Monday, March 21, 2011

Wannabe Brahman Rancher

My little brother has been seriously considering his future...

And frankly, I am worried that he is going to run out of time before he finds his calling.

To make matters worse, he has so many talents, and interest that I don't know if he'll ever be able to decide...

For awhile he just knew that catching lizards, and snakes, and crocodiles, and other awful, terrible...I mean um...scaly, unique creatures like his Hero, Steve Irwin, was his dream job. 

He soon found out however that his mother might lock him in his room forever if he decided to bring home things that could inject harmful poison into everyone.  So naturally, he switched to a more obvious choice: A Vet/Cowboy.

After he realized he would have to go to school for a long time though, he ditched the idea of "vet" and switched over to dreaming of being a certified, true-blue, Brahman Rancher.

This was an idea that I was definitely in favor of.

Because for 1. How many girls get to say that their brother is a certified Brahman Rancher?
And for 2.  Brahman's are cute...but don't tell the Wannabe True-blue Brahman Rancher I said that.

The Brahman Rancher however, has found a different interest.

One that is a little riskier.

One that might be a bit crazier.

One that might cause his mother to go grey long before her time.

(And no, it's not a lawyer.)

My little brother has decided to become....

A professional Bull Rider.

He has a natural talent for the thing.

He kicked.

He spurred.

And he hung on for dear life, as the menacing bull twisted, and bucked round, and round.

This boy has no fear...

Nothing can stop him!  NOTHING!

Well except for the fact that he might be, kind of, sort of, terrified of the real bucking bulls.

So after he realized that the real bulls would be out to get him, much unlike the mechanical bull with no personality, he decided that being Brahman Rancher is most definitely his calling.

Peace, Love, & I think Wannabe Brahman Ranchers are cute...but don't tell him I said that.

Sweet T

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