Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweet Cupcakes

Lately I've become sort of a fanatic about cupcakes.

Actually, fanatic might be an understatement...Obsessive is probably a more accurate term.

I literally dream about cupcakes. They are just so cute, and fun, not to mention downright naturally, I would become obsessed with them right?

Now while this may not be good(or healthy) for, health, it's defiantly made my classmates and teachers like me a whole lot more...they even quit calling me nerd!  (That's defiantly a small personal victory for nerds everywhere.)

These are some "Black & White" cupcakes I made a few weeks ago.

The "Black" was chocolate (duh), and the "white" was cream cheese (not so "duh" it's actually a pleasant surprise!)

And they were well...I'll just go on and say it...AWESOME.

They were moist, and flavor full, and made me want to cry everytime I took a bite...(The happy cry of course.)

They weren't on the cute side though, because I'm still a work in progress on my decorating.

this is definitely a cupcake that I will eat anytime of the day, night, month, get the idea.

So here is the quick & simple version of the recipe:

Make a basic chocolate cupcake (any recipe will do.)

Make a cream cheese mixture:
  • 1 package cream cheese
  • I cup sugar
Put the chocolate batter into the cupcake pans.
Dab a dollop of cream cheese right into the chocolate, and swirl away.

Put into your preheated 375 degree oven.
Bake until they are ready...about 20-25 minutes...or less if your like me and like 'em really gooey.
Live the rest of your life happy.

Peace, Love, & I'm going to go make cupcakes now...

Sweet T

P.S.  Share your Ideas!!

I'm dying to know your favorite cupcake!  So don't hesitate, share your favorite recipe with the world, so they can enjoy the happiness your find in a cupcake as well.

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