Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Grand Time

My name is Sweet T, and I am an addict.

Yes, it's true I have a serious addiction problem, that I can no longer hide.

No, much to what you may think it's not to Dr. Pepper, even though I believe that it is defiantly vital for happiness, and survival. ( I blame my Mother AKA: A real life addict to Dr. Pepper.)

And no it's not to taking devastatingly embarrassing pictures of the poor souls around me...




Ok, I lied...maybe I am addicted to taking embarrassing pictures of those I love.

But it's for their own good, honest.

I mean we all need some humbling in our lives right?

I'm sorry I'm a moron....

But anyways back to the real problem here: My Addiction.

Yes, it is true, I am an addict of....Blogging.

Any form or fashion of blogging:

Blogging memorable blogs of happy family outings...

(Ignore the crazy, pregnant lady attacking her husband....)

Blogging about Food...Any type of food. 

Maybe that's my real addiction? Food. It's definately something to consider...right after I eat my breakfast.

Blogging about the Lifestyle I treasure Most.

And the people I adore in it...

Whatever I'm blogging about, and whatever you are forced to read (again, I am sorry I am a moron...blame my parents.) I love every moment of it, and I am so glad you have endured the long road of blogging with me.

Sometimes we have laughed (mostly you all, when you realize I am a colossal dork), and sometimes we have cried (mostly me, when people refuse to let me watch Steel Magnolias) but through it all we have had a Grand Time.

Peace, Love, & I am so glad I'm addicted to blogging instead of ballet, because if I was addicted to ballet we would all be sorry.

Sweet T

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