfast of choice every scratch that thought.

Instead, I wanted to just cut it all up, and take it home with me, and make it into beautiful flower arrangement to adorn our house....but then I realized that the farmer of this wheat might get slightly angry with me for taking all his wheat...only slightly.

So instead of doing all of the things listed above, I just decided to wright an ode to my beloved wheat.

It goes like this:

Oh wheat, sweet wheat, I love you so,
So fresh, so pure, so beautiful as you grow.

You prosper, and you thrive
Only needing sunshine to keep you alive.

Your radiant glow is proof of this,
Just watching you sway in the wind is pure bliss.

I want to keep you all to myself,
Store you forever on my favorite shelf.

But people would come after me, I'm sure,
And as everyone knows, pain I cannot endure.

Because I might be considered a wimp,
Or goofy, or silly, but not as much as the chimps. (?)

Nevermind my crazy talk.
This poem is about the vegetation I stalk.

Oh wheat, sweet wheat, I love you so,

So fresh, so pure, so beautiful as you grow.

Copyright Sweet T.

(Just kidding, I didn't really copyright it, I've just always wanted to say that...Forgive my moronic tendencies.)

Peace, Love, & Downside of wheat? It makes me itch.

Sweet T

Wide World of Horses

As of lately, I've been eating, breathing, and focusing solely on horses.

Not literally, that would be weird.....Really weird....

Anyways, I have been going to Horse Judging Contest, Actual Horse Contest, Rodeos etc. etc. So as you can imagine its all I think about, well except for food...I think about that alot too.

And I have come to the conclusion that,

Horses are beautiful.

Horses are athletic.

They are graceful.

Horses are funny.

Horses are patriotic.

They are peaceful.

They are our allies.

Our babysitters.

Our Best friends.

Peace, Love, & They can also be pest, but we always over look that...(Funny, sounds like myself?)

Sweet T

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet Our Animals

This is Max.

Max is special.

Max likes to eat, and chase "things" around the yard.

Max is very loving, especially when you feed him.

Max is kinda weird.

Pink Panther is kinda weird too, just like his rider...but we all love them anyways.

Pink Panther is kind, and gentle, and slightly irritating, but very loyal to his partner in crime, the Brahman Rancher.

Speaking of Brahman's...Tortilla, unlike Pink Panther, is not very loyal.

He is fast, and strong, and I am scared of him...I'm working on that fear.

This is Hoorey.

He is pretty much a member of the family, only he doesn't live in the house, but that's only because he couldn't fit through the door.

Hoorey is definitely a pest, but he is so athletic, and cute, that nobody really cares.

This is....cattle.

They live at the feedyard, and they give me food, and more importantly, clothes.

I love these cattle.

They are cute.

Peace, Love, & Animals are wonderful, and cute.

Sweet T

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wannabe Brahman Rancher

My little brother has been seriously considering his future...

And frankly, I am worried that he is going to run out of time before he finds his calling.

To make matters worse, he has so many talents, and interest that I don't know if he'll ever be able to decide...

For awhile he just knew that catching lizards, and snakes, and crocodiles, and other awful, terrible...I mean um...scaly, unique creatures like his Hero, Steve Irwin, was his dream job. 

He soon found out however that his mother might lock him in his room forever if he decided to bring home things that could inject harmful poison into everyone.  So naturally, he switched to a more obvious choice: A Vet/Cowboy.

After he realized he would have to go to school for a long time though, he ditched the idea of "vet" and switched over to dreaming of being a certified, true-blue, Brahman Rancher.

This was an idea that I was definitely in favor of.

Because for 1. How many girls get to say that their brother is a certified Brahman Rancher?
And for 2.  Brahman's are cute...but don't tell the Wannabe True-blue Brahman Rancher I said that.

The Brahman Rancher however, has found a different interest.

One that is a little riskier.

One that might be a bit crazier.

One that might cause his mother to go grey long before her time.

(And no, it's not a lawyer.)

My little brother has decided to become....

A professional Bull Rider.

He has a natural talent for the thing.

He kicked.

He spurred.

And he hung on for dear life, as the menacing bull twisted, and bucked round, and round.

This boy has no fear...

Nothing can stop him!  NOTHING!

Well except for the fact that he might be, kind of, sort of, terrified of the real bucking bulls.

So after he realized that the real bulls would be out to get him, much unlike the mechanical bull with no personality, he decided that being Brahman Rancher is most definitely his calling.

Peace, Love, & I think Wannabe Brahman Ranchers are cute...but don't tell him I said that.

Sweet T

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh for the Love of Joy.

Logging onto my computer for the first time in Oh? Well...if you want to be accurate, 1 week and 2 days, (not that anyones keeping count....Ok, ok, your right I was!) has caused me such joy that I think I'm experiencing a sudden, and strange illness...

Here are my symptoms:
  • Crying (dramatically) tears of joy.
  • Shaking with fits of pure joy.
  • Breathing into a plastic bag, for fear of hyperventalating...from joy.
Now, I'm no doctor, but I would say that I am experiencing a rare sickness called, lackofbloggingcausesnojoybutbloggingagaincausesmuchjoy...or in simple terms, I'maddictedtobloggingbecauseILOVEit.

Either way you put it, blogging causes me joy, and I hope that by reading my joyfull blogs, that are full of joy, you experience at least a little of my joy for yourself, because that is what I am here, and that is why I blog: TO BRING JOY!

I'm done now.

The End.

Just kidding, you can't get rid of me that easily.

Now, while we are on the topic of joy, I have some pretty good news that has brought ALOT of people joy.

Not exaggerating, I think even people in Northern and Southern Canada are feeling it....Well, maybe not, but if they knew, they definately would be joyful...definately.

The news is this:

My seester, ahem excuse my, sister has skills!

Not that we thought she was lacking them, I mean it was questionable for a time when she hung upside down continuoulsy, but we got through that stage together as a family.

(Example A)

No, this is different, these "skills" I am talking about are skills that some grown mean aren't even blessed with.
Skills that some people would eat a whole can of pickled beets for. (Seriously, do you know one person that actually enjoys pickled beets in a can? That's what I thought....)

Skills that people work night and day just to gain, but still are far from reaching their goal. 

Skills that my Sister is definately blessed with.

Horse riding, cow working, and roping skills, that is.

(Note: The pictures I am about to show you were taken by an amateur *cough*me*cough*, and should not be critized to harshly, after all I am only a moron.)

You see, sister competed in a Ranch Horse show in order to qualify for the Ranch Horse Finals that are held on an annual basis.  Most people who qualify are old (like at least 30) and are men, but this year sister put a stop to this trend, and decided to show all the Cowboys that what this world really needs is a good Cowgirl.

And to that I say AMEN SISTA!! 
(And that is the reason, why I sometimes get glared at by strangers...Pray for me.)

So last week when I told you that we were going to attending a minimum of a thousand (and one) rodeos that week, that is what I meant...and now you also know, why I, and evey other sane person in America, is in love with Rodeo.

The end.  For Real....This time.

Peace, Love, & Go to a Rodeo, It brings joy.

Sweet T

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rodeo is Beautiful

Lovely friends, and meat Lovers alike (I hope) my blogging, as you may have noticed, has been put on hold, but only, I stress ONLY, temporarily, and it is for the sake of none other than my favorite thing, the thing that makes me happy, the thing that revives my soul, and that thing is Rodeo.

You see this past week, and for the rest of the week that is left we are involved in rodeos.

All kinds of rodeos.

Some are team events, some are a one man game, and some are merely for the benefit of my favorite Equine specimen, the horse....either way you see it, it is for rodeo...And that explains everything.

Rodeo revives the heart, soul, and mind....

Rodeo brings folks together...

Rodeo is beautiful.  It makes me whole.

So please find it in your heart to forgive my lack of writing, and promise me to still welcome me, and love me, because I still love you.

Peace, Love, and Long Live Rodeo

Sweet T

Monday, March 7, 2011

Beef Calzone

Beef Cattle.




And the they meat they provide us with?

Yes, it is even better.

It's tasty, tender, and delectable.

Everything I could ever need is in that one juicy steak that I happily lose myself in on any given day of the week.

It's everything you need too.

It's everything the world needs.

It's vital.

And that is why I'm continuing the revolution! 

Yes dear friends, it is once again a Meat-Packed Monday.

I love Meat-Packed Mondays.

They make me Happy.

And this Monday you can be happy as well, because not only do I have a beef recipe, I have a simple beef recipe.  One that will make you sing joyful songs (preferably Taylor Swift ones...) while you cook.

It's a Beef Calzone!

A calzone is simply a folded over pizza, and that means twice the toppings, and twice the crust in every slice.  It also means that you will cry tears of joy immediatley following your first bite.

All you need is:

#1.  1 can of pizza dough (Don't bother yourself with making your own dough, when you can simply buy one that is just as tasty, and just as lovely.)

#2.  1 Jar of Pizza Sauce (If your feeling industrious, go ahead, make your own.  I'll applaud you for it.)

#3.  1 pound of ground beef

#4.   chopped Bell Pepper (I like to use the green ones, because they make the pizza beautiful.)

#5.  Half of a chopped Onion ( I like to use the purple onion...refer to #4.)

#6.  Dash of Pepper, Salt, and Garlic Powder (To season our already delicious beef.)

#7.  I package Mozzarella cheese.  I love cheese.

Cooking Insturction!:

#1.  Cook ground beef, unitl it's...well?..cooked. Season it with the pepper, salt, and garlic, and add your chopped bell pepper, and purple onion.

#2.  Pop open your crust, and gently roll it out on a baking sheet.  I use my Mother's splatter ware baking sheet, because it makes me feel like Paula Deen, only slightly less southern...Only slightly.

#3.  Pour out your pizza sausce, generously, onto the dough.

#4.  Add all your toppings to the pizza.  Cheese included! Never forget the cheese. 

#5.  Now here is the tedious part....Carefully pick up one end of the pizza, and fold it over to the other side.

#6.  Pop it in the oven.

#7.  Cook it, until it nice, and my skin.  Just kidding.

#8.  Eat. Love. Rejoice.

Peace, Love, & Never stop eating beef.

Sweet T

Friday, March 4, 2011

Peaceful Fridays. I love them.

 Whether you're talking to your brother....

Or your sister...

Or your beloved...

Whether you're pickin' some delectable berries for an equally delectable pie...

Or chillin'...

Or staring at the strange lady taking your picture....

What ever you're doing...

It really doesn't matter.

All that matters is that you enjoy your Friday, your Dr. Pepper, and your life....Oh, and your beef too.


Peace, Love, & I love Fridays.  They're very peaceful.

Sweet T