Monday, March 7, 2011

Beef Calzone

Beef Cattle.




And the they meat they provide us with?

Yes, it is even better.

It's tasty, tender, and delectable.

Everything I could ever need is in that one juicy steak that I happily lose myself in on any given day of the week.

It's everything you need too.

It's everything the world needs.

It's vital.

And that is why I'm continuing the revolution! 

Yes dear friends, it is once again a Meat-Packed Monday.

I love Meat-Packed Mondays.

They make me Happy.

And this Monday you can be happy as well, because not only do I have a beef recipe, I have a simple beef recipe.  One that will make you sing joyful songs (preferably Taylor Swift ones...) while you cook.

It's a Beef Calzone!

A calzone is simply a folded over pizza, and that means twice the toppings, and twice the crust in every slice.  It also means that you will cry tears of joy immediatley following your first bite.

All you need is:

#1.  1 can of pizza dough (Don't bother yourself with making your own dough, when you can simply buy one that is just as tasty, and just as lovely.)

#2.  1 Jar of Pizza Sauce (If your feeling industrious, go ahead, make your own.  I'll applaud you for it.)

#3.  1 pound of ground beef

#4.   chopped Bell Pepper (I like to use the green ones, because they make the pizza beautiful.)

#5.  Half of a chopped Onion ( I like to use the purple onion...refer to #4.)

#6.  Dash of Pepper, Salt, and Garlic Powder (To season our already delicious beef.)

#7.  I package Mozzarella cheese.  I love cheese.

Cooking Insturction!:

#1.  Cook ground beef, unitl it's...well?..cooked. Season it with the pepper, salt, and garlic, and add your chopped bell pepper, and purple onion.

#2.  Pop open your crust, and gently roll it out on a baking sheet.  I use my Mother's splatter ware baking sheet, because it makes me feel like Paula Deen, only slightly less southern...Only slightly.

#3.  Pour out your pizza sausce, generously, onto the dough.

#4.  Add all your toppings to the pizza.  Cheese included! Never forget the cheese. 

#5.  Now here is the tedious part....Carefully pick up one end of the pizza, and fold it over to the other side.

#6.  Pop it in the oven.

#7.  Cook it, until it nice, and my skin.  Just kidding.

#8.  Eat. Love. Rejoice.

Peace, Love, & Never stop eating beef.

Sweet T

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