Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 Things Essential to My Survival

1.  French Braiding.

This is not a vanity issue either, it's most defiantly essential to my survival, and over all well-being in college. 
My Mom braids my hair, well, probably twice a month (every Tuesday and Friday during basketball season, and everyday of my life from birth to 6 years of age...Not exaggerating.) now, and I love it.  It's beautiful, simple, and makes me feel like I could conquer the world! ( It doesn't take much to motivate me....sorry.)

But now I am 18 years old, and I've realized that for a girl who spent the better part of her life in french braids it is a pathetic thing that I do not know how to braid for myself.

I've begged, yes even pleaded for my mom to teach me how...but she just claims that it is impossible..........Ok I made that up, I really haven't pleaded all that much, but I do want to know how!

Someone help me...Please?

Alright fine, I'll just flunk out of college for lack of my french braid know-how.  Thanks for your help.

2. Owning a Miniature Horse.

I need one....It's essential.

They are so cute, and funny, and if I tried really hard I could probably train them to make me breakfast in the morning, or at least go get my paper....Wait? We don't get the paper.

Ok, nevermind, but I do need one. 

If I don't get one I'll j-, I'll just die!!

Ok, nevermind, I wouldn't die, but I do need one.  It's essential....definitely essential.

3.  Wearing an Apron while cooking....Not just for fun, or looks either.

I wear an apron everytime I cook, without fail.

Well, except for last night, when I forgot, and I got a huge pink stain on my favorite T-shirt, and that made me very angry, and I ended up burning my hand on the cupcake pan, which made me get mad, and call Autumn a name that probably started with "S" and ended with "tupid" and then she got mad at me, and punched me.  (Just kidding...she didn't really punch me, Praise the Lord.) 

Talk about an unfortunate chain of events....but this just goes to show that NO MATTER what you are cooking, you must wear an apron.

Even the Popster agrees with me.

4. Apparently posting embarrassing pictures of myself is essential to my over all well-being, because I seem to do it alot, and for that I apologize.

On everything that is good and holy in the world I apologize.

5. Eating cobbler is essential to my survival.

Because cobbler is good.

Really, really good.

6.  Cattle.

Whatever form or fashion they choose to be in, (steak being the most appealing) I  always love them, and they are essential to my happiness, and my survival.


Peace, Love, & Shopping is essential to my survival too...oh yeah, and family.

Sweet T

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