Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh Wheat, Sweet Wheat

Today, being the ambitious go-getter of a family that we are, after watching Daddy and his buddies rope we (we being Mama, Autumn, myself, and Trail) decided to go take my Senior pictures in the lovely wheat field next to our lovely feedyard (Yes, I said "lovely feedyard" and I meant it too.)

I wanted to take pictures in the wheat field because I love the green lusciousness, I love the soft dewy look, and I love the pure, lovely aroma that it the natural thing to do would be to pose in it?

Well, that's what felt natural to me anyways.

So we sauntered off to the field and started taking pictures.

Mama photographed.

My lovely sister critiqued.

I posed.

And my Pesky brother played in mud that probably had hazardous chemicals soaked into it...we're still waiting to see if he produces fins, and gills...he's hoping.

As we took the pictures I grew fonder, and fonder of the wheat.

It was so lovely, so calming, and so fresh.

I wanted to move there.  Just build a house right there in that very spot....Of course I changed my mind when I realized that the wheat is about to magically change into my breakfast of choice every scratch that thought.

Instead, I wanted to just cut it all up, and take it home with me, and make it into beautiful flower arrangement to adorn our house....but then I realized that the farmer of this wheat might get slightly angry with me for taking all his wheat...only slightly.

So instead of doing all of the things listed above, I just decided to wright an ode to my beloved wheat.

It goes like this:

Oh wheat, sweet wheat, I love you so,
So fresh, so pure, so beautiful as you grow.

You prosper, and you thrive
Only needing sunshine to keep you alive.

Your radiant glow is proof of this,
Just watching you sway in the wind is pure bliss.

I want to keep you all to myself,
Store you forever on my favorite shelf.

But people would come after me, I'm sure,
And as everyone knows, pain I cannot endure.

Because I might be considered a wimp,
Or goofy, or silly, but not as much as the chimps. (?)

Nevermind my crazy talk.
This poem is about the vegetation I stalk.

Oh wheat, sweet wheat, I love you so,

So fresh, so pure, so beautiful as you grow.

Copyright Sweet T.

(Just kidding, I didn't really copyright it, I've just always wanted to say that...Forgive my moronic tendencies.)

Peace, Love, & Downside of wheat? It makes me itch.

Sweet T

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