Friday, March 11, 2011

Rodeo is Beautiful

Lovely friends, and meat Lovers alike (I hope) my blogging, as you may have noticed, has been put on hold, but only, I stress ONLY, temporarily, and it is for the sake of none other than my favorite thing, the thing that makes me happy, the thing that revives my soul, and that thing is Rodeo.

You see this past week, and for the rest of the week that is left we are involved in rodeos.

All kinds of rodeos.

Some are team events, some are a one man game, and some are merely for the benefit of my favorite Equine specimen, the horse....either way you see it, it is for rodeo...And that explains everything.

Rodeo revives the heart, soul, and mind....

Rodeo brings folks together...

Rodeo is beautiful.  It makes me whole.

So please find it in your heart to forgive my lack of writing, and promise me to still welcome me, and love me, because I still love you.

Peace, Love, and Long Live Rodeo

Sweet T

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Alee Hartline said...

LOVE this, Miss Summer! And I absolutely agree! I totally miss it!